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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Pravin Oswal

Crime Drama


Pravin Oswal

Crime Drama

Last Laugh In Tragedy

Last Laugh In Tragedy

7 mins 366 7 mins 366

Ramesh was walking alone across the street. He was quite in a hurry to cross the street. It was December month and time was around 10 PM. It was quite dark in that late evening and no man was in his immediate sight. Stray dogs were barking and Ramesh was slightly scared to walk alone. He wanted to cross the street as early as possible. Suddenly he stopped as he felt someone was following him. But no one was there. He continued his walking and finally reached his destination. It was a bakery shop where he entered. He only opened a lock as he had a key to it. He kept a parcel in drawer which he brought and locked the shop again. Now he felt relieved and started walking back to his place

Sr Inspector Khan was on night duty in his police station. He was eagerly waiting for a call from someone. He again checked his phone to ensure it was working properly. He sent Ramu, his constable on vigilance round and ordered a tea for himself. While taking a sip of tea, his mind was thinking about few things happened during last few days He was trying to analyse it to make a conclusion out of it.But it was not easy for him to conclude anything. He got frustrated, Got up from his seat and started walking in his police station. He was thinking to call someone and his mobile rang.

Next day, newspapers made heading of brutal killing of Ramesh, a free lance journalist who was working mainly on crime stories. He was working for few leading newspapers as well as few media channels. He was senior journalist and was knowing scope and opportunities in his profession. City like Mumbai is always having many crimes per day and Ramesh was looking for opportunity to work on cases where rich and famous people were involved.

Vinod kumar, was a Sr general manager with leading bank in Mumbai. People was knowing Vinod for his soft and simple nature. It was surprising to many for his growth in the bank. He was working from last 10 years with same bank. Since his wife and daughter recently shifted to his native in Gujarat, he was now staying alone in his own flat in Kandivali. He tried and wished but could not forget that bad and unfortunate day in his life. On March 12, he had gone to rural area near to city to inaugurate new branch of his bank. It was quite late in the evening and he was driving alone during return travel.

Suddenly he saw someone was crossing a road in front of him and he applied brakes to stop his car. However his car dashed a boy, around 15 years old and hit him badly. Boy got collapsed and became unconscious. Vinod got scared and confused He got down from car and was checking boy's condition. There was no movement from boy. He saw around and no body was on that lonely road He was just thinking about what to do and one car stopped in front of him. One person got down from it and introduced himself as Ramesh,a journalist by profession.He checked the situation and advised Vinod to leave the site as quickly as possible before anyone from nearby villages could reach to the spot. He also took Rs 5000 for treatment of boy if required. Vinod was very scared and very annoyed. He followed Ramesh advise and then left the accident spot hurriedly and requested Ramesh to take care of situation and injured boy.

Next day Vinod called Ramesh and asked about situation. Ramesh advised him to keep quiet and also told him that boy was admitted to rural hospital and was in critical condition. Vinod was now very upset and was not able to concentrate on anything. He was just praying God to save the boy. It was very difficult for him to justify his own action. Next day He again called Ramesh to inquire about boy's health. Ramesh told him that it was necessary to shift boy to private hospital for good treatment. Vinod immediately ready for it and asked Ramesh to help him for same. He also agreed to bear all hospital expenses. After one week Ramesh called him and informed him about death of boy in spite of all best care taken by doctors .Vinod was now very unhappy and disappointed.

He had spent more than 2 Lakhs from his pocket for treatment of boy but could not save him. After few days Ramesh came and met him in the bank. He was in urgent need of money and requested Vinod to help him urgently. He took Rs 50000 from him with a promise to return with in 2 weeks however never returned a single rupees. Vinod got suspicious of Ramesh and discussed the situation with few. His friends advised him to contact police and clarify situation with them. After lot of mind preparation, Vinod managed his courage to reach to police.

He met inspector Khan and explained all situation to him with all details of Ramesh too. Inspector khan took a note of all his confession. He informed him that he would investigate the case and also instructed him to co operate with investigation and not to leave city without his knowledge. Now vinod was making himself ready for next police action against him. And one day Ramesh called him to nearby restaurant. He was upset with Vinod as he approached police without his knowledge. Now he threatened Vinod with consequence. Vinod was shocked to see Ramesh photo with inspector Khan. He realised the trap and was very very scared of the future situation.

Ramesh and Khan knew each other. Both decided to take advantage of Vinod situation and to make money out of it. Khan was now regularly calling Vinod to his police station, giving bad treatment to him and also started demanding huge money from him. Vinod found himself very helpless and had found no option but to make their demands.

That day was not an usual day for Mr Ratan singh, famous and powerful politician from Mumbai suburban. He was looking for reason for conspiracy against him. He got information about Ramesh who want to chouse him in some cases. He was also told that Ramesh and Khan both are in hand in glove. He decided to taught a lesson to both of them. With some investigation, he came to know their cheating on many people including Vinod. He called Ramesh on phone and threatened to him.. He asked Ramesh to send money to him what he got from Vinod. He gave location where Ramesh to return cash parcel. Ramesh was very well aware about political clouts of Ratan singh and did not wish to meddle with him in any way. He was also surprised to see Ratan singh involvement in such a small case.He was believed that Vinod might had some relationship with Ratan Singh.

With Murder of Ramesh, lot of questions were raised. He was brutally murdered by bullet shot in his head from front.Police were strongly felt that he was murdered by professional killer. Khan was now got more scared because of Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh was sure about Khan involvement in Ramesh murder and want to fix Khan in murder case anyhow.

Someone was now returned to his native place in Gujarat. He was now feeling safe. He was laughing in the lips as he had a final say in this mystery.. No one could able to reach to him. He remembered how luckily he had got email password of Ramesh Gmail account. He had drafted a fake mail to inspector khan, thanking his support in Vinod case and the next idea of involving Ratan Singh in some other cases to make more money. It was easy for Vinod to ensure mail could not reach to Khan but hard copy was couriered to Ratan Singh deliberately with purpose. And to hire a professional killer was never difficult in a city like Mumbai for anyone including Vinod.....!!!


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