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Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Crime Action

Patriotism: The Sacrifice

Patriotism: The Sacrifice

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Every youth has their own dreams in their respective lives. Some aspire to become rich, some wish to work in private companies and MNC's. There are rare people who aim for IPS and Indian Army and strikes hard for it.

To take from my life, I hail from a middle-class family from my strict father, a general manager in a private company. My name is Arul Aravinth. After my completion of the course in Criminology, took up UPSC IPS exams and finished up my training for two years.

Later I got posted as the ACP of Bangalore with a teammate named Sakthivel Naidu. He got transferred to Chittoor and I was transferred to Coimbatore two years later in 1991 as the DSP.

During these times, there comes a terrorist groups Al Ummah led by Billal Malik and Farook. Both of them were the prime suspects in the bomb blasts of Bangalore. During 1993, the RSS office of Chennai was orchestrated with a bomb blast killing eleven peoples in the attack.

This started with the Babri Masjid Demolition from 1993 and ended up with other attacks in my Coimbatore district that killed 58 peoples including my family and wife, who was pregnant that time.

This attack in Coimbatore was in-order to kill the BJP leader L.K.Ajayan and other Hindu leader named Jeevanantham Pillai in Chennai. Not only these two peoples but also they targeted a BJP member named Shivaraj in Salem.

I was completely devastated by my family's death and this time the DIG Raj Reddy came to me and asked me, "What DSP Arul? Are you wishing to take back from the case?"

I remained silent and he continued, "I know how you will be having your mindset. Hence, I decided to take you back from the case"

"Never sir. I am ready to take this case…Patriotism is my superior…Without nabbing those criminals…I will never sleep" I said in full fire.

"Good…Like you, I also got a same situation…But, there came a police officer and motivated me to fight against them…All the best and Jai Hind…"

An operation was formed and named as Operation Puttur. Because, the main motive of Al Ummah is to blast down the Tirumala Venkasteswara Temple during the Brahmotsavam festivals.

The operation is led by Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh. With the Tamil Nadu police force led by me, Andhra Police is led by my ex-teammate Sakthivel Naidu, who also has his own axe to grind.

It nearly took two weeks and we arrested the three prime suspects of the attack: Ibrahim, also called as "Police Ibrahim", Dawood Panna and Nawazmuddin. These three terrorists were the prime motive behind the attack of L.K.Ajayan during October 2011 and for the murder of Hindu leader Jeevanandam with the Salem BJP leader Shivaraj.

The main suspect, Police Ibrahim evaded the arrests for eight years and with the other two he indulged in terrorisms under the name of "Muslim Defence force".

So many police officers fell ill and got their health declined in the eight years due to the hot temperature in Andhra. After a long struggle, we nabbed down these criminals. The main motive behind the name of Defence force is to kill a public figure in Tamil Nadu during 2013.

When the duo Ibrahim and Dawood landed in Chennai Central I alerted my two colleagues Nawaz and Raagul…

When they were going towards the exit of Chennai Central, I called Nawaz and Raagul and said them, "Nawaz…Charge" and we both manages to catch them.

Luckily, as they were wearing a plain clothes, we managed to catch the duo. Now, we landed in Puttur, 115 km from Chennai after getting to learn about the bomb blasts by Umbrella in Tirumala Venkateshwara temple…

After putting a tight security force in Tirumala temples, we started our operation from 4 o' clock that took for 10 hours and some of the attacked police constables died in the hospital which further angered us.

Nawaz said to me, "Sir. We have lost two constables because of those bloodsucking brutes. I swear. We should kill them sir."

"Yes, Nawaz. They should be caught and killed brutally" I said emotionally.

This was the first operation to it's kind of Octopus, new anti-terror unit in Andhra Police. After those terrorists were arrested, their pistols, guns and bombs were nabbed by our team. Al Ummah was banned all over the world.

The police officers who tried to attack the criminals were fatally attacked but, they sustained injuries during the operation. Some Ladies and Children were held captive by them and for an while, a mutual fire was done and we has hence, rescued them after the fire.

After the completion of Operation Puttur, we investigated about Ibrahim and Dawood and we learned from the local peoples that they were selling vegetables and fruits under a less market value share and became popular among the people through that.

Now, Nawaz asked to me, "Sir…Now I think, we may feel the patriotism for our nation…"

I remained silent and he continued, "Not only due to our patriotism sir, but we were able to catch the criminals because of some police officer's sacrifice and dedication also."

I smiled at Nawaz and met the DIG sir.

"Sir!" and I saluted him.

"Come inside, Mr.Arul. All the best. You are promoted as SP for Bangalore and coming 15.08.2020, you are being rewarded with Sakthi for both of your immortal service in the Puttur mission by our Prime Minister.

This operation is named as the most complicated and unforgettable among the minds of people…

"No sir. Not only to be rewarded for us…But, also for the colleagues and constables who sacrificed their life for this mission with patriotism…They are also the heroes…I wish for a reward to their family sir…Jai Hind." I said to him.

"Ok…I will arrange for it speaking to our police officers…Jai Hind…Get ready for your transfer to Bangalore…This transfer will also be a turning point in your life…Be ready for it…" said the DIG.

"Thank you sir" and I left the place for Bangalore.

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