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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Imran ibn Muhammad



Imran ibn Muhammad


The beauty of Eid

The beauty of Eid

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Sun rises

Wake up look through the windows

What a beautiful morning 

Hustle and bustle everywhere

Birds chirping knocking the doors

Eid is showering it's beauty

A rainbow with colors 

Amazing feeling and a wonderful Eid

Trees that lost their leaves start to bloom again like a daffodil

The scent breeze of this Eid flowing 

Blossoms dancing 

Bees with buzzling around blossoms

Blooming flowers with

an enchanting aroma

Butterflies swarming everywhere

Fragrance spreading everywhere

A gift from Allah came along

to bless our hearts 

To spread peace and jubilance

A blessed bounty to wipe our tears 

To zest our souls 

Capturing joy and happiness 

In every single countenance 

Of a child's enthusiastic joy

Kindling a thriving inner radiance 

Soul to heart sight to retina 

Now that the beautiful and blessed days of ramazan are over we don’t have to let ourselves become deprived of the all the good things we experienced and did during the month the pattern kindness and good deeds that we follow during ramazan should not change it is all in our mind if we programme it to only do good and stay positive for one month it will remain so why don't we tell ourselves we will be that way the rest of the year too like a flowing water and it should continue so that we become human beings and the world for a better place for everyone to live in compassion and peace 

Let your prayers be answered and may your heart be filled with peace and Rain of Blessings, Wind of joy ,Fog of Peace, Dews of Love, Snow of happiness and Blossom of colorful life 

A bouquet of Eid wishes 


Eid Mubarak

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