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Together Forever

Together Forever

5 mins

I was sitting outside the stairs with a cup of coffee and going through the novel - you are my reason to smile by Arpit Vigeria, the romantic author.

Nidhi, Raksha Bandhan is near after three days only,you remember or not! Have you sent Rakhi and sweets already for them? - mommy dearest asked loud to me.

- Yes maa! All done.You know i always send it earlier - replied in a way smiling.

- First time I guess you did it so fast!

- So funny! I always send it on time but it reaches late because of the courier services!! There is no fault of mine. - I told her grinning.

- hmm...its there fault only! - Mommy dearest and I laughed together and she went to the kitchen.

Your order number 411356 has been delivered and was received by.share your feedback on http....- I got a message pop up on my phone.

Thank god! It's reached before Rakhi to bhaiya n bhabi. Otherwise, Maa ll definitely not going to spare me at all.

Let's get a call to bhaiya that its reached and to open the box.I am really waiting for how they are going to react after reading the letter with Rakhi n bhaiya's favorite chocolate and motichoor k laddu.

Dear Bhabi,

Happy Raksha Bandhan .

I know when you see this letter you might able to believe, but this letter is for you only, my sweet bhabi ! and the Rakhi too,because you are also my rakhsha kabach along with bhaiya. This year I will celebrate with my loveliest couple of the year -bhaiya n bhabi both because you are now the crime partner with bhaiya in every situation. Welcome to the crime world. This day gonna a couple of times more fun and exciting . You couple are truly loving and privileged.

You completed three months to your marriage with my respected bhaiya ji and I guess you could have gain so much stuff about your life partner in these couple of month, let's not talk about your husband dear, but I guess you want to listen more about him. He is so loving and yes! Romantic too. When you have a fight for something with him, just go to the kitchen and cook some delicious, with the delicious aroma his anger ll disappear within a minute. Bhai loves to get clean and managed his room as well as everything. And a top-secret, he cooks chicken curry, just wow.

Ok bhabi, let's know some scary data about your other family members.

Your great couple -in-laws they are a really interesting couple, totally opposite to each other, always cold war going between two. like all-father, he is too a strict father and our mother too loving and supportive.sometimes their words may sound bitter but the other moment it realizes, they are saying the fact and for our good.

Lastly, it's me- your chhoti nanand. nowadays I am truly a new person.In past days I did so many crimes but today I am purely saant and saral type. you are not only my bhabi you are my elder sister and friend too. Waiting for our gossip together and much more fun together.

Moreover my dear bhabi! How up and down the street, you must be connected with each other, believe each other, and together take the responsibilities to manage both of our families.

Come soon bhabi. I miss you a lot. Enjoy your marriage and new family. love you.

With loads of love.


Dear bhaiya,

Wish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan.

Hardly, you are there with us on this occasion. I truly missed you every yesteryearsbhaiya n this time too I shall miss you both so much. Thank you bhaiya for being my inspiration, my are so caring and are there with my side always. I know I may not be a good sister but I am blessed to be the best brother like you. Thank you, God! 

Hmm...Don't get much emotional now. just be happy and enjoy new romantic moments with bhabi. Be prepared for new responsibilities and challenges 😉. Send my gift to me, I am waiting.

We all miss you , bhaiya. come soon. take care both of you.keep smiling.

With loads of love


A whole day passed on, but I couldn't get any reply from bhaiya and bhabi.Bhaiya may be busy in office but bhabi could give a reply. She got angry with me or what? but I have not written anything like she gets angry! Maybe they both have not opened the box yet! - Nidhi going on thinking.

 -Knock! Knock!

-Nidhi! See, who is there outside? it must be your parcel from myntra - mommy dearest asked Nidhi.

- No Maa!

- who is there?

- courier service! 

- I was sure its your always order something online. every day the delivery boy is coming with an order named with you. -mommy dearest asked with a little anger face.

- opening the courier packet, Nidhi answer to her mother -Bhabi has sent this for me, my Rakhi gift.

Pop up! - I received a message on my phone. I open the message and it's from bhabi;

Thank you, Nidhi. you are such a made me more comfortable with our new family. your bhaiya ji not even told this to me as he is a little busy with his official assignments.we are coming next month to home, we'll have a good time together.

I am going to make a call and inform her that I got the parcel and her message too.

Hii...Bhabi! Thank you soo much for this lovely gift 1st because I was thinking you might get angry with me! 2nd - I got the parcel today. it's so lovely, even I love the color of the dress too and 3rd for this beautiful novel I was looking for.bhaiya or bhabi, when you ordered this for me??

- it's your bhaiya ji's plan. by the way, I am not angry with you, why should I!!.hmm..I asked him what to send for you! He told me to send her a dress and a novel, she will be happy.

- where is bhaiya now?

- got your gift soon before Rakhi. I came to know that my little sister is growing so fast and making me feel emotional. Is there anything beyond these changes, my dear sister! - Bhaiya smilingly asked me.

- not like that! Bhaiya!

- ok! Ok! Tell Maa n papa, we are coming next month to home and this time we all will go on a trip to Puri.

- www! Superb idea. We ll have a great time all together.

- ok, Nidhi! Hang up now.we ll call later.we are getting late for a party here.

- ok bhaiya. Tomorrow sends me both your pictures after tie knot the Rakhi.

Byee bhaiya! Byee bhabi! Have a lovely day 😘.love you.

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