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Pragyan Priyadarshini

Crime Drama Romance


Pragyan Priyadarshini

Crime Drama Romance

Secrets Behind A Perfect World

Secrets Behind A Perfect World

7 mins 676 7 mins 676

They say the perfect world does exist! We all crave for that perfect world, crave beyond patience. 

Purvi always dreamt of a fairy-tale kinda love story. She would often be caught daydreaming in office and the boss would come screaming duh. Kinky Bollywood romances had widely impacted her. But she was selective about boys. She never allowed any random person to interfere. Hence, she believed patience would fetch her the man of her choice and a world of her dreams.

Saturday afternoon was an off the day! Purvi was lying on her bed engrossed in watching Riverdale. Some noise distracted her. She looked over her window. New neighbours were moving in. Suddenly her eyes caught the utterly handsome man dressed in decent clothes helping his grandma with her wheelchair.purvi again lost herself in her dreams this time with this man.

Evening time (6:54 pm) while Purvi was preparing sandwiches, she thought she should familiarise herself with the new neighbors .after all that handsome man had pinpointed her heart. She prepared some more sandwiches for them and knocked at their door.

"Hi! I'm Purvi. I stay there, that house in front of B-56. I saw you moving in and thought of getting you some help. I've brought sandwiches."

"Oh heyyy!! That's so sweet of you. Come in. By the way, I'm Mihir. I'm in Kotak Mahindra. New posting, new house" (smirked)

Mihir was smart, humorous and cute. The more they were conversing the more Purvi was falling for him.She never had such feelings for anyone. Her eyes were smitten by love but his eyes told a different story.

//6 months later//

Monday (7:50 am): (honking outside Purvi's house)

Purvi: Stop honking Ashish! I'm coming.

Ashish was Purvi's colleague and best friend. Both of them were leaving on an office project. It was a four days trip. So before leaving, Purvi made sure to see Mihir.

In these six months, sparks flew between Mihir and Purvi. Romance was merely a word, Purvi was head over heels in love with him. Mihir had showered so much affection that she never received in her life. Being an orphan, she always craved for a soul that would make her feel enchanted, that could fulfill her dream of having a family.. a perfect world. And Mihir was the one. She rang the doorbell, Mihir came out and hugged her tight.

Mihir: I'll wait for you. I love you.

Purvi: Love ya too. I'll be back in four days. Here, take these litchis. Grandma likes them na.

Mihir was speaking to Purvi but his eyes fixed on Ashish. That grave look made Ashish uncomfortable and he grew suspicious of Mihir. Something was going on in his mind which Purvi couldn't read. Yes, love is blind. Throughout the journey, she reminisced about her love life. The past six months were magical for her. She succeeded both in her love life and career. She was now more focused, no more daydreams.

Seriously, love can change everything.


Four days later, 

Thursday (11:45 pm): Purvi returned back. Ashish accompanied her. He had to collect some files from her.

Purvi: Come in. I'm fetching you the files. (went inside)

Ashish was resting on the couch while he noticed litchi peels on the floor near the table. He was confused."Purvi hates litchis. She won't have a single bite. and she won't create such a mess" he wondered.

Purvi appeared with the files and handed them over to Ashish.

Ashish: Purvi! Since when have you started eating litchis? Look over there! That mess!

Purvi: (tired ) shit! It's the cat maybe.

Ashish: Umm are you sure? Ok, it's getting late, gotta go. But call me immediately if you need anything.

Purvi: uh! I know I know. Goodnight.

Ashish: (still confused) uh yeah, goodnight!!!

Extremely tired, Purvi ignored the mess and paced to her bedroom. She was about to undress when she realised someone was watching her. Terrified, she slowly turned around and there stood a man, in a black robe and a clown mask. He held a blood mounted knife in one hand and litchis in another.

"Hey love! Told ya, I'll wait for you."

//The same night//

A terrified Purvi asked: wh..who aa..are you? What do you want? How did you get inside?

The man in a black robe and clown mask laughed mockingly, harder and louder frightening her more.

"You didn't recognise me Jaan!? (removes the mask)

Purvi (taken aback): Mihir! Wh.. What the hell is this? You frightened me. Thank god it's you. For a moment, I thought this would be my last night. Don't play such pranks again.

(Sobbing and relieved,she hugged Mihir)

Mihir: ah! it is your last night Jaan. (Stabbed Purvi in her arm)

Purvi falls back, crying in pain. And She saw the malicious grin on his face.she was unnerved for a moment when she saw him coming kill her. Suddenly her hands got on the glass jar on the stool and she smashed it on his head. Mihir shrieked and Purvi rushed towards the living room where she left her phone. She picked up the phone, telephoned Ashish. Ashish picked up the call.

Purvi: helll.. hello Ashish (and the phone was snatched and slammed down) 

Mihir, bleeding from head stood behind her. He grabbed her hair and started dragging her upstairs.

" The devil got you. I'll not only kill you , but I'll also torment you before that till I'm satisfied," and he pushed her from up. Thud! She fell on the floor, on her face . She realised her nose got broken and body bruished. Blood oozing from her lips. the gruelling pain nullified her senses.she wanted answers but was mute.she wanted to shout but couldn't.

"This is not done.shout! Shout! Shout for help! I'm not satisfied. Yelled louder at her and again stabbed her legs, "cry! Shriek! " Stabbed her again. Blood came out of her mouth when she felt the knife tore down her flesh to the bone. tears rolled down her cheeks and darkness spread before her eyes. her eyes were shutting down. Mihir kicked her and turned on the gas and was about to leave when Ashish rushed in..with the cops .the cops captured Mihir, one of them quickly turned off the gas. Ashish was devastated at the sight of his best friend's condition. He rushed her to the hospital .

//Thirty hours later//

Purvi slowly opens her eyes, the darkness was steadily fading. As if she was seeing life after death. Ashish was sitting beside her, smiling at her. " Hey stupid! Welcome back!" She smiled and Ashish was relieved.

The cops then entered to record her statement. She asked them why Mihir did that to her. 

Mihir is a psychopath. He's suffering from bipolar disorder, a mental disorder resulting from extreme depression. The person behaves normally but suddenly becomes euphoric. Doctors have also mentioned that Mihir is a patient of borderline personality disorder as during counseling he kept on saying he's the devil but sometimes he would behave a normal guy. Mihir had a gruesome past that made him mentally sick. When he was fourteen, his mother, quite successful at her job had an affair with her boss. When Mihir's father discovered that , he couldn't resist and killed himself. Mihir's grandma, unable to bear that was traumatized.she lost her senses since then, paralyzed. Mihir loved both of them unconditionally. Depressed and traumatized by the truth, he killed his mother before burning down their house. Mihir was sent to a juvenile home and underwent treatment simultaneously. He was released after three years on showing recovery and polite behaviour.

He reunited with his grandma and moved to another town. He continued his studies and fetched a job in Kotak Mahindra. Later, due to a mere misunderstanding, he was suspended from his job. He had a girlfriend there, Shalini whom he murdered in her house in anguish and burnt her house with her body. His sickness was again engulfing him. He fled the place instantly with his grandma and shifted to this town. Police had been searching for him for the past six months. "He told me he's still in that job? " Cried Purvi. the cops replied, "no. He lied. We have found out he has been working as an assistant in a small shop." Purvi was cursing her conscience. She blindly trusted him and never tried to gather information about him.

Police to Purvi : Mihir confessed he wanted to kill you. He had started loving you and when you went on that trip with Ashish, his past surmounted him.again. he felt you were cheating him with Ashish the way his mother cheated his father with her boss. And he changed himself to that clown masked devil he turned into in his childhood.

"What about grandma," asked Purvi.

"Mihir killed her before entering your house. He says, he killed her in anger. and it is all because of Ashish that we could save you. Ashish reported us immediately after you called." 

Purvi wailed, tears rolled down her cheeks, she was almost killed. The realisation of falling in love with a psych, a serial killer perhaps unnerved her. her vision of a "perfect world" was trampled.

Maybe she won't trust anyone again, ever.

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