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New I Am...

New I Am...

5 mins

Everything in our surrounding speaks a lot to us. It is quite dependant upon us to accept to which thing we may accept the negative or the positive and yes of course! The positive acceptance makes you feel good always. From so many things I get inspired, but one thing I want to share.

I am Nikita(name changed). I am always being a shy kind girl. Sometimes I do speak to someone so little or not even a word. I always have a fondness for books, music and art. I used to wear spec from high school reading and now I am in the age of my late twenties. A great thing happened to me, now I am so talkative that no one can beat me these days in talking. Sometimes I think of myself how could I get this change in me? But this change in me get to remember that it's new Nikita now, she is enjoying her moments happily, and out of her comfort zone.

I am now in my late twenty means my family has already started finding a perfect match for me, who can take care of me, who is gonna love me my life long that means forever. I am working in a private school as a TGT -Mathematics.

"Niki! Get ready! Ladke wale(in Hindi) will reach soon. Wear saree, your favourite blue saree!" - momma asked me tensed.

"Hmm...what mom! Why saree? I am going to wear my yellow Anarkali and red legging. Last time I put saree but that boy denied. This time I'll not wear a saree. Let him accept me then I'll wear saree every day after marriage!!" - Nikita replied laughingly to her mom.

"Ok. Whatever you want to wear, just get ready asap. Don't put more jewellery on you, because you know your father won't like it and I don't want any kind of issue on this today". - mom went on to cuisine.

"Yes, mama! Don't worry About that!!!"

"Come in! Come in!" 

"Namaskar! Namaskar!" (welcoming the guest)

"Please be seated."

"Did you feel any difficulty while coming?"

"Nikita ki Maa....they all have reached. Please come out and serve some water first" - papa told loud to mom while waving to the guest.

I guess they reached already. Momma and my little sister will do all the hospitality. I am to do nothing now. I will sit here and wait for my interview turn - I shrugged, murmuring with myself .

"Chalo behena!! (Let's go sister). They are asking for you now, and I am to get you to them ..." My little sister said to me smirkingly.

I put my south silk heavily worked dupatta on my yellow Anarkali joining in her smiling and said to her - "let's go."

I went to them. A separate chair has been arranged in front of them three and my papa was sitting along with them.

"What is your name?" - Pradeep (wanted groom) asked me.


"Why you are not trying for govt. job? This is good but you should try for govt.!!"

"Yes! Actually I am trying. I have cleared CTET too, and I have given exam for JNVS. Waiting for the result and what you do??"

"That's nice! I am working in a bank as an assistant manager."




A long conversation went on between me and Pradeep. In between our talk, papa and his parents went out to the garden.

"Anything you want to ask....?" Pradeep asked me.

"No...if you have something please ask."

"Actually! Can you put off your spec? I want to take a click of you..." Pradeep asked me.

Papa and his parents entered to us.

"Have you finished your talk both?" - Pradeep's mother asked.

"Yes! Maa! ...I am just getting a snap of Nikita."

"Hmm...chasma utaro thoda. We'll take your click."

"Sorry. Actually I am not comfortable without specs as I am wearing this from long yesteryears. Please don't mind,take a click with spectacle." - I told them in a rush.


"So nice meeting you all. We will be in touch if it's gonna be something positive about marriage."

"Namaste Sushma Ji!"

"Namaste Bharat hi!"

"Byeee Beta!!"

After they left, papa and momma asked me about our conversation. I said nothing to them but waiting for night to talk to myself because night time is the best time to think, to write, to talk to yourself. You get a lovely time for yourself.

I asked my self - why he couldn't take pictures with spec! Why without!? Am I not looking good or they want to ask something else?? I won't put off my spec, did they feel bad about it?? Or I should put off it !! Why this much I am thinking as I know, I am not comfortable without spectacle. Is wearing a spectacle an obstacle in getting marriage?? I can't believe this explanation, really!!

Talking to myself and reached to a new result and a new change in my life again; ' I always think about this and I don't know what is good, what is bad going to happen tomorrow but I did listen to myself. A spectacle cannot be an obstacle. It's only they think negative about all the girls using spectacle. Let them go and choose another girl of his type. I am happy with my specs.'

Next day we got a call from the mediator, he informed that Pradeep's family is not ready for this marriage, because Nikita is wearing spec and deny to put off in front of them and asked papa to send him pictures of me, so that he can search more matches for me.

Be you. Love yourself.

Do things which you are okay with it.

lLve yourself and life will go easy every moment.

The moment inspired me to stay strong and stay comfortable with yourself.

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