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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Rahul Banerjee



Rahul Banerjee


Angie The Cursed Bike

Angie The Cursed Bike

12 mins

We have all heard about haunted and cursed objects. Since childhood, I have heard so many stories about objects that have been said to be haunted or cursed, etc. The owners of these objects all have suffered terrible fates because they possess such objects. There is a renowned museum of such objects in the U.S. which was managed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the world-famous Paranormal Experts and Demonologists.

This following story also starts with just such a theme. Set during the later years of Colonial rule in India there was this English officer Col. Peter Parker who was the District Magistrate of a small district in Dehradun, in what is now Uttarakhand, in India. He was known for his strict unforgiving attitude towards Indians and people used to keep a safe distance from his because of his violent temper and hatred towards Indians. The only passion in his life was his beloved Harley and he cherished it more than his life. It was so weird that he had also given it a name which was Angie. His obsession with his beloved Angie was so famous that no one dared to go near it, let alone touch it. Except for Amarinder Singh, who used to clean it and take it for maintenance work occasionally. Sukhbir Singh was the colonel’s orderly, cook, batman, driver, all rolled into one. The Colonel’s family had long immigrated back to England during the late 1930s.

As life went on gradually, Amarinder Singh started to see a gradual change coming over the colonel’s behavior and general countenance. He had started spending more of his time with the bike and, often would seem to be talking to the bike as if it was some real person. This seemed very odd and sometimes creepy to Amarinder. Then one day, something happened which changed the course of events in Amarinder’s life as the colonel decided to go on a fun ride on his bike. While enjoying the beauty of the town he encounters a group of people chanting anti-British slogans and demonstrating on the road. Seeing him the demonstrators turn violent as many of them and their family members had undergone untold counts of misery and torture through his hands So, all their angst and pain come bursting out against the colonel. The colonel somehow manages to escape from there by accelerating his bike but, is met with a terrible accident while making a turn in the bend; which kills him spontaneously. When Amarinder hears this news he is devastated as the colonel had always been benevolent towards him despite his reputation.

When he rushed to the spot where the accident had taken place he saw that the colonel’s badly broken body. According to witnesses the last thing the colonel was doing trying to drag his broken body towards his beloved bike. Though most of the people were happy and rejoiced at his death and said “that this guy has deserved to die so horribly” Still, Amarinder felt a pang of sadness for the colonel and went back grieving. Since then strange things started happening with Sukhbir Singh, which left his whole world upside down.

A few days later one night when Amarinder Singh was preparing to sleep he suddenly hears some noises coming from the shed where the bike was kept. At first, he didn’t pay much heed, but a few minutes later there was a loud bang and it seemed that someone had started the bike and was revving it. Amarinder was naturally alarmed as he thought this might be the work of thieves or miscreants; so he went outside to check. On reaching the shed Amarinder Singh got the biggest scare of his life. As he saw the spirit of the late colonel in his resplendent dress straddling the bike and smiling, Amarinder at first thought that he might be hallucinating; but then, the colonel’s spirit spoke to him and said: “how do I look?” The next thing the entity said was “always see to it that no one ever touches it”. Amarinder was too scared and speechless to answer and just nodded his head vigorously. Since then, whosoever has tried to touch the bike has either been violently pushed or thrown to the ground by some unseen force. Some have also claimed to have seen the apparition of the late colonel in a very angry expression. However, Sukhbir Singh, Amarinder’s son did not believe in all these stories. He always used to wonder why his father did always take so much care and protected the bike as if it was his own. As he grew up his curiosity made him do something which cost him his life. One day when his father was not around and even his wife and s children had gone to their maternal granny’s house; he took a chance and went in the shed. From the moment he stepped into the shed he felt a definite change in the temperature and he felt colder than it was outside. Anyways, he surreptitiously approached the bike and was admiring its beauty. Though he could feel that something was watching him still he chose to ignore it and went ahead to touch it. This was the last and only sin committed by Sukhbir. As he started the bike and was about to sit on it, he felt someone grabbing him from behind and violently throwing him to the ground. When Sukhbir looked back he could see the late colonel in a furious and violent mood. Naturally, Sukhbir was scared and he tried to get up and run from the place but the entity was having none of it. It grabbed Sukhbeer’s legs and started moving him around viciously like a whirlwind, and then it again threw him violently to one corner of the shed. Sukhbir was so dizzy that he struggled to get up and his whole body was aching. Somehow he got up wobbling on his legs but the entity was not yet finished with him. It tied a noose around his neck and hung him from the ceiling of the shed. Harpreet tried to resist with all his might but unfortunately failed and died.

When Amarinder and Sukhbir’s family returned to hear the news they were devastated. Amarinder was also heard s as if talking to someone that “sahib why did you take my son?, it was a mistake and you could have just frightened him off” People were both surprised and confused as to whom was Amarinder talking. Still, they had to live with this grief all these years and he took the responsibility of Sukhbir’s family. He also warned his grandchildren never to go near the shed. But you know people will always be more prone to do that thing which is off-limits to them. Time went on and Sukhbir’s grandchildren grew up in a modern and free India.

All things change with the gradual procession of time; as did happen here also. However, certain things never change. Like the Legend of the colonel’s bike continued to be believed, and some even claimed that they had seen the colonel in the evening and night to be roaming around in his bike, which was typically characterized by the unique sound of the Harley. When a gang of bike thieves came to hear upon it, they wanted to investigate and polite inquiries about the bike and planned to steal this rare bike. So, they started following Amarinder and kept a watch on his house. One day as they got the opportunity, a couple of them went to take a closer look at the bike shed. As one of them peered through the window, he got a fright of his life as he saw the form of the colonel admiring his bike. So he quickly jumped back but the other guy was not at all bothered and he took a look and found no one there. So, they broke the lock of the shed and entered the shed. As soon as they entered, they noticed a drop in the temperature. As both of them looked at the bike both of them were impressed at the shiny bike. Little did they realize that they were being watched by someone. As they approached the bike one of the thieves was violently hurled by some unseen force across the shed. When the other guy looked he could find no one. Naturally, both of them were scared and they made a beeline for the door but the entity did not even let them reach the door and that was the last of them seen together.

Amarinder’s grandchildren were although completely unaware of all of this legend and the series of incidents happening around it. They had recently come from Mumbai to spend their vacations there and were very happy to be home at last. They had also brought a few of their friends along with them to enjoy Dehradun and have a relaxing time. As it happens with the younger generation that they tend to always live in a different zone altogether from their parents and elders. This was the case with both Baljeet and Vikramjeet Singh, sons and grandsons of Amarinder and Sukhbir Singh. Baljeet, the elder of the two was brasher, outrageously bold, and was completely cynical and skeptical of the legend going around the bike. Vikramjeet, on the other hand, was a bit balanced and matured guy and did not tend to jump to conclusions immediately. When Baljeet wanted to see the bike and demanded to ride it, Amarinder warned him vehemently and asked him never to go near the shed or think of the bike ever again in his life. Baljeet was surprised at first by his grandfather’s reaction but quickly feigned assent and nodded.

Meanwhile, the police wanted to ask some questions regarding the disappearance of the two bike thieves from Amarinder Singh; as they were last seen loitering near his shed. The police were baffled to find the badly mutilated bodies of the two thieves few yards away from Amarinder Singh’s house. The autopsy report of the two victims strangely revealed that one victim’s heart was completely crushed from inside. As if someone had put his hand straight into the victim’s body and crushed it completely. The other victim’s neck was twisted viciously at an odd angle which was not possible for any human to do so.

Baljeet Singh, however, was unperturbed from such news, and he and one his friends planned to steal a ride on the bike one. On the appointed day, both of their excitements were at the peak and they waited for an opportune time. Which they got and they made their move towards the shed. As they neared the shed, there was a drop in the temperature and both of them felt as if someone was watching their every move. Though both of them were a bit nervous still they planned to go ahead as decided. Somehow they managed to open the lock of the shed and enter the dimly lit room. Here again, they felt a further decrease in the temperature as they approached the bike. Baljeet had through surreptitious means got hold of the key from his grandfather’s closet, so he was more excited and impressed at the majestic sight of the Harley. At first, everything went according to plan and they were able to start the bike and take it out from the shed after so many years, and that too without any hindrance!

Initially, both Baljeet and his friend were overjoyed and too excited to notice anything. Then as they were nearing a bend, the friend felt that as if someone had flung a noose around his neck and was pulling him backward. Before he could think and react he was pulled from the bike violently. He gave out a loud cry and this Baljeet look back. What he saw behind terrified him to the bone as the colonel was pillion riding with a furious snarl on his face. This was the last time anyone ever saw Baljeet or his friend alive. A few minutes later, the bike was back in its place in the shed and the shed was locked from outside as it was before. The whole episode seemed so surreal! as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Baljeet’s family and especially his brother were getting worried that he had been missing for many hours and there was no news from him or his friend. As they waited for days for any news they were growing apprehensive and a bit scared for his safety. Though they had filed a missing person’s report the police were unable to come up with anything. Then one day, finally, the police came in solemn-faced and informed them of the grim news that Baljeet Singh and his friend’s bodies have been recovered from a ravine nearby. One thing which was again puzzling the police that the nature of their deaths was neither natural nor accidental; moreover, both of them had the same terrified look on their faces as the two thieves had at the time of their death. Now Amarinder Singh understands and realizes that what could have been the cause of such a tragedy. He quickly enters the shed and summons the entity of the colonel, who then materializes in front of him. Amarinder now asks the colonel “sahib, why did you take my grandson? You have already taken my son from me”. The entity just looks at him and says “your grandson and his friend also committed the same mistake which your son did all those years ago, and also those wretched thieves met with the same fate.” All this while when all of this conversation between the entity and Amarinder was going on, Vikramjeet and rest of the family enter the shed surprised by hearing noises coming from the shed. When they see that Amarinder Singh is talking to the air, they are taken aback and think that he has gone crazy. Amarinder suddenly looks back and sees his grieving family looking at him with surprise in their eyes. He then tells them everything about the bike and Colonel Peter Parker and all the inexplicable incidents around the bike. At first, Vikramjeet doesn’t believe a single word and tries to kick the bike by saying “how can a stupid bike be responsible for killing my father, brother, and all those people?” As he approaches the bike, he is flung back violently to the back of the shed by an unseen force. By the time anyone could think or react to the apparition of the colonel materializes before them and warns them not to touch the bike. This time now all the family members are truly scared.

So they decide to call the local priest to help them with the situation. When the priest listens to the whole story, he says that it is beyond his capabilities alone and they should take the help of a church priest also. They contact the father of the church who agrees to help them after listening to their story. So, on a fateful day, both the temple priest and the father perform a ritual to cleanse the bike from its unholy, evil possession. At first, they are met with a lot of resistance from the entity but they ultimately are successful in removing the presence. Then they ask the family to burn the bike, which they do so and after that time no untoward incident ever took place in the area.

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