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Ishan Agarwal

Abstract Inspirational


Ishan Agarwal

Abstract Inspirational

He Plunged Into Darkness; Into Daylight Beyond Darkness!

He Plunged Into Darkness; Into Daylight Beyond Darkness!

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The whole sky was painted in hues of orange, yellow, and red by the ebbing sun. The ripples formed in the water shimmered with unearthly sparkle. The wind moaned and sighed as the burning ball of fire made its final exit, spreading the last rays of warmth over the cold and sordid earth.

The isolation from family, friends, society; in fact sacrificing all his worldly ties, did pay back rich dividends.

“I have done it”, said Amish, in a self-reassuring tone, as if he wanted the whole world to know what he had done and more importantly that he had done it right.

The child Amish had pulled off his blanket in the cold, insecure night, cast it aside, and decided to face the still darkness with a new glow that was shimmering in his heart. He was apprehensive about what the darkness had in store for him. He used the darkness as a cover to hide his fears; his stealthy determination to propel him towards daylight that lay beyond the darkness.

The shoal of fish to which Amish belonged, were a happy lot, content with their life’s limited offerings. To latch on to a morsel, to swim about aimlessly, to indulge in meaningless conversations with other like-minded fish, to laze, rest and never try for newer, warmer currents, and to remain restricted to one part of the ocean.

This mundane monotony of daily life failed to excite Amish. Though he belonged to the shoal of fish that were content with their state and never wanted to try, Amish was different. He had a belief and he believed in himself. He had this strong belief that if he just allowed himself to be taken away by the river current, he would be taken away into another world. A world which was much more exciting, beautiful, colorful, panoramic; a world full of excitement and adventure!

Driven by this belief, one day he let go, let the current take control of him. “Madness”, said some. “Suicide”, commented others. “Life”, said Amish.

New life, indeed it was for Amish, as he was thrown upon the surface of the river, to a world which was more enchanting and captivating than the one he came from; a world that was filled with endless exciting possibilities for the one who dared to try; a world that had both the warmth of the friendly human spirit, while at the same time the coldness of death and destruction.

A world, where you could make informed decisions; where the choice was yours about how you wanted to live your life.

The change in the surroundings put Amish in a trance. The child Amish had taken a plunge into darkness; into daylight beyond darkness!

The combined effect of the ebbing sun, the sparkling ripples, the moaning wind, and his exciting new world intoxicated the mind of young Amish with joy and happiness that he had never felt before.

Amish had found what he had wanted all along. What no one else in his shoal had wanted- What everyone had thought him mad for wanting!

Amish had conquered his fears and found life!

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