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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Mohd Hassan

Fantasy Romance


Mohd Hassan

Fantasy Romance

What Girl Needs?

What Girl Needs?

4 mins 819 4 mins 819

Writing desires of Filiz is not an easy task.

Cemil and Filiz came into contact on Facebook. They were not sure about what's going to happen next but they just got connected to each other in the very first conversation.

Firstly, they stalked each other's frame and then started gazing at their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Cemil was a rich guy, he started talking about his choices about brands and personnel.

Then suddenly the topic which inaugurated was about the voice king. Both were having the same choice. The famous singer and romance king. Talked about him only for 1 hour. His voice and expressions while singing.

Cemil and Filiz are now calm and peaceful. That new- nervous thing vanished.

They were on the phone call the whole session. Got their numbers exchanged through Facebook after knowing each other well.

It was January winter night, talking to each other they got a lil cozy and started exploring each other. Like, what she expected from the guy she would love and what he wanted from the girl to be faithful upon.

They started feeling even the small things about each other now. The breath, the heartbeat, the motionless motion inside their body. He was kinda more romantic than her.

He started telling her that in his early adulthood what he felt about his future partner. What were his feelings and emotions?

Suddenly, he kissed on her lips between the conversation. She was now silent for a moment and felt something that she was curious about. She was smiling from inside but doesn't let him feel the smile and joy. Then she replied to his kiss asking what was that? He was silent and doesn't spoke a single word. He was a bit tensed thinking that he may took the step earlier.

Then after showing the fictional hesitation and the distant love. She also kissed on his cheek. He smiled over now.

He told her that he was much romantic. But he was nervous to quote that. She passed a taunting line on him and said, No you are not romantic at all. She kept doing it and then he kissed the second time on her neck. With heavy breaths and fast heartbeats.

They both were lost completely. What to say, in love or lust?Stating any one thing would be injustice to the situation. Till now, they were only in a phonecall connection.

Exactly after six months, they met in real.

Meeting each other, was such an honor for both. They welcomed each other with open arms and open hearts. They were so cute and lovable.

It was evening. Cemil traveled to meet Filiz for the very first time. He took the metro and reached the destination. He waited for an ample time for her. The shadow of Filiz then appeared and he saw her in front of him. So happy to meet and see each other.

Meanwhile, before he was gone to pick her up. He made up all his home in the best possible way and prepared all for her arrival. The roses, the candles, the red and white balloons, and a super sensual scent.

He reached over there and asked her to close her eyes. She did the same. Opening her eyes, she saw irresistible love and immense affection. She rushed to his lips and grabbed him.

He took her with him to his place to spend some quality time and feel each other.

Walked inside, talking some good and then they decided to take a shower together after the long journey.

With that erotica and such romance, every drop of water was the rain of pure love and pleasure. They gasped and said loudly 'love you' babes, to each other.

He took her in his arms to the room. Her eyes were completely closed in shy feelings. He calmly lies beside her and the main course begins.

They were so lucky now, made love and the feelings of long time that were locked and blocked to this world are now felt and melted by both. She moaned in pleasure, she laughed in joy. He kissed on her shoulders, on her arms. Every inch of her now became holy. She was praised and kissed.

They were so upraised from this world that only two bodies and two souls were there in the air..

After night!

"What a morning it was for them".

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