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My Son Under Their Loving Care

My Son Under Their Loving Care

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When we take admission in a school for our kids, we look not just for a good education and overall development but also love and care. We may not ask for it openly but we all know we want our kids to be looked after with lots of love and affection.

I feel privileged that my son got and still gets this love and care in plenty from the Ex- Principal and the staff of his school.

It is a very common thing for a child to not finish his lunch box in school. As parents, we tend to freak out mostly over food. When my child showed no interest in finishing his tiffin, his teachers, Princy mam, and Simran mam reported about this to the Principal Raji mam. That day my son said he was sent to the Principal's room for finishing his lunch. I couldn’t thank them enough.

I thought it was a one-time occurrence, but No…the Principal made sure that my son comes to her cabin every day and shows her his empty tiffin box. This practice she followed the whole year making it the most stress-free year of my life….regards to tiffin….She has even fed him with her own hands.

Today, the kids are having classes online and are not able to meet each other and their interaction skills have reduced. When this was brought to the notice of the English teacher, Mrs. Prachi, she happily took it upon herself to help us. Every single day she makes sure to start a conversation and the kids are communicating spontaneously. She is making sure to instill good written and verbal communication skills, and also work on their imagination. In times of lockdown, these acts of taking voluntary responsibility show how the teachers are going way beyond their duties. It is because of her today that my child knows perfectly how to maintain discipline online and communicate using gestures.

Special love to Raji mam……Our Ex Principal…..

Raji Mam is one of those people who will put all efforts to make the life of the child and their parents comfortable at all times, be it during school hours or after school hours. Her care and concern have never been time-bound, not just school-bound. She is above all this. Her personal attention to all the students and their concerns is commendable. Her life revolves around the kids at all times.

My heartfelt thanks to all these teachers and Raji mam for such true love towards the kids.



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