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Akash Sharma-IB 20IB305


Unmatched Love of Parents

Unmatched Love of Parents

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I was sick, but they were quick to arrange meds and restore me slick

Provided me with multiple options for everything I utterly fancied to pick

I wanted this and that, and they rushed to grab them all intact in fact

Lifted me up in their arms almost like an impenetrable shield I had around me,

To protect and project the love they shower from all ends that surrounds me,

I’m their irreplaceable bounty and now I realize that,

Can't deny the persistent affection, won't even fight that and this is where my real life’s at,

I took their repetitive reprimands as an unforgivable punishment,

Little did I know that they only inculcated values in me for my own nourishment,

Asking me repetitively if I'm okay or if need anything, just say it

Here I am in awe of their unconditional love, immeasurable even if you weigh it,

The bond is tacit that I share with them, the rhythm of their mellifluous voices rejuvenates my soul,

I know you can also relate to this love that penetrates through any adversity as a whole,

They will postpone anything, put plans on hold regardless of their busy errands in appearance,

To take care of me, yes my Mother and Father never fail to show their unmatched love of parents.

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