The Stranger - A True Story

The Stranger - A True Story

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It was all normal until I was thirteen. That is when he came into my life.

I am Radha and I stay with my parents in a small town called ‘Moga’ in Punjab, North India. As a child, I never felt anything, but as I hit puberty, I always felt a strong force around me; as if something is holding me back and pulling me like a magnet. I discussed this with my mother a few times, but every time she just ignored me. She was right at her place; how could one resolve an issue, if there was nothing concrete about it.

During the daytime, it felt like someone was constantly keeping an eye on all my moves and at night I used to get sensations in my body and as if someone was lying next to me on my bed.

I still remember the day when I turned thirteen. My friends and family had arranged a surprise party for me at my home.

While returning from school, I felt as if someone was behind me. ‘Happy Birthday Radha’ came a hushed voice from behind. It startled me and without looking back I ran towards my home. As I entered my home, everyone said in unison ‘Sssuuurrrrppprrriiissseee’. The entire house was decorated with buntings, colorful ribbons, garlands, and balloons. “When did they do all this?” I thought delightfully. Every corner of our house looked beautiful.

My parents came forward to hug me. My mother kissed me on my forehead and my father hugged me tightly with a big smile on his face. “Beta, there is another surprise for you in your room, go and check” my Mom said beamingly. Eagerly I ran towards my room and found a beautifully wrapped big box lying on my bed. I unwrapped the box excitedly. The box contained a striking pleated silver skirt with shimmering off shoulder black top in it. It also had another box packed inside it, which elated me further. The small box had spike heels sandals in shining black color.

I was overjoyed and started to undress to get into my new outfit. Once I was fully dressed, I looked into the mirror to apply some kajal. “I am looking older than my age” I thought gleefully. The dress was a perfect fit and highlighted every curve of my body. My body was going through many beautiful changes, which I could see in the mirror.

That is when I first saw him. He was standing right behind me. Astoundingly I was not scared, after seeing a stranger in my room, instead, I was dazzled by the depth of his eyes, his perfectly symmetrical face with a prominent jaw and a killer smile. His ruffled dark brown hair was dense and radiant. He had the kind of face which could turn around many heads. He was a few inches taller than me, with a strong and muscular built. He had fair skin and it felt as if his soul was shining through his skin.

While my eyes were transfixed on him, he came near to me. His lips brushed my ear and in a deep voice he spoke: “We meet again”.

That is when my state of reverie was broken and I instantly turned around. To my horror, there was no one in my room. “How can he disappear in a blink of an eye?” Still, in shock, I came outside.

Everyone looked at me with a smile on their faces “Why is everyone smiling at me, everything is so weird” I almost forgot that it was my birthday party. They started complimenting me, that is when I realized what were the smiles for. I tried to act normal and once the party got over, I told my parents what I experienced in my room.

My father listened to my story with scepticism and my mother got worried, but it seemed as if they did not believe in it. That night I saw him again. It was 2:30 a.m. when I got out of my slumber abruptly. He was lying next to me, just staring at me with his deep brown eyes. Yet again his charming face fascinated me.

That is when his endearing appearance turned ghastly. His deep brown eyes turned into gaunt soulless eyes, his adorable smile got creepier and his charming face turned into something horribly distorted. I tried to scream but my brain got completely zoned out. Before I could come to terms with this horrendous turn of events, he disappeared. I was in a state of shock and was freezing to death when it all started happening.

My heart rate started to accelerate, there was a rotten smell in my room as if a dead and decayed animal flesh was lying next to me in my bed. Suddenly it felt as if I was choking; as if someone was clutching my neck. I tried to break free, but the grip got tighter. I wanted to scream, I wanted to call my parents and wanted to run away. Then I felt as if someone was on top of me, I could feel the stale breath near my ear. His grip was so strong around my neck, it was choking me to death. Then he moved my legs and reached where he wanted to. His pleasure was rising, and so was the pain inside my body and soul. His grip around my neck and legs was getting tighter and then with a loud growl, he ended it. “I will come back” he hushed in my ear and dismounted.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. This was not how I wanted to embrace my teenage. I could not sleep after that and kept crying.

This continued for several more nights and out of fear and anxiety, I could not share it with anyone. I was getting weaker day by day. There were dark circles around my eyes due to sleepless nights and the teenage glow had vanished from my face. My parents could see me like this and they were getting worried about my depleting health. They had asked me several times about it and had consulted Doctors, but I showed no improvement.

Then one day I broke down in front of them and narrated my ordeals with the stranger. My mother was in tears and my father shaken. They hugged me and promised me that they would put an end to all my miseries. My heart wanted to believe them, but my mind knew that they could do nothing.

They tried everything they could to unshackle me; taking me to doctor, to a psychologist, to pandits and even to tantrics; but he kept coming every night to satisfy his undying hunger.

Then someone told my father that river Sutlej’s water becomes holy at the point where it unites with the Chenab river in Uch Sharif (a historic city) located in the southern part of Pakistan’s Punjab province. It had a history of curing many, who were in grip of unholy spirits. This seemed our last hope and so my father wanted to give it a try. He arranged for a visa to Pakistan for all three of us.

While standing in front of the tributary, for a fraction of second, I thought of a new life; a life full of hope, a life full of love, a life full of positivity, a life with no suffering and a life with a soul. My mother caressed me and softly held my hand and took me inside the river for the holy dip. My father accompanied us. Once we had the holy dip for a few times, my mother asked me how I was feeling.

And then I saw something which shattered me from within. He was standing next to me, taking the holy dips and his unchaste eyes said “See you tonight!’.

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