Anshika Tutoo

Drama Romance Tragedy


Anshika Tutoo

Drama Romance Tragedy

Waiting Forever

Waiting Forever

5 mins

Nancy was a very beautiful and intelligent girl. Her parents loved her a lot. But her father was very possessive for her. When she turned 20 years, he did not let her go outside for 3 years after her car accident. It was her birthday and her father said her “Happy birthday Princess! I will give you whatever you wish for you just tell me what do you want from your father?”Nancy in no time wished “Father, It’s been 3 years that I have not seen the world outside. Can I go out for just one day?”

Her father Fedrik replied “Okay, You can go but you have to take 2 bodyguards with you.”Nancy was very happy.

The next day as her father promised a car with 2 bodyguards was waiting for Nancy downstairs. Nancy with a smiling face sat inside the car. Her father asked the bodyguards not to let her go off the car. Nancy’s smile got off in no time. While sitting bored in the car Nancy saw a crowd coming towards her car. They were dancing. An idea flashed in her mind she asked the bodyguards to stop the car as she wanted to use the restroom in the nearby cafe. They allowed her to get off the car and they asked her to come in 5 minutes. Nancy started to run in the nearby street such that the bodyguards do not see her. But her bad fortune the bodyguards came to know that she ran away. They could do so because they tracked her in GPS in her phone. She ran as hard as she could.

Suddenly her phone fell from her hand and broke. But she didn’t pick it up and ran. She hid inside a small cottage. The guards were not able to track her anymore. She was so tired that she slept inside the room only. At night, someone came inside the cottage she woke up and saw a man eating food. When the man saw her,he shouted “Nancy you scared me!”Nancy was shocked that how could a stranger know her name.The man further said “How are Aunt Mary and Uncle Fedrick? How is Aunt Mary’s fracture?” Nancy asked him “How do you know my name and so much about my family? Who are you?”. The man with a smile on his face asked “My name is Tom. I know everything about you!”

Nancy asked him “Do I know you?”. Tom laughed but did not answer. He asked her to stay for one night in his cottage because it was raining. Tom slept in the kitchen and Nancy slept in his room.

The next morning Nancy said “Sorry for disturbing you yesterday. I will find a place for me in the nearby hotels.”

Tom with a smile on his face said “We will meet at 12:00 pm”. Nancy was again puzzled. But rather than asking him what he meant she left the house. She walked into a restaurant as she was hungry. She saw her bodyguards with her father and started to run. As soon they saw her they tried to chase her. Nancy ran as hard as she could. Suddenly she saw someone on the bike. He was wearing a mask and asked her to come with him. She sat on the bike and both reached the cottage where she stayed last night. The boy asked Nancy the time it was 12:00 pm and the boy took off the mask from his face and turned towards Nancy and said “I told you we will meet!” Nancy in shocking voice said “Tom, How did you know that I am in danger?” Tom said “I told you that I know everything about you. While eating their lunch Nancy asked him “Tom, Where is your family? Tom did not answer as if he had not listen what she said.

The next day Nancy was sitting in the cottage garden and thought to ask the neighbor of Tom about his family. So she went to the next house and rang the bell. An old lady with a stick came out. “Nancy!” she said with a happy tone. The lady made her sit on the chair and bought tea for Nancy. Nancy was puzzled and said “How do you know me Aunt?” The lady said “It’s very sad that after accident you have forgotten everything!”

Nancy was puzzled and asked “Do you know anything about your neighbor?” Lady with a shocking  face said “Neighbor?” What are you talking about dear?”. “Tom!” Nancy said. Lady with tears in her eyes said “Dear Tom had died 3 years back!” The lady further said “You and him were in love with each other and were about to marry. But while coming going the marriage hall you both met an accident. When we took both of you to the hospital, the doctor said that you have a hole in the heart and if it would not be replaced then you would die. Tom decided to give you his heart and save you.”

The cup of tea fell from her hand and Nancy ran straight to Tom’s cottage. “Tom!” she shouted, Tom came running and asked “What happened?” Nancy was scared and said “Who are you?” Tom with a small smile on his face said “You are behaving as if you don’t know me, I am Tom. What kind of question is it?”. “Are you for real?” she said, Tom replied “Oh! So you came to know about me.”Nancy came forward to touch him but to her surprise she couldn’t touch him, she could only see him. Tom took Nancy to the place where they had an accident.

It was the time for Tom to go forever, Nancy cried and asked him not to go but Tom left her by saying “I am not dead. My heart will always show my presence. ”Nancy said “I will be waiting for you forever..”





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