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Samreen Wadkar



Samreen Wadkar


When Lost Meets The Love

When Lost Meets The Love

9 mins

The time of twilight, dusk sky covered in the hues of violets pink, orange and yellow with blue patches peeping here and there in that beautiful canvas, cool evening breezes, the joyous cheers of children playing in the nearby garden, the faint melodies of violin being played at an unknown distance ,everything around her was absorbed by the little soul sitting on the bench Crying all alone. She was clad in the black

cloak from head to toe which the Muslims call Burkha. The only part of a body that was visible was her eyes beautiful eyes full of

tears. Tears ready to burst anytime sooner. Her body hidden under that black cloth, her face covered under the niqab revealing her eyes that spoke the sad story of her life.


A tall man handsome fairly complexed, patiently standing as if he were waiting for someone. A while later a sweet lady approached him from somewhere and suddenly hugged him whispering an I LOVE YOU in his ears, and then saying it again totally aloud.’ This was the only that was

persistently going in her mind. “ I love you Huzaif" said that stranger girl only added fuel to the fire and intensified the pain of her heart.

She wept for a while and wiped her tears. The sight of Charminar was now somewhere soothing. She unveiled the niqab on her face

took some fresh air, covered her face and hastened back to friend's house.

“Malika I am leaving overmorrow" declared Humerah. “Humi but you were here for a week or two and two and this is just your fifth day here. And you haven’t even discovered and explored the whole Hyderabad "

But I have already booked the tickets. “Tickets can be canceled” yelled Malika snatching the suitcase from her hand.

“Stop ignoring me”

“I am not ignoring you justified Humerah “Anyway today when I was busy shopping I Found a bracelet that will match your new dress very well.”

“Don't change the topic Humi…But if it's going well with my dress then show me that.”

“Okay, it's in my wallet," said Humerah searching for her purse.

“Oh no! It's missing, Holy Shit…”

“Don't panic dear, think of it calmly. By the way, were you carrying your debit cards or id proofs anything like that?” “ No Malika, praise

be to the lord everything’s in the suitcase. I was just carrying a little cash.

The night went and the next morning the two friends were enjoying that pleasant at the Char Minar and the atmosphere and the adventure to the best until the iPhone ringtone started to ring.

"Hello" greeted Malika though with a very Sweet voice but her friend, in fact, anyone could read her face say that she wasn't at all interested to take the call and show off her fake sweet side

"Oh god damn," this mad man said Malika after ending her phone conversation.

My boss has engaged in a very urgent meeting, I need to go Babe. So so very sorry. We need to cancel this plan. Hope you understand."

"Did I ask for any explanation? Its okay dear. You don't need to be sorry."

"Come on let's go home." After reaching home Malika's mother informed about a guy who came to return Humerah's lost purse.

Malika informed her mother about the meeting and hurried to the office In the meanwhile Humerah was remembered of the bracelet. She browsed through the purse so that she can gift it to her friend.

She saw something unusual in her purse a Brown Leather Woodland wallet. What on Earth was men's wallet doing in her purse!

She took in her hands. She felt something unusual yet something familiar. As if she had seen it sometime before, maybe just for a while but for sure.

Her mind was under stress to retrace its history.

'She was patiently standing in the queue and suddenly she saw a man drop his wallet, as he too was standing in the queue facing the cashier, he was making his payment. He attempted to keep his wallet in his pocket; hurried he looked, unaware he dropped it on the floor

instead. She picked it up before she could retain it back, he had already fleeted from her sight. There was a high conflict in her mind

whether she should open it or not. Majority of herself did not tell her to do so. Even though she did not know the reason she decided not to

open it Maybe that's what the destiny wanted.'

Something brought her back to reality from the quarrel of whether to open it or not.”

That’s all that she could remember about the purse and after that, she had kept it in her purse thinking she will return it soon only if she finds some pieces of evidence of the person whom it belonged. But she had no idea that she would forget it completely.

Now that, she had found it again, her heart whispered, “No, Humerah, don’t open it.” And she believed in her own instincts. “Humerah” someone called again, no no it wasn’t her heart this time.

“Humerah” she called again, it was Mrs. Safina, Malika’s mother.

“Dear, we are going to Charminar, we will both explore the city today, won’t you accompany your Khalajaan?”

Yes! She agreed and put on her burkha. While the two of them were roaming near the monument, Humerah ran into a stranger with a common courtesy she said, “Excuse me!” “Its OK” spoke the person.

She looked at the face as soon as his voice reached her ears. There was something familiar about the voice.

The eyes that were peeping through the burkha were staring at the face. Her eyes dived into the portion of the love that was about him.

'The tall guy, that girl, their hug and that proposal' everything, everything was going on in her mind like a storm. She did not want to think of it yet she could not help her.

The same sky, the voice of children playing around, the sight of Charminar save those melodious notes of a violin.

Things were the same as yesterday but those notes went missing.

"I know we were parted. Destiny had its own plans. But I had asked him to wait. What on Earth this Impatience break the love of the love story even before it started? Why? Because maybe We are meant to meet not here but in Paradise.

Why are you so optimistic all the time?

Even if my heart is full of darkness, I ponder from where do these words of hope enlighten?

Maybe from heaven cause in heaven, there is Love, without separation." She murmured.

"I love you Huzaif. Humerah is all your's. Then why did you allow that girl to embracing you? I can never withstand even the thought of you in someone else's arms.

I am back here in this city that I had abandoned, only to find you. But I was late you had already moved on"  her mind continued.

TOMORROW I'll leave this city.

But my heart is saying to stay here in this of these beautiful evenings park in such an atmosphere of one last time finally before next night I leave.” Humerah shared it all with her best friend, one of the most loyal one, no no not Malika, Humera was alone there. Then whom did she share it too? Her beautiful brown leather diary.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks and fell upon the pages of her diary. She felt speechless, the pen in her hand stopped, she enjoyed that pang of pain in her heart instead.

She closed the book and kept it inside her purse on the bench, carelessly, strewn, unzipped. She sat for a moment or two. She plugged in her earphones and started some music that sung breakup lyrics.

Something catches her attention. It was a notification on her phone that said,’Battery low, please charge your phone.’ She disconnected her ear plugs, stops the song and looked around in search of peace. Finally, she found it, it reached her ears in the form of melodious notes of a violin.

She looked here and there; hurriedly she picked up her purse; still unzipped and searched for the artist who was playing the music.

Her feet brought to the central water fountain of the park from there she turned right walked straight for a moment and then finally took a left. The music grew louder and louder as changed her directions to approach the person . She saw a tall man playing melancholic notes on the instrument. As it got darker and darker all what she could see was his silhouette.

 She was back in the garden fountain her mobile ringed. "Malika...ya ya am coming" she answered "dear I informed aunty" she was walking with the phone still on her ears.

She ran into a granny

"Oh granny, I am so sorry," said the lady softly...in the meantime her phone had gone dead. Her unzipped purse laid on the ground.

Her documents, Matte lipstick and the leather diary all thanks to the street lamp that made it possible for Humerah to search it in the darkness.

When she came home she felt like reading her diary.

'I remember I had bought two identical Brown leather Diaries one for me and another for him' old memories empowered her mind. With the thought she caressed her diary.

Everything was the same. Nothing was changed, the handwriting, the writing style everything was same. Even the name given to the diary by Huzaif 'Brownie' was the same.

That night she couldn' sleep out on joy, unlike the other nights that kept her awake with misery. She remembered suddenly something 'the wallet!'

Then she took it out god's still small voice spoke to her "C"mon girl just open it."

To her amusement, she saw her own photograph inside it. The ID proofa said that the Wallet belonged to Mr. Huzaif Shaikh.

The next day she wandered the city of Hyderabad in search for his Huzaif. Evening approached and destiny made her feet walk on the path of the garden.Yes! 

She was in the park as she promised to her diary.

But had completely forgotten about it completely.


She heard the violin melodies.

Probably from the same place.

From the central

Water, fountain, a right; some little steps straight and then a final left. There he stood.

A fair tall guy in black shirt with folded rolled up sleeves, in a pair of dark blue pair of denim was playing the instrument passionately.

Humenah stood still for a moment or two staring him. When she couldn'g hold on anymore, she ran to him and hugged him tighty.

Yes She finally embraced him tightly and cried bitterly

No it wasn't a dream, but it was the reality.

She always dreamed off to do someday.

Suddenly Humerah proposed Huzaif, “ I love you Huzaif. Destiny had torn us apart. But now no more. Its time to reunite. I came here just to search you. I found you. I want you; nothing else just you! “ presenting a rose to him.

A rose that was wilted, dried and is scent had faded long time ago. But still it was the epitome of their love. He accepted with love & affection. “ Hummo, where did you find this ? “ he asked promptly with smile; his love did not need to unveil the face to recognize the heart that could love him so purely.

“It your brownie gave me this.”

“ Its with you ? “

“Yes” and humerah narrated the incident that happen to her.

“And you still spray that enticing scent of French Enchanteur perfume on pages of your diary…

Oh, madam do have any idea how expensive these perfume are ? “

“You still remember? “

“Could I ever forget? “

“But where did you get my diary? ”

“Abandoned in park under that bench. “he said pointing to a far off bench. 

“That where I sat yesterday, might be it had fallen when my purse was laying unzipped.”

"A lady picked up my diary, I ran behind her but by then she was gone. And I found an identical diary whose smell said me that it belonged to you" saying this Huzaif hugged her Humerah.

" It was me dear" Humerah whispered.

Destiny finally made the destiny made the lost meet the love.

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