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Truth Has Value In A World....

Truth Has Value In A World....

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"Truth has value in a world of materialism”

I am a simple boy. My world revolves around my loving parents, caring friends, and motivating teachers.

My upbringing has been in a culturally diverse environment, which has helped broaden my outlook.

From early childhood, my parents emphasized and encouraged me to be a ‘person with good values’, rather than just a ‘good student’.

I vehemently dislike artificiality, hypocrisy and the pompous and ostentatious display of wealth. I believe these are traits that will lead us away from the path of truth. These traits, though initially enjoyable and satisfying, can only make a person weak internally. Ultimately they will overpower and destroy your well being. Only truth and its relentless pursuit can bring about peace and unify this divided world, to make it truly “a world without borders”; both physical and mental.

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are my heroes, as much as Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. The trait common I admire in them is that they are seekers and propagators of truth.

In spite of insurmountable odds, tremendous risk, and ridicule, these great men did not divert from the path of truth. Their lives have taught me that no matter what the odds are, ultimately truth will be the winner. Like these men, I have chosen to empower myself with the overwhelming power of truth. After all, “those living truthful lives don’t have to hide their deeds.”

My insatiable curiosity has made the truth matter the most to me. Truth enlightens, truth liberates; indeed truth is freedom.

I believe that man’s remarkable and rapid progress has been almost solely due to our innate sense of curiosity to discover the truth. The urge to discover the unknown, to go past the boundaries and to find the truths about our universe, has propelled our species along the path of progress.

The search for truth defines humanity and can empower one beyond imagination.

When I started studying physics in high school, my habit of spending endless hours over a single concept and then coming up with the so-called ‘stupid questions’ did prove to be frustrating initially. But as I discovered later, this was not a waste of time, as the lessons I have learned during this journey, discovering the truth, have stood me well.

Whatever knowledge I have acquired about the subject is more an outcome of questioning for the truth, and less as a result of traditional learning.

In today’s world, filled with negative traits of artificiality, hypocrisy and materialism, the importance of truth has multiplied. Truth and its pursuit is the only stabilizing factor in this world of strife and turmoil.

If people could rekindle that child-like spark of curiosity and become seekers of truth in matters great and small, it would make the world a much better place.

Truth is the only tool to change this world from chaos to stability; from hatred and jealousy to peace and contentment.

Truth matters the most to me, as I aspire to be at the forefront of this change.

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