Sadhana B

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Sadhana B

Tragedy Crime Thriller

What's next

What's next

4 mins

Once upon a time in a village named mitura, a poor family was living,in that family Ramu is elder child.

Ramu lives with his parents and grandparents and his elder sister.

Ramu's father vijay works in a industry where he is daily exposed to dust and he was suffering with aasthama,but he can't quit the job as no one left to take care of his family.

Ramu's mother Vidhi is a house wife works as a maid in several houses ...

Ramu's grand father was a retired clerk .grand mother was a house wife.Ramu and his sister Dhanu were studying in government school in 5th and 9th grades.

Suddenly Ramu's grand father was died due to heart attack and grand mother was fallen Dhanu has to discontinue her studies to take of her grand mother and house hold chores.

Ramu used to think about his future and always find it in darkness.he used to dream about luxurious life but suddenly sees his dreams collapsing.

Dhanu was very good at studies so school faculty cooperated with her and Dhanu finally completed her SSC with 90%.and 

That movement arrived when Dhanu's father searched a groom from her.but she wanted to study next ,all her efforts were in vain .

No one listened to the plea of Dhanu and got her married to Saras.

He was very kind and good hearted person but his family was demanding more dowry from Dhanu's father.

He couldn't even arrange a penny for that .

they sold up their properties and arranged half amount.but they have no option left to arrange more.

Dhanu's in laws used to daily torture her for money and beat her badly.

she tolerated all those things ,but never complained to any one.

One day Dhanu confirmed that she is pregnant and told that news to her in-laws they took her to hospital and diagnosed that unborn child was a girl.

They forced her to abort but she refused ,she called her husband Saras to inform about the issue but a bad news was awaiting for her.

She heard saras talking with some one else .she went to Saras work place where she found saras lied her about his job 

and many other things related to saras.she was left heart broken when came to know that he was involved in girl trafficking.she cried bitterly.

memories staring scrolling in her mind.

So you guys came to know about Dhanu,her family ,and struggling life of her.

As I mentioned she learned about true colours of her husband saras.and she remembered her past how was her childhood , and her marriage, struggling life of her to save her marriage.she decided to change her husband,.and went to her home.

She tried a lot to change him .she narrated entire incident to her in-laws but they even not listened her single word.she was constantly troubled by inlaws for dowry.

she went to her parents home.and found them facing troubles to get even food twicea day.and struggle of her brother Ramu to complete his studies.she realised that they are not in stage to help her out with dowry.

she requested her in-laws for continuing her pregnancy, but all her efforts are in vain.finally she left with no other option except step out of the house to save her they are in hurry to abort her unborn baby.

she stepped out of the house at midnight and reached Rishikesh.

and took shelter in a hotel .but her financial status was not able to bear that expenses,she shifted to a temple,where she used to clean temple daily and get prasadh as salary along with 2000 rupees.

Due to heavy hardwork and medical complications ,she lost her baby.

cried out of heart and finally she came out if depression,decided to continue her studies.


she took admission in open inter .

she completed her studies,and she got a good percentage in inter.and as days were passing on she became a lawyer.

she started to take responsibility of her family helped his brother Ramu to continue his studies and her father passed away due to Fire Accident that took place in industry.

She became son of her family and started many protest against child marriage,dowry , domestic violence.

she saved many women who were facing similar problems.Now she is Role model to many.

She never thought of second marriage.she had her bad memory of her past.and she was heart broken about that incidents.

But a second chapter opened in her life when she met Rahul.who helped her to come out of her past and married to Rahul,and now she is blessed with a cute baby Girl .and she is leading her life happily.

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