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Ms. Intoxicated



Ms. Intoxicated


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

2 mins 174 2 mins 174

She feels blessed that so many people love her. It just feels so astounding that people care for her... or moreover are possessive about her. Their love is like a huge dosage of vexation.

Or maybe she has some magical powers, which she doesn't know and maybe it should be hidden from everyone else. Especially the people around her! They might misuse it??

Or maybe she is so bloody attractive that whoever talks to her, is interested in her?? Or are just waiting to use her?? As if people are just standing there waiting for her to come to them, to talk??? That's what her lovers say to her. This is their advice/fear that, what if they just want to grab hold of her and want to run hands-on her empty canvas to tear it down??

Controlled by everyone,

Yet by no one.

Frustration with no limits

Yet lives with borders.

Laughs loudly as possible,

Yet cries in the muteness of the day-night.

Listens to no one,

Yet ends up following commands.

Talks to end number of people,

Yet can't share a word,

Not cause she has no one.

But how could she speak against her lovers*?

Rage bolting up her blood,

Yet she can't destroy a single thing besides her.

Where and How

Should she discharge her fury?

Should she release her worries?

Who should she hug and cry her heart out?

Who should she just run towards,

When everyone is busy...

Busy, expressing their

Unconditional love.

What she desires is just happiness? And she knows it's not possible that where she finds happiness, others would find there too. But at least don't let her ruin her moment in fear of you not knowing a few things she is doing or want's to pursue... or maybe it's just you don't know her.

Things aren't right or wrong!! It depends on what your mindsets are. If you feel that helping people with some work or working with everyone is wrong or you don't like that, that seriously won't matter to her? And why should it?? Just because she lives with you, so she should kill what makes her happy?? Or she should leave those things and start searching for happiness in things you like??

I think

She's caught

Between who

She is

And who she

Wants to be.

She isn't sad anymore, she is numb and somehow she knew... numb was worse.

Yet she calms herself, it's difficult for her to let all her anger out, as Always.

And she smiles and joins her friend circle and suppresses everything, again.

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