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Charles Kemp



Charles Kemp




4 mins

For more than half of my life I have searched for truth but it was always around the corner.

It seems to run away and escape me.

I felt like the rabbit and the proverbial carrot. 

Or the greyhound streaking around the racetrack chasing something he would never catch.

Now, I was raised southern baptist as a young kid. And some people call southern baptist followers,

Holy rollers.

Because sometimes when I was attending church and the pastor called to his congregation to come down and be saved.

Without fail somebody would get the holy ghost

They started out twitching


More twitching


Pretty soon they were on the church floor and aisles rolling and twitching all over the place!

Rolling, Squirming, and Yelling

Lots of Yelling!

Twitching and Twitching

Now I was just a kid and sitting there in wide-eye astonishment,

I would ask my grandmother what they were doing?

She would always answer me the same way:

Shut Up, Boy!

But Grandma?

Why are they rolling around

in the aisles?

Don't Sass me, boy!

Never got a straight answer from her

I remember on another occasion the church was having communion and the choir was singing. 

They were passing out crackers. As I was munching my cracker I said this is good but where is the cheese? 

My grandmother said :

What's Wrong with you boy!

I said:

Well, as they were coming down the aisles I heard them singing,

Bringing In The Cheese

Boy! My grandmother said

They weren't singing bringing in the cheese. They were saying,

Bringing In The Sheaves!

I was so disappointed.


So back to the holy rollers

There came another day at church during the sermon when a nice older woman overheard me asking my grandmother the same questions. 

She leaned over towards me and whispered, listen here son, they got the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost I cried!

I trembled as I replied, is he going to get me?

Looking around the aisles apprehensively, there didn't appear to be a ghost or anything out of the ordinary. 

The elderly woman said, 

No son, it's kind of difficult to explain to a young one. 

But nothing is going to get you.


Well that was a big relief

Anyway, even though the Holy rollers appeared to be in another world at times.

They always seem to miraculously recover when church services were over.

As I grew older I turned away from my church beliefs and eventually became an atheist

But, I was deceiving myself!

Plain and simple

I studied quite a few religions




Baptist (Yes again)




It seemed like they all had nuggets of the truth but none of them had the total truth or answers for me

I investigated numerology, tarot card reading, psychic abilities, crystal reading, etc...

Boring and no, they didn't have the truth either

Nobody had the truth or Gold mine!

So I ask myself where is the truth?

Who has the truth?

The truth is out there

Where is the Goldmine?

I was an atheist then, so I was in hindsight, completely lost!

Consequently, I thought I needed alternative answers

Well, it was a fruitless search at the end of course

I investigated several theories as to how life was created on Earth

But never really bought into any of the theories

The Big Bang Theory?

At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with a small singularity, or it was a hit television series.

That suddenly inflated over the next 13.8 billion years into the cosmos that we know today. All involving electrons, neutrons, and protons...etc.,

Which then suddenly exploded into our World today including cars, airplanes, and girlfriends.

No! That Didn't Happen!

Descended From Apes?


Supposedly we share a common ape ancestor with chimpanzees. 

It apparently lived between 8 and 6 million years ago. But humans and chimpanzees evolved differently from that same ancestor.


Perhaps not, but I have met some people who act like big apes.

So, who was that Ancestor?

The Missing Link?

Was It Bigfoot?  

A Yeti?

A prehistoric giant chimpanzee? 

Hell Naw!

No Way!

Not No How!

Hmm... so what's next?

Aliens Create Humanity?

Are You Serious?

So aliens create humans as a slave race to do their bidding.

To wash their laundry, iron their spacesuits, and bring them a beer?

Wine coolers?

Hell No!


So I told myself, well humans

didn't create themselves

Who Am I?

Who created me?

Where is the Truth?

Who is the goldmine?


God is the Creator

The Savior

The Truth

God Is That Goldmine!

Everybody and everything else in your world might be Nuggets

Or if you don't desire or like some of them or things

Then they might not exactly qualify as gold nuggets in your world

And I also wouldn't speculate as to what terms might come to your wonderful minds

Personally I often wonder why some people are in my life?

Because there doesn't appear to be any useful or logical reason why they are there.

They are just there!

As a matter of fact, some of them are downright annoying or worse.

Why are they in my life?

Have you ever wondered about that?


But then I tell myself that maybe I am just as annoying to them or worse.

It takes two to tangle


Maybe I'm not a gold nugget?


I am a gold nugget!

Positive, speaks an inner voice

Be Positive


Everybody In My World Is A Golden Nugget.

That's My New Attitude

And That&s The Truth!

The End...

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