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Lalima Yadav



Lalima Yadav


The Writhen Life By Lalima Yadav

The Writhen Life By Lalima Yadav

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Morning 8:45 a.m.

Date: 9 May 2013

Phone vibrates. Zzz…Zuuu

Oh! God who’s this now? I murmured to myself.

I picked up my Lumia in my hands from the drawer, which was next to my bed and saw whatsapp icon which was marked with two unread messages. Lying on the bed, I tapped on the watsapp icon and saw those two messages were dropped in by Srijan which read as,

Di’s marriage- Busy. Will ping you ASAP. Take care.

After reading the message, I got much keyed up knowing that his eldest sister was getting married, and at the same time I got a bit fuming too as he hadn’t told me about it before. It was not expected from him but was not a big issue if he had not shared the news. I got energized and happy as like it was my own sister’s marriage. I messaged him back,

Woo! Duffer, you must have told me this. It’s been a month you weren’t around so pinged up you. Well, enjoy. Cheerful compliments. *_*

I saw he was not online. He must be having heaps of responsibilities on his shoulder. I told to myself. I was happy and the reason was understandable.

Srijan and me are quite good buddies since the last three years. He is like a reward of living. He used to be on my side whenever needed, say whenever the most needed. In early days of our friendship we were the sort of friends who don’t miss to hit the like button on each other posts at facebook. We were the ones who always started discussions from the point they were left. There was nothing like formality in between us. Our discussions were limited to the topics like each other’s health, present life, and sometimes teasing each other on any silly matter. Initially, 'About family’ discussions weren’t the part of our conversations. But, with the time our friendship grew up that too beautifully. In short we, Srijan Sharma and Lavee Yadav, are life-time friends.


May 24, 2013

I speedily ran towards my room, my phone was ringing.

‘Umeed wali dhoop...Sunshine wali asha…rone ki wajah kam hai...hasne ki bahane jyada….’

It was Srijan’s name flashing on the screen and without any further delay I received it.

“Hey…how are you?” Asked a deep and gentle voice

“I am fine. You say what’s going on? Seems so busy,” I replied him sweetly.

“Nay! Not busy but was engaged in making Neha di’s marriage function run smoothly.” He answered me so serenely.

“Are you finished with all your responsibilities?” I spoke out in an appreciating tone

“Oh! Yes. Finally. The function took place in a well-mannered . With the grace of god, her new journey has begun.”

“And…now don’t tell me you are about to cry,” I sniggered

“Perhaps. You know it so well that she is a world of happiness to me. I am feeling quite desolate in her absence. Trust me; it’s going to be very hard-hitting for me to live to tell the tale without her company around. She is a mother, a sister, a friend and the most important she is a father to me and of course Seema didi. I am missing her so badly and deeply.”

He replied all in a one go. Undoubtedly, I could sense the true emotions of his love and affection towards her dearly loved, the eldest sister, Neha Sharma (now Mrs. Neha Vashisht).

“Oh! C’mon. You still have your another beautiful sister Seema didi with you. How could you feel so lonely if she is there? I do value the emotions of yours that you have for Neha didi. Nevertheless, you do not need to be so sad. C’mon now, Cheer up. It’s merry news about her marriage. For sure, you would be missing her but at least her nonattendance at the home is a sign of relief, she has been married happily. Right na?” I tried to console and make him cheer up. It does not make me experience better if a bigwig sounds low, especially when that somebody is one of my good friends.

“Seema didi and mom are missing her too.”

“It’s natural. Smiling is all that I want you to do now.” I ordered him.


“Srijan, why are you so down? Are you tired? Or do you want to share something? Something about Neha didi? If yes, I am all ears. Do I need to tell you this every time that you can share your problems with me? I’ll try my level best to get you the most appropriate solution.”

“Thanks…” he said

“Thanks?” I answered him in a surprise.

“I’ll punch on your nose. You got it? Huh!” I shouted over the phone call

“Sorry!” He answered jokingly

“Sriijaaannnn….. Will you now please tell me what make you feel heartrending?” I screamed

“Yes, sure only if you promise, not to kill me. Say,” he asked

“Yes definitely not. Speak up.” I promised.

“I want to tell you about Neha didi.”  His voice got a bit slow than his original voice-tone.

“Okay, what about her?” I asked softly

“The writhen life of the rident Neha,” his tone of voice got amplified.

I remained silent.

He continued…….

“Neha Sharma was a sort of girl who used to be rident in her ways. She was a perfect chubby-bubbly doll for my dad, Mr. Dhanwant Sharma, who is no more with us. I am the youngest at home; she is the eldest one and Seema didi in between, elder to me, younger to her. She was the flanking to my dad and was always treated as a son by my parents especially dad. Here in Roorkee, the education and schooling were not that as fine as it is now, therefore, her graduation, high school, and intermediate had finished from my aunt’s place. She had a very jolly nature, she used to make several asinine jokes on which she enforced everyone to laugh or else she would kill the people who don’t laugh at it. It was a complete entertainment having her as an accompanying person. I felt lucky enough that god had blessed me with such a lively person as my sister. She looks unblemished, always. She got her b.ed. Degree from that same place, and unfortunately, after ten consecutive days we lost our dad due to cardiac failure.

And telling all this…he broke down into tears.” He snuffled.

“Hey…RJ…”  (That’s a nick name given to him as he was professionally RJ for few months.)

“We all got jammed in the trauma. I was a little guy of fourteen years, and she was a twenty two years old girl left with the loads of responsibilities. Dad was in the private sector and there was a no provision like pension. My mom, Surekha Sharma was totally shattered. For the time being, she could only be seen crying bitterly. It was a dreadful scene, looking mom crying as such. The world and the people around never seemed to be an appalling place to me before as it was then. The situation was the nastiest. Question was who would raise the family? Answer was very clear, Neha didi. As she had done all her graduation hence she decided to go for a job, there was no other option left with us.

She took immense pains and hitches in growing me, and bringing up the complete family in a standing position. She was lively outside, and depressed inside. It was painful for me looking her struggling. I was much depressed those days and so as was everyone but the only difference was that our pains used to get reflect in our talks and Neha didi’s pains in her eyes. I had read all her miseries in her eyes.

 Even during those worse situations she used to delight us with a beautiful sparkling smile on her face. She constantly kept us reminding that we are not alone, we need not get worried for anything, she’ll make all our dreams true used to be her statements. She used to defend us whenever we got into any trouble, she used to bring us smiles with her ways, and she used to do all the possible things she could, to never let us feel the absence of dad.

 It was the time for her to look for a job, it was necessitate and it was me who used to be an adjunct to her to the place wherever she had to face the interviews. Initially, she faced numerous interviews but due to no experience it got hard for her to get a job. With every refutation that she faced, she didn’t get disenchanted instead all those rejections made her strong and much more determined. Destiny was pushing her hard to get broken down and it was the need of that time that made her stand and face whatever comes in her front. I remembered those days very unmistakably or I should rather say those days cannot be ever forgotten because I never want to live those days again. I wish! May no one experience such awful days ever. Finally, after all her efforts that she made facing the scorching heat and unexpected rejections, she got a job in a city school as a teacher. Regrettably! When your time is horrific, luck is nowhere, and hard work is never enough. Even after getting into the job her struggles and our problems did not came to an end. Her salary was not enough to run the home. I used cursing god each and every minute, I hated him for every single reason, and she kept joining her hands for the prayers. She used to tell me, life can smack you hard at anytime, be prepare for it mentally, physically, and emotionally. To get out of the financial crisis and fulfill our needs she started giving tuitions to the kids and college students. Slowly, slowly with every new day we all had started living a normal life, though dad was missed every single second.

With the time she was gaining the experience and resultant one day she got a job proposal from a very reputed institute in the Roorkee. That’s how she juggled up with the time. She made Seema didi to continue her studies and also she made me able to keep my studies going on and today it is because of her only that I am in my fourth year not anywhere else working like as a mechanic. She made mom to cope with the biggest tragedy of her life. We all are gratified to her and beyond doubt we all never put out of your mind to thank god that he blessed us with her. She is a lamp in the darkness, and she is that sparkling sun which glows moon in the night. I love her so much and we all love her. She was like a king for us.

Now she has been married and I purely want her to live like a queen always. That’s what I was worried for…and it was something that made me think over and over again about her. I want her to lead a great life there.”

“Huh….” he then breathes in heavily.

“Laveee…..there…..??  Oyee!! So toh nhin gayi naa”

“Damn it! No I was listening to each and every word of you with awareness. I could not risk missing out any single thing mentioned by you.” I replied him with teary eyes that could be felt in my tone.

“You know what whenever I look at upon her or whenever she comes to my mind I just speculate why people say that they need a son because a son can give them his shoulders to lean on whenever needed. I am totally clueless about this. I assume I would not be able to find the answer ever in my life,” he mentioned

“C’mon I have the answer,” I answered him confidently

“Achaa…!! Like always. So what’s that?” He curiously and proudly asked me that.

“It’s simple…because not every family is blessed with a daughter like Neha Sharma.”

It was my answer and then there was a silence left in between.


16 July 2014

We were casually talking and then suddenly I asked how Neha didi is?

“It has been more than a year that she has been living a married life and I am very happy that she is perfectly settled at her new home.”

He replied smilingly. 

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