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To My Sir, With Love

To My Sir, With Love

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School teachers are the ones who lay a strong foundation in our growth in life. Some of them leave an impression so deep, the memories refuse to fade away. One such teacher is Mr. Suresh Peshwani.

He used to teach us Science and Maths in those days.

The one thing that every student in the school wanted was to be in his good books. And it was because he was loved and respected by all from the core of the heart. When you respect someone so deeply, you don’t want to hurt them.

He commanded this love and respect unanimously because of what he was.

He was one teacher who was the most approachable in the school. Children could show him and ask him anything and everything. We used to show him our drawings, arts and crafts, and, he used to enjoy seeing them. A teacher full of enthusiasm, he was always eager to try out something that we did. “ Very good ya. I will also try this” used to be his reply. He always took time to hear, see and listen intently and gave his opinion and suggestions honestly.

He was one teacher, who was not insecure or had ego hassles. There were times we got our doubts cleared on another subject through him and he used to sacrifice his class timing for teaching us what we did not understand. The important thing is he never boasted about this to anyone.

A teacher full of sense of humor, he always had a smile on his face. His scolding were never harsh, in fact, it made us feel bad about hurting him. He told us our mistakes upfront and corrected them on our face, but he also had the heart to ignore somethings when he knew the child must have put the efforts he/she could.

A great singer himself, a man full of life and energy, we never saw him sit and he participated wholeheartedly in all the extracurricular activities of the school.

A person who appeared practical in his approach, always displayed his emotional side while correcting papers for he gave marks generously to all.

The one time I remember seeing his eyes moist was when during a class, he recounted how he could not fulfill his dream of pursuing his education in Computers and opted for Maths.

The passion and devotion he has for teaching cannot be imagined by anyone who has not met him.

It is because of him today that I have learned the virtue of appreciation for he used to appreciate not just every student but also every teacher and nonteaching staff equally.

Another important virtue he has taught us is to be fearless always. When we fear, we cannot live life. That's what he always said and taught us to remain Bindas...

Soon after we left school two decades ago, he became the Principal of the school and it was the happiest day for us. He is still serving the school as the Principal. I am still in touch with him and even now, at the age of 35, when I talk to him, I feel like a student.

And, Yes, his love for extracurricular activities still lives on, and recently I got to hear his version of “ Chukar mere mann ko….” on a singing app.:):)

Thanks a lot, Sir for being who you were and who you are.

Happy Teachers Day Sir.

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