Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Paw-stive Change

Paw-stive Change

3 mins

That day started on a bad note. I had a heated argument with my wife over something which could have been ignored. I have mild OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and what irritates me the most is, when I don’t find things in their proper place. My OCD started the conflict which turned into a big fight. After half an hour of squabble, she left for her office without having her breakfast. I too left for the office once I was done putting everything in its place.

After spending a few hours in the office and cooling down, I realised my mistake and messaged her “I am sorry”. I could not think of a better line than apologising straight to her. After a few minutes, a reply came from her side “OK”. I was relieved and thought of cooking a delicious meal for her before she comes back from work.

I left a little early from work and when reached home, I was startled to see our house in a mess. The dustbin in the front yard was lying flat, as if someone had shot it in the middle. The garden was in shambles and the garbage was scattered everywhere. My OCD ignited and I was full of wrath as I unlocked the house. I got bemused to see the culprits in front of me. I somehow ignored both and went straight to the bedroom. The mayhem was still not over.

The dustbin kept in the bedroom was in a serious condition. Its jaw was wide open and it had puked most of the garbage inside it. Tattered tissues were scattered all around like some tornado had just hit them. Both the culprits were still waiting in the lobby remorsefully. This was really annoying and I had to teach them a lesson.

I went out and to please me they started wagging their tails in lightning speed. Their luring and innocent eyes told a different story, as if they had not done anything. I somehow ignored all the cuteness and decided to punish them. In a bashing tone, I ordered both of them to go outside in the courtyard. With guilt in their eyes, they obeyed and went outside.

I came inside and started to clean everything. Few minutes passed when I heard something. I went to the lobby and witnessed their most adorable act. Both of them had their nose glued to the meshed door and had placed their left paw on the door. It seemed as if they were pleading to come inside. The look on both the faces was illimitable cuteness. Finally, I had to give up and both the culprits won my heart again.

A cute little 'Bolt' and an adorable 'Smiley'.

P.S. That evening I cooked the most delicious meal for my wife, with the unconditional love that conquered my OCD.

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