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Khan Imran



Khan Imran


the state of Flowering spring

the state of Flowering spring

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The state of flowering


Oh the habitat of human souls

Projection of attraction color combination which evidently prove Allah's benevolent to man to live a life in the colorful world

The impact of new blossoms over the hearts of people on the blue planet and life appears with a variety of blossoms flowering in every

corner of the valley.

{(Wan gay smart phone che notifications off thawin te spring che notifications on thawen (color notifications)}It's the season of Joy it brings hope among hopelessness.

A display of flowers bursting into colorful life what better invitation to get and explore if u rise to early u do not need to set the alarm before hit the sack.It's the season that rises hope in dead and sprouts the growth of hope. It brings aromatic smell after longings of harsh

winter freezing chills. The gushing water within streams brings joy within nearby vegetation . companionable sounds of birds with the change of seasons and the rustling of leaves as they swing in the wind and the color of blossoms oh flowing liquid that provides the

lifeline for all living beings.Hills and mountain peakes covered in snow in winter like a nerloac paint that melts and runs down as fresh water.The clouds have opened and stretched up their arms and are moving carelessly in different directions. Birds glide smoothly in the sky and their chirping sounds gives immense pleasure. A small thin layer of green, fleshy grass has evolved from the earth’s surface after bearing the torture of snow and rain. Nature seems to be in a recharging mode.The environment looks cool and welcoming. Tulips of resplendent colours are blooming cheerfully. Almond trees a symbol of

love and beauty are in full bloom too. Its small flowers are filled with a new zest that drives the imagination. It brings a

new hope in four chambered heart.Spring in Kashmir is usually the season of blooms. The almond trees bloom in this phase making the countryside appear more picturesque. Not only almond trees, the tulips also carry a message. They spread the message of love and peace. The fragrance of blossoms invades the human soul and flows in the body as a

natural scent.A new life evolves through the withered bodies of the trees which were made hopeless and colourless by

winter. A new thin layer of green fleshy coat covers the ground. One can see life renewing everywhere.Bitter cold has

also disappeared and now a cool and pleasant wind flutters only in the evenings.People too have shed their winter coats and are moving out and about the countryside. Old people can be seen sitting and gossiping outside small wooden rundown shops just their wrinkled faces and scars left permanently on their skin, speak many things. They have countless stories of struggle to tell us the youth. Some folks can also be seen in the orchards, returning to the hard work of cultivating the land.Children too enjoy the arrival of spring in their own way. Every day comes with a different feeling of joy for them especially when they leave their homes early in the morning making their way to the nearby hill to raise their multi-coloured kites in the sky and watch it fluttering oh rivers and streams make their way from the dense forest to reach

the plains. The sound produced by the waves after touching the rocky ground washes away the worries of daily life. The chirping of birds provides a pleasing chorus just take off ur earphones and listen to ur neighborhood birds especially

when they are active in the morning or evening u will be surprised by what u hear and green grass acts as a natural sofa to relax and watch the day go by

The magic of spring in Kashmir is spellbinding.

All living things must blur it's all transient like blossoms we come into this world put some energy into it finally disappear

therefore resembles a flower that sprouts and decorates this planet for some time and at the end of the time fades away just nine day wonder. Every gardener dreams of spring flowers during the dark days of winter and looks forward eagerly to the first burst of spring color. Spring arrives at different times depending on where you live but the sequence of blooms is similar in most places. The measurement of emotion particularly positive emotion is reliably done in several ways. Positive expressive movements among humans are reliably measured with facial movement particularly smiles. The smile is the easiest facial movement to recognize. This is especially important when the movement is brief and

embedded in ongoing activity. Self reports of moods are also reliable when longer mood states are measured.

Flow like a river and make ur own ocean your heart is where you grow flowers like Tulips or weeds like water hycaniths

Oh the Nature law in my mind

Oh the motion in my heart

I am over the moon

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