Two Friends.... And A Crush

Two Friends.... And A Crush

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Drishti and Mukti got down from the bus and started walking their way towards their college, completely immersed in their text books. It was exam time and they had to walk for around 7-8 minutes till they reached college. Both bright students, they had become friends since the first day and stayed close by. That’s why most of the times they traveled together and their families knew each other. Drishti continued eyeing her book constantly while Mukti’s eyes wandered elsewhere. Drishti noticed it immediately and snapped her fingers in front of her face.

“Hey, dream girl! What are you looking at?” Mukti didn’t say a word but started blushing like a bride. Her friend stared at her, her eyes widened, waiting patiently for a response.

“I have a confession to make, Drishti. Please don’t tell anyone about it.” She pleaded and Drishti nodded her head.

“Okkkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! Tell me.” Among the two friends, Drishti was the more bubbly one. Since the last three years, the two had been really close and shared everything with each other.

Mukti started smiling and blushing again, trying to find the courage to speak up. Finally, she spoke, afterwhat seemed like a century to Drishti.

“Do you see those two guys walking a little ahead of us?” Drishti looked in their direction and saw two boys from her class chatting their way towards college. “ I really like one of them. They are from your class. I guess you might be knowing him and you might be able to help me talk to him.”

“ Right.” Drishti raised her eyebrows and smiled at the thought of becoming Cupid. “ Only if you tell me which one you are talking about. Black t-shirt or blue one?”

Mukti lowered her gaze and looked up once again. “ Blue one.”

Both looked at the boys’ direction, trying to analyze the scenario.

“I think I know that guy. His name is Sourav. No, actually Gaurav. I spoke to him a few times. He seems to be a nice guy. And cute too.” Drishti looked skywards, trying to put her thoughts into process.

“He is mine.” Mukti caught her off-guard. “ His name is Gaurav Shah. He is 19 years old. He loves playing basketball and football. His favorite color is blue. He loves watching and reading sci-fi. He likes eating pani puri………”

“Ok, Ok. I get it.” Drishti interrupted her. “ You’ve done all your research. Why don’t you just go and talk to him? Why do you need my help?”

Mukti’s smile faded. “ You know how I am around guys, Drishti. I feel really nervous. Besides, you’ve always been the talkative one. And Gaurav is special for me. With you by my side, I have nothing to worry about. I think he is the one for me. Do you think he will like me?” Her eyes looked at her with hope and Drishti was left with no option but to help her. If this guy meant so much to her, she had to be the knight in shining armor. She purposely scanned her friend from top to bottom as she stared at her.

“ What’s not to like? You are pretty, sensible and sweet. Gaurav will love you. I promise. But I will help you only after our exams. And I have to pee right now.” Mukti laughed endlessly as they entered the college gate and wore their id cards.

“ Thanks, girl. I’ll wait for you in the library.” Mukti made her way towards the library while Drishti made her way to the washroom. On returning, both became engrossed in their books without a word. To their surprise, Gaurav and his friend Mukul changed their place in the library and sat right opposite them. Gaurav smiled on looking at them and Drishti just couldn’t stop giggling. She laughed so loudly that the librarian had to warn her and Mukti had to pinch her continuosly to stop.

They sat in the library everyday an hour prior to their papers. As luck would have it, Mukti finally was introduced to Gaurav and was able to talk to him. She was the happiest she had ever been and Drishti was happy for her. Drishti had a feeling that Gaurav was also interested in Mukti and her job was done. Not to mention, his body language said it all. On seeing them coming, he would immediately change his place and try to sit next to them or opposite them. He would always be the first to initiate a conversation. He would be nervous and excited, just like Mukti. Moreover, he smiled a lot. Drishti could feel the tension between them and thought the two looked adorable. They seemed like the perfect couple. Both equally tall, good looking and intelligent. They literally looked like shy birds madly in love. She was confident that, with time, they were bound to become a couple.

On the last day of their exam, Drishti wanted to party but Mukti couldn’t make it as her mother was unwell and left right after giving her paper. She felt sad, but nothing was more important than her friend’s mother’s health and their plans had to take a backseat. She decided to waste her time with her other group of friends in the college canteen. While she was enjoying and having fun, she noticed Gaurav smiling and waving his hand at her. She smiled back at him as he approached her. He looked around her as if he was trying to find somebody. She immediately guessed he must be looking for Mukti. How cute! She thought to herself.

“ Hi Drishti. How was your paper?”

“ It was okay. But who cares? Finally, we’re free.” Both of them had a hearty laugh.

“ Where’s your friend? I don’t see her around today.”

“ Actually, Mukti had to leave early as her mother is admitted in the hospital. She suffered a minor heart attack. Doctors say she is out of danger now though.” Gaurav made a sad face and looked deep in thought.

“ That’s really sad. I hope she gets well soon.”

“ I hope so too. Well, if you want to give a message to Mukti, I’ll be glad to help you.” Drishti was all smiles as she spoke while Gaurav looked a little confused.

“ No, not really. Why would I want to give a message to her?” Because you like her, idiot. She thought to herself. “ Maybe Mukul would. But, not me. Actually, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.”

He seemed extremely nervous and started looking at everyone but her. His face looked pale and he looked as if he was about to have an anxiety attack. Drishti felt that he was about to confess his love for Mukti and she became really excited. But first, she had to make sure Gaurav was calm. She touched his shoulder lightly to assure him that everything was going to be okay.

“ It’s okay, Gaurav. Just take a deep breath. Don’t think about the consequences. If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t think twice. Be a man.” She showed him a thumbs-up and smiled at him. He looked her in the eyes and smiled warmly at her. He even let out a shy laugh. Something about the way he looked at her made Drishti feel the jitters. They stared at each other for a long time. For the first time ever, with Gaurav, she felt connected by heart. Whatever that strange feeling was, it just wasn’t right.

“ You know, you’re really funny. And crazy. And silly. A total chatterbox. Completely different from me. But still I find you irresistibly cute and adorable. I mean, there are so many adjectives I can use to describe you. But I can’t think of anything right now. I really like you, Drishti. I would love to know more about you.” He let out a huge sigh as he finished speaking.

Drishti was lost beyond words. She didn’t know what to say. She looked at him and could see the love for her in his eyes. But what about Mukti?

All she could manage to say was, “ I don’t know. I need some time to think.”

Gaurav held both her hands in his to comfort her until she spoke again. “ This is all so sudden. I thought you………….” She stopped abruptly and didn’t speak what she intended to.

“ You thought I what, Drishti? Tell me.”

“ Nothing. Never mind.” She lowered her gaze immediately, avoiding facing him. Gaurav touched both her shoulders and raised her chin upwards so that she could make eye contact with him.

“You can take your time. I am in no hurry. I am ready to wait for you. Whatever you decide, I’ll agree with you. Your friendship is too precious for me to lose. Even if you say no, I will not feel offended. I promise.”

“Thanks Gaurav. Bye. I’ll see you on Monday.”

Drishti grabbed her bag and left the college premises. Gaurav looked at her till she was out of his sight and she looked back at him. Hundreds of thoughts were going on in her mind. She felt like a traitor. She didn’t deserve to call herself Mukti’s friend. She could have easily told him that Mukti has feelings for him and she doesn’t. So why couldn’t she just say it? Did she have feelings for Gaurav too and not realized it until now? Or was she just jealous of Mukti? How would Mukti react on discovering the truth? Would Gaurav change his mind if she told him that Mukti was in love with him? And what about the strange discomfort she felt when Gaurav told her that he likes her? Did she feel something for him too? Was he even worth sacrificing her best friend for?

Best friend OR a guy she barely knew. She had to make a choice. No matter what she chose, it was going to affect the lives of three people drastically. 

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