Tejaswi Kalra

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Tejaswi Kalra

Abstract Drama Others



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My shoes were tied properly,

Face washed with a scrub,

I wanted to go out in the Sun,

Sunscreen lotion rubbed!

When I thought of escaping out through the entrance,

I encountered a man who was lost,

He asked me 'Where the church was?', 

And on indication, went to the road across,

Sun dropped down in a while,

It was cold as a freezing wind blew,

I dropped my vehicle and went looking for shelter,

The time was such I might have caught the flu!

Surrounded by trees and forest so dense,

I forgot the past and future, focused on the present tense!

'Where do you go?', came a voice from behind,

'Why are you here?' another question came my way, the man seemed kind,

'I belong to the place where my soul and body can rest',

'I don't know the name, but living like this seems like a test',

'Which I can ace and get me the thrill',

'All of us are animals when our hopes are fulfilled',

'I just need someone who I can trust',

'For all, I seek and all I want is Wanderlust!' 

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