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Poonam Vaze

Drama Romance Inspirational


Poonam Vaze

Drama Romance Inspirational

Withering flowers

Withering flowers

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One spring afternoon changed Aaron's life..........

Aaron was returning from his basketball tournament angry and fiery. As he entered his mansion he saw a girl engrossed in watering plants of his garden area.

"Who is she?" He asked the old gardener.

"Master she my daughter. I am going for a pilgrimage. She will be gardening for few days." The old gardener replied. A subtle gaze came from her soft tender eyes.

But subtle was not a word in Aaron's dictionary of life. He lived alone in his huge mansion. Some said he was an orphan while others whispered that he was an abandoned child. But nobody dared to quiz his birth origin.

He grew up into a tall and flamboyant basketball player. He enjoyed popularity and media attention because of his impulsive attitude. His play was more of intensity and uncontrolled anger. The media loved him as he was a good source of scoop and gossip. His career graph was rocky and it waved up and down. Up because of his magnificent talent and down because of his unleashing anger.

Aaron was darting the same anger to a most charming girl in front of him. But her glances were captivating and straight as an arrow. He barged inside the day-room ignoring her.

The next morning got embellished with her floral dress and soft silky hair as Aaron saw her digging soil. He started walking towards her , enchanted with her simple beauty.

"What are you doing?" He asked her.

"Putting some compost in the soil. All soils are not fertile. Sometimes we have to make them fertile by putting some organic matter." She said pointing at the pot of decayed leaves and compost.

"What's your name? " He asked her.

"Lily" she replied as she alluringly glanced at Aaron.

"Why were you so angry yesterday? " Lily asked him as she worked to improve the soil texture.

Aaron was surprised with her audacity.

"I don't like anyone interfering in my matter." He said as he stomped his feet.

"Sorry Master. I could feel your pain yesterday. " Lily said.

Aaron laughed out loud.

"Are you a fortune-teller or something like a Reiki healer? Pain ...... Aaron doesn't have pain." He said arrogantly.

"Do you have tournament now?" She asked.

"Yes. I have practice session this noon. Why?" Her question baffled him.

"Think of Lily if you get an anger attack at the practice session . Lily, a flower of purity and freshness." She collected her pot of compost and moved away from him.

As she walked, Aaron noticed the lacy belt engulfing her waistline which made her walk gracious. She glided leaving behind a charismatic aura which diffused all over the garden. Her free oratory, subdued gaze and buoyant walk entered his soul directly. He had dated many categories of women, but she was something special. It was as if she had cast a magic spell on him.

Next morning Aaron was yearning to meet Lily. She was busy planting some seeds in the flower-pot. She looked at him with her magnetic eyes. Thoughtlessly, he walked towards her.

" You visualised me during yesterday's practice session ?" Lily asked in a poised tone.

"How did you come to know ?" He asked completely surprised.

Lily smiled.

"Master let's walk in your garden and smell flowers. Breathe the freshness of every flower. " Lily said and held his hands.

Aaron spellbound with her mesmerizing eyes ambled with her in the world of flowers. Some flowers were budding while some had blossomed. They were blushing as the sun rays touched them and their fragrance so fresh and feminine.

The walk was breath-taking for Aaron.

"My Papa always said when you feel displeased or wrathful, plant a sapling. Master let's plant a sapling." Lily said.

"Do I have a choice? " Aaron said as he got enchanted by Lily's whole enchilada.

The activity made his adrenaline level rush. His brain felt stimulated and happy.

The passing days created a special bond between Aaron and Lily. Every morning they did their harmonious gardening. Aaron refashioned. He pulled in the ability to handle hostile situations in a composed way.

Again, one spring evening changed Aaron's life..............

Aaron's team won the most prestigious league tournament. The win thrilled the players. Girls were going crazy for them. Specially Aaron. Every girl wished to bed with him. He chose a blonde girl with loud make-up for his night rendezvous.

Aaron came with the girl to his mansion. He picked her up and started moving towards his day-room. He saw Lily removing weeds and fallen leaves near the flowerbeds. Immediately, he placed his girlfriend down. Lily understood that Aaron had a night date with the blonde girl. Lily gave him a gloomy look. Her helpless glances were portraying hurt and vulnerability. Lily's silence spoke more than words could.

Ignoring her , Aaron took his girlfriend inside his bedroom. But he was unable to have pleasures with her. Irritated, he shrugged her off and went to meet Lily. She was still doing her gardening.

"Get out of my garden, you temptress!!!!!!!!" He said as his eyes bulged out with anger.

"Ok Master. " She said in a demure tone and started winding up her gardening. Unable to withstand that he will not see Lily the next moment, Aaron caught her hands tightly.

"Wait. Don't go." Aaron cried in pain.

"Master close your eyes and visualize me." Lily said to him. He did exactly what she said and gradually calmed down.

"How can you control my mind ? Are you a person who casts spells and all. Believe me I am not going to get trapped in this. "

"No master I am an ordinary girl." Lily answered quickly.

"You were staring at my girlfriend in a way that you disapproved our date. Are we in any relationship?" Aaron asked her.

"No Master."

"Ok let's have one date tonight. What say you seductress?"

Lily didn't say anything.

"Now speak up. You try to seduce me, right? You glitter around me and now you are turning elusive." Aaron asked sardonically.

"My Papa will come tomorrow for gardening." She said and went away from Aaron's life.

Yet again, one spring morning changed Aaron's life................

Though the old gardener did his best, the flowers in Aaron's garden started withering. Aaron was sure that Lily had some magical power. It pained him when he saw the seeds they had planted few days back didn't blossom into flowers. He was missing Lily and so was his garden.

Aaron couldn't resist his yearn and reached Lily 's small cottage. She was knitting a blue colored checks muffler. She was looking as irresistible as ever. The needles stopped knitting as Lily's eyes met Aaron's.

"How are you, Master?" She asked him in her own felicitous way.

"Are you busy knitting? " Aaron asked her.

"Yes, the muffler is ready for you . I have embroidered your name on it. " She said and placed the muffler on his broad shoulders.

"You are a darling. You bewitch me. " Aaron looked deeply in her eyes.

"No Master, I never tried to seduce you. Nature enchanted you and I was a part of that beautiful ambience. Nature entices us into its alluring world. Nature loves us but it never seduces. There is a very delicate line between love and seduction." She said.

"Our flowers are withering and it pains me. My garden needs you." Aaron said .There was an unusual stillness in his voice.

"Love is a sweet pain. I will come to water my plants. " She smiled politely.

"My plants ???? " Aaron asked her curiously.

"Yes they are my flowers. " She replied.

"But the garden is mine."

"Yes the garden is yours. But the flowers are mine. I will not let my flowers to wither away." She said as she moistened her lips softly.

In the garden of their cohesive life, Lily didn't allow her flowers to wither. The flowers of Lily in Aaron's garden of mind.

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