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Uma Iyer

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Because God Knows It

Because God Knows It

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I once came across a sculptor who was making an idol of a God sitting inside a temple. I was sitting beside him observing his dedication towards his work. Even after he was done with the idol he looked unhappy. Out of curiosity, I asked him what happened. He said there is a small crack behind the ears of the idol and he cannot repair it now, he has to do the entire portion again. I told him that the idol will be placed way above near the ceiling, no one will notice it. Only you know it. He replied, I know it and God knows it.

This incident has since then stuck such a chord with me that I kept repeating its lesson in my daily life. I started following this in my life and I have been experiencing miracles. I realized that there are times in our life where we end up keeping silent, either because we feel no one will understand us or because we are mentally too exhausted to justify ourselves or we are just waiting for the right time to explain ourselves. We do this because something tells us that we believe in our decision to be silent at that point in time. We trust ourselves, our instinct, our subconsciousness, our inner voice, our God.

You may be a safe driver, but every time you take out your father for a drive, you may be invariably ending up bumping into another car or over a speed breaker. So your dad will start feeling that you cannot drive well. Laugh over this. Because there is no way you can prove that you drive well. It is all circumstantial. It is ok because you know it and God knows it.

You may never like socializing much, both professionally and personally. You may not believe in compulsive social obligations. It may have earned you the reputation of being arrogant, disinterested, and anti-social. Doesn’t matter. Remember that your reputation is defined by others, your character is defined by you yourself. Be more concerned about your character. Because you know your character and God knows it.

You may have spent the entire day cleaning your home, but if a visitor comes home unexpectedly to find it unclean, just because your child decided to display his creativity and naughtiness a moment before their arrival, you know there is no point in explaining your hard work to them. Just leave it. Because you know it and God knows it.

Your boss may not be acknowledging or appreciating your work, but you know you have put in your best. There will come a time when it will be acknowledged. And if you are unhappy with the job and you want to quit it, just quit it. God will help you find something better and sooner than you expected. Just trust Him to know you did your best. Because He knows it that you know it.

Your phone records may prove whom you spoke to, but unless you record the calls, you cannot prove what you spoke about. No need to prove. God has recorded it. If required, He will play it loud and clear, straight from the horse’s mouth, for all to hear. Because He knows that only you know it.

Somebody may have cheated you and taken something or money from you, and not returned it. God will make sure they return it, in His own way. Because He knows it. And if you have taken something and not returned it, remember, you know it and God knows it.

We may be honest, straightforward, and clear with others, or we may be flipping, cheating, and lying with others. Whatever we are, we are always true to ourselves.

 That’s the beauty of every living being. Because we know that somewhere someone knows it. God knows it. 

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