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And They Call The Planet Earth

And They Call The Planet Earth

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Raghu was considered a child prodigy and was a graduate of the Intergalactic University.

On completing his masters in Mind Modulation, with a minor in Inter-Stellar Radio Waves, he was assigned for an internship at the Geum Institute. He soon earned a diploma in Time Manipulation and was ready to enter the “corps”, as it was generally agreed by all Gnaphallians that Raghu had the potential to be the future leader.

At the age of 11, Raghu was put into active service and assigned a spacecraft, where for years he flew inconsequential ships with insignificant cargoes. However, at the age of 22, he was finally asked to join an important mission aboard the massive spacecraft Belladona. He was not given any details of the journey.

The first two trips went smoothly. It was during the third trip that a feeling of unease crept upon Raghu. It was as though a strong external influence was weighing heavily on his soul – as though his mind waves were being disturbed by an overwhelming external gamma frequency. This put Raghu into periods of extreme depression.

Aimlessly, Raghu wandered into the Console Hall, where the corps was told to meditate in front of the distant star during periods of depression. After spending a few days there and not getting any relief, Raghu sought advice from “The Master”, even though it was stipulated that this should only be done in an emergency.

For Raghu, this was an emergency.

Raghu made his way to the control deck and knocked on the door of the Master’s room. After the mandatory ten nanoseconds wait, he went in.

“Good evening!” The Quantum supercomputer remarked.

“I have a grave problem,” Raghu said, without even bothering to acknowledge his superior’s salutation.

“I know,” said the Master.

“Do you have a solution for my woes?” asked Raghu. “I have been hampered by this problem and I do not know what to do. This deep feeling of unease has been troubling me ever since I got on board this ship.”

“Yes, there is a simple reason for it,” replied the Master. “Normally, I would not tell that to a trainee, but you are different; you have always been special.”

“If I am special, then why do I keep getting sentenced to these exiled ships? Why do I keep doing these useless jobs? It seems I do not have any future!”

“The reason is that, in you, the higher ones see a future leader of the ‘corps’, and if you really want to one day become a leader, you will have to show your devotion by working on the lower rungs of the ladder.”

“Do you know the cargo of this ship?’ asked The Master.

“No Sir, we have not been told.”

“And, rightly so! Young ears are no place for this kind of information. You came here to find the reason for your unease. Have you noticed any other with the same problem?”


“The reason is – a long time ago in the early 13, star-struck calendar, an outbreak of madness occurred on the planet Gilleminium, in Galaxy 7, Star cluster 45, System 23:87. To prevent spreading this rare disease to the inhabitants of the other planets, The Board of the Higher Thought decided to isolate these people.”

“What are the symptoms of this disease?” Raghu interrupted.

“Intense feelings of jealousy and hatred towards fellow beings, violent tendencies of anger and fear. Hypocrisy, intense desire for material comforts, artificiality, often combined by a senseless craving to destroy, maim and kill. Psychopathic tendencies, resulting in discrimination, deprivation, and degradation. Eventually, these people were transported and quarantined to a planet named Roualfia, which means ‘one than encourages hate’. You must remember that they are not bad. They are worse than that. They are sick. They are clever, too. However, most of them use their innate intelligence to destroy and ruin. We have placed a mental jammer over them so that they do not acquire the ability to strike at us.

“There is such a big negative aura around them that any one in their vicinity would be adversely affected. The highly sensitive, like you, will be affected very strongly. As they constitute the cargo of this ship, that negative aura is present in this spacecraft, too. This is the reason for your feeling of malaise.

“Now that you know the reason for your sickness, I suggest that you go back to your duties. Once we have dumped these beings, you will feel better,” said the Master.

“Thank you, Sir! But one last question.”


“The people of each planet have a nickname for it. What do people of planet Roualfia call their planet?”

“Earth,” The Master replied.

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