Sujata Behera



Sujata Behera


A Change ....

A Change ....

5 mins

Smooth sun rays kissing my baby - Aahana's face who is still in her dream slumber. I am looking at the cute little face with a sip of tea.

m really getting late for office, but I can't let go this moment watching you, my dear! - Suhana murmuring herself.

its already 8.30 am. Go and get ready, when Aahana will get up, I call you. but now go!- Aahana's mummy dearest told the loud and caring voice.!! sadhu maa..i replied smilingly teasing Sadhna.

I kept the cup on the table and get settled before Aahana, kissed on her forehead holding her little hand, went back thinking the day you touch your feet in this lovely world.

Sadhna was entered the C -Section chamber, we were waiting outside for welcome to our new muchkin.

and the light gets off, a male nurse came out of the room holding a tray and calling out the name - sadhana's relative anyone!!

is our baby in this tray! I and all ran to him with all smiling face to see the baby newborn. The little baby was wrapped fully in a towel, we can only see the red little face and the tiny eyes.

a baby girl! - the nurse announced.

our princess came!! hurray..huurre....we started dancing the moment and called everyone.

how is sadhana!!... I asked politely to the nurse.

she is fine but became a little weak .you may stay here for a week minimum - he answered and heading towards the 1st floor holding our princess to do other procedures for a newborn.


go before him ...may our baby get altered!!...- our brother told in a concerned funny way.

no one alters a baby girl! only the world needs a boy. - one of a lady there caught him short.

hmm, aunty! but now the world getting changed and we are making the world. We shouldn't get down to ourselves. We are the pride of a family too.....- I told the lady in a concerned voice and went on.

The next day I was sitting down the bed of sadhana. I was called by the lady nurse.

sadhana's sister!!

yes! sister!

come with me!

I followed her walk and get reached to our princess.

she is hungry now. Get her to your sister to have milk from her.- the nurse told me hurriedly.

I was blank for a moment! can I!my weird confused face was crystal clear that I was not ready to handle this situation.

but the lady nurse took her up and forcefully get her into my hands to hold my baby and also commenting ! if I got married,I will 3-4 babies my around...talking the way she went on.

but... I m not marr....!! she has already gone to another patient. without wasting time I focused on my baby. she was unwrapped and adorned with an oversize dress bought by us from the market next to the hospital.

somehow I could manage myself to hold her properly so that I could reach Sadhana asap. but this moment I really felt like I was in a dreamland.she is absolutely a precious and priceless gift of God to us.everything around me changes. Her cute little body ..omg so little she is! her head, hand, and the whole body was moving like a spring.i fell in love with her for the very 1st time.

'my doll! you are absolutely our princess. we will love you more, care you more and more everything .welcome my doll! to us.may god shower all the happiness to you......talking to my baby I reached sadhana. Aahana drunk milk and got a sweet nap.


.....Aahana woke up and started crying. I Came back from my thought and hold her tight.

good morning baby doll!!

no cry!! mama ll come.

sadhna came in and took Aahana .

go and at least now get ready for office!!

yes!! my dear..i am going.


I was getting ready, Sadhna holding my baby doll was sitting beside me and in between, I got a call.

I was scolded by for not completed important work in an office, got a little disturbed.

after I hang up the call, standing near the window.

what happened!- Sadhna asked.

office call!

so what!


today is Sunday, still, you are going office!! You cant stay home, can't stay calm! you are working alone in this whole world!! - Sadhna told in a weird face.

like this from a normal conversation we both reached the argument within less time.

you are always commenting me, Sadhana. I am already disturbed ..... I was standing flipping pages a book kept in the window. suddenly! I threw that book to Sadhna in anger. baby!! don't cry!! don't cry! she is harm to my baby! I will not stay here for a second....- sadhana was sobbing massaging Aahana's forehead and Aahana too crying in a loud

everyone in the home ran towards us.

she threw this to Aahana, and see her forehead has swollen up from the left side.if..- sadhana was telling everyone.

I was fully numb.what to told what not...I was fully blank in my mind! how could this be done! sorry, my doll! I am so bad. I have no right to be alive...- I was blaming myself and crying aloud.

....after a half an hour Aahana felt relaxed and everyone one asked me anything but I regret and talked to myself- 

'I promise my doll! I will change myself. This as the situation will never happen, I will learn to control my anger.'

Every man gets angry but should have to learn how to control their anger. It will definitely help them to have a fruitful life.

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