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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Imran ibn Muhammad



Imran ibn Muhammad


where is colorful life

where is colorful life

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Where is colorful life 


Imran ibn Muhammad

Colorful Leaves falling on the ground 

Covid spreading in the air 

Blossoms drowning in the covid river

Destructing everywhere 

Sucking fragrance 

Making colorless everywhere

Blossoms lost its own fragrance as covid hover around the blossoms

Lost its colorful spring

A lonely wanderer bird

Sitting on the branch

Wandering in search of it

Shedding tears

A silent storm is blowing everywhere

The thunder sounding

River is still soundless

Loaded with covid boats

We are drowning

The queen of seasons and the blend of natural colour and costume spring is welcomed with covid 19 after breaking the spell of chilly dull winter and

everywhere one observes plenty of covid cases and covid sucking flowers from flowers and reduces the fragrance of colorful life oh colors of life became colorless with covid 19 and the beats of the heart is lost just fading like leaves in autumn all colors of life like vivid metamorphosed into brown spring has lost its magic its truly distressing colorful petals are fading windows remain shut it's like winter white blanket on the ground virus which has caused such a ruckus blossoms look withered and blossoms are not watered oh colorful petals about to fade Oh this covid river is flowing relentlessly and without not knowing it's end without any paying heed to what's happening around it just flows on and on luminous became non luminous spring is not blooming it is desolating and a wonderful fragrance are spoiling as covid darken the blue planet colorful petals without chirping

of birds, without dancing of butterflies, without flowing of rivers but with sounds of ambulance sirens and it's blaring horns frightening with dark,bloomless and in the mute mode blossoms in the branches fail to bloom with tears rolling down and howling the sound of fear like thunder is everywhere and beats of our heart is shattering

When will the dawn arrive

As covid gambols outside

Oh colorful fallen leaves

spring acts as an autumn

Blossoms became like a water hycaniths

An invisible invader

Roads are empty

Crowds too small

No trace of life outside

None at all

Every human is locked up

Like in a dormant state

And now looks bleak and desolate

If it enters our body

It may wreak havoc

And we are in the island of pain

May this dazzling garden bloom with colorful blossoms and birds will sit on the green branches with chirping and will admire the beauty of the garden

There is still hope if we believe and this will become colorful world again

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