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Children Stories Fantasy Thriller


Charles Kemp

Children Stories Fantasy Thriller



8 mins

Larus found a crystal stone portal he had stumbled upon inside a cave that he was forced to hide in. 

He had been hunting in Peru when terrible events happen and Larus had been forced into hiding in a cave from a terrifying creature. 

Larus looked around the cave

and spotted an unusual object.

He noticed it had a slight, luminus glow.

Larus picked the stone up and became overwhelmed with great fear when suddenly he was forcefully and violently thrust into another dimension. 

A dimension inhabited

by strange creatures with bizarre technology. Larus cried out when a formidable-looking lizard man approached him demanding the mysterious crystal stone. 

The creature greedily grabbed the crystal but Larus desperately hung onto it sensing it had some great importance. The lizard man spoke telepathically, the words impacting Larus's body causing him to almost blackout. 

Give me that crystal came the silent message. Larus begin sweating profusely, it felt like someone had smack his stomach with a baseball bat. 

I, I stammer Larus, what, what in the hell kind of creature are you? 

And where am I? Your words are physically hurting me, I don't understand how that is possible. 

The creature roared ferociously snatching the crystal. Simultaneously a blinding flash of violet, white light shot out from the stone which causes the lizard man to land violently upon the cave floor. 

A new creature suddenly materialize out of thin air. It looks kinda like a very tall man with large moth-like wings and glowing red eyes.

The lizard man became fearful in the presence of this strange being.

How did he get here and how did he come by the crystal portal demanded the new creature? I am not aware Aru, the human just suddenly appeared holding the crystal. The creature Aru glided over to an large, black octagon, shaped mirror and waved one wing over it.

This cause the black mirror to pulsate and slowly reveal a picture of the events that had just transpired.

Lar, you have not been entirely truthful. 

The Plasmic Eye indicates you were aware the human had already discovered the crystal and you were waiting for an opportune moment to steal it. 

Aru turned, gazing at Larus, his red eyes glowing with great intensity. 

Larus became startled to find himself teleported to a majestic, valley surrounded by mountains deep inside the earth. Larus fell, stumbling on the ground as a large dark shadow flew over him and perch high in a tree. 

He looked up seeing the same bizarre half-man, half bat-like creature he had seen before while hunting.

It was gazing intently at him with its wings folded. Larus stood up and yelled What in Hell is going on!

And what do you want with me? 

Instantly the creature flew down and completely enveloped Larus in it's wings. In silent horror, Larus watched his body start to shrivel and decay with frightening speed. He felt something in his shirt pocket and desperately struggled to remove it. 

Wow! Exclaimed Larus, it was the crystal. 

He was slowly growing weaker his consciousness fading, feeling like his body was expiring. When suddenly the crystal started visibly glowing and vibrating with tremendous power! 

The creature cringed, releasing him and flew off. Larus blacked out and when he came to somehow his body was completely rejuvenate. Man, said Larus, I thought my ass was grass for a moment! He took in his surroundings and thought 

What is the deal with this crystal stone?

This crystal must be some kind of an ancient portal. Boy, I would not have believed that this was possible.  When or if I can get back, who would believe me? Hello? Hello? piped a small voice. 

Larus's gaze was directed downward to see a slender, furry little man-like creature. It was barely two feet in height and it was staring at him quizzically. You're probably wondering where you are stranger said the little creature. How did you discover this forbidden land? 

Larus replied, Where am I? And what kind of creature are you?

I am a Kiki and what exactly are you? responded the creature. I've never seen your kind before. Look out behind you cried the creature! Larus turned just in time to see a giant half man, half ape being roaring and leaping towards him with astounding speed. 

Larus tried to move but was frozen with fear. Again he felt waves of forceful vibrations, he could literally feel the roaring of the creature inside his body. 

Simultaneously he became engulfed with an unaccountable, horrible fear. 

Larus broke out of the trance and reached for the crystal. But was suddenly lifted off the ground and carried away with amazing speed. Looking down he seen the little creature carrying him, glancing behind, there was no sign of the Sasquatch any longer. 

Larus said Okay!you can put me down now. That was a close call. How can I thank you Larus said? The being that you call Saquatch

is under the control of Aru, said Kiki.

He sent it to capture the crystal.

Larus said well, this crystal is my ticket out of this place. Man! I am so thirsty, do you have any water? No, Kiki replied but, there is a waterfall near here follow me. Soon, he heard the sound of rushing water and was surprised to see another beautiful, lush, tropical valley. 

The paradise scene almost took his breath away as he cupped his hands and took a drink. Larus said Ahh, this water is cool and soothing. 

Suddenly Larus heard a great, crashing noise above his head. 

He glanced up to see a huge boulder flying down the cliff overlooking the waterfall. It was heading right towards him. Larus leaped, barely escaping almost certain death. Boy! There isn't a dull moment around here. 

Is there Kiki? Kiki? Where did he go? Larus hope he wasn't injured by the boulder. Larus search for awhile, but the scorching tropical heat made him seek shelter. He came to a secluded cave almost hidden by tall, beautiful ferns.

Larus hesitantly ventured inside a fair distance and sat down. 

He thought, man, am I hungry! A nice turkey sandwich and an orange soda sounds real good right now. Then an invisible voice said, why certainly. And to his complete astonishment, a silver serving platter instantaneously appeared with his turkey sandwich and soda. 

Larus leaped to his feet hoping to catch the prankster, but he was alone inside the pristine cave. Or, so he thought because coming through the cave's entrance was his lost companion Kiki.

Kiki! What happened to you, my friend?

I thought you were a goner for sure when you disappeared after the boulder fell. It didn't fall, said Kiki, the creature you call Sasquatch pushed it over the cliff.

 I was never in any danger since my race has dealt with these Saquatch as you call him for many years. I see you manage to find food. Larus swung around to see the silver tray still suspended in the air held by unseen hands. 

Why? Why how is that possible? 

His turkey sandwich and soda were still there. He touch the bottle and it was ice cold. This is the Mystic Cave of Servitude said the slender creature and whatever you sincerely desire will instantly manifest. 

Then I desire to eat Larus cried, wolfing his sandwich down while feeling the cold soda trickle down his throat. Boy! This really hits the spot Kiki. Hey! Wait a minute, you said anything I desire the Mystic cave will manifest.

So, I desire to return home.

Kiki said it doesn't quite work that way. The cave cannot transport you out of this dimension. Larus yelled, Aru! Watch out Kiki! The man, moth creature had dematerialize and snatched Kiki much to Larus dismay. 

Larus shouted in anger, let him go!

Let him go now! It's me you want. Come on! Kiki yelled, run Larus, don't worry about me, he wants that crystal.  But before Larus could defend Kiki the creature had spirited him away. 

Larus hollered, grabbing the crystal and was immediately teleported to evil, sinister-looking Palace. 

Unfortunately, he was intercepted by another creature like Aru upon arrival.  Okay, human! We have had enough of your ways, give up that crystal stone and we'll release Kiki unharmed. Larus cried, where is he then? 

Release him now! Ha! the creature said, it's your soul that is about to be released. And a brilliant flash of red luminous light emanated from the creature knocking him unconscious. If you harm the human you will cease to exist a small voice exclaimed. 

How, how did you escape the moth man stammered?  Nevermind the details, back away Kiki said as he advanced towards Larus. No! You will not exist little forest creature! Destroy him now the mothman shriek. Without warning, hordes of mothmen rushed from chambers hidden deep beneath the Palace floor. 

The furious creatures descended upon Kiki, their large red eyes glowing, blasting powerful rays. The crystal hidden in Kiki's hand emitted a blinding flash of violet, white light.

And a score of mothmen fell mortally stricken on the Palace floor. 

Still the mothmen came and still their bodies continue to pile up! What kind of sorcery is this cried the mothman in charge? Larus seen that he couldn't hold out much longer. So he bolted and ran until he came to a large, hot cavernous cavern. 

Completely exhausted he ran falling time and time again on jagged rocks and boulders. Bleeding profusely he fell once again and felt his strength ebbing. Larus suddenly heard the sound of waterfalls and with his last ounce of will started crawling towards the sound.



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