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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

To Love A Woman

To Love A Woman

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Just when I thought I had enough of brushing with my ill fate, that it can't go anymore awry than what I was going through; I saw, I was wrong.

For the last two days, I was getting rebuked in my college literally for everything. College-a place I never really liked much. But hey,it didn't give me the creeps either. I had newly fallen in love(or was it a lust?) with my long time classmate. Mustering guts just enough to propose her, I was 'over-the-moon' when she replied in the affirmative. Never was I such an enthusiast in the environment of college.

"You should be more involved in your studies," retorted my girlfriend on the very 'first-date' of my relationship. I kept wondering what made her say like that.

First period-Physics. Our half-yearly examination had recently concluded. Sita was sobbing like a new born infant. She got 66, much below her expectations. I got 67, much higher than my expectations. Confused whether to feel proud of my achievements or feel sorry for her, I chose the later. It was a rain washed morning.The golden hues of the sun were caressing her soft hairs. I took the courage to gently pat on her head.

"Don't feel bad Sita," I said, "Everything is not lost. You surely have the next exam to get things right."

The teacher stood at the class entrance. A sudden hush fell across the class. I,obvious to everything,was busy in my job.

"Ravi," yelled my Chemistry ma'am, "Behave yourself!". For a moment or two, I thought it was one of my wise-guyed classmate.Turning back with a motive to tear apart the intruder, I saw and froze. The entire period was very discomforting for me. My thoughts kept oscillating between my girl and my fear of being rusticated from college. It was painful.

Next was Mathematics, my favorite. I had the gab of solving almost any mathematical problem in the book. She came to me. I kept on looking at her,in utter amazement though.

" Can you help me with this geometrical problem?". I was more than happy to help her. I asked her to sit beside me. My bench mate was absent for that day. I was happy for him. Then in the next few minutes, we were deeply engrossed into geometry. My teacher came into the horizon. Being a strict disciplinarian herself, I was politely asked to "GET-OUT" of the room. I hated that.

Two days later, it was Diwali. All my friends asked me to burst crackers outside her house. I found the idea to be quite novel. I was down in spirits since I had not seen her for two days in college. Seeing the opportunity, I thought it would make a "lasting" impression in her mind. Boy! it was lasting all right. We, friends got together and tested once such cracker near our locality. Yeah! it was spinning perfectly on the road. We went near Sita's home. She was at her usual best, looking "stunning".

Mustering enough courage to come towards her in front of her parents and guardians, I said, "Hi Sita!", sensing the inevitable trouble I always associate myself with, she ran indoors and watched me from her mother's back. To gain attention of my "would-be-dad-in-law", I smiled at him. Sita's younger brother was near-by. I hated him. But I did not know the reason for disliking him.

Seeing an opportunity to impress the entire family, I decided to display my own "tested" crackers. Getting a lighted matchstick from one of my friends, I lighted the cracker. It started spinning on the road. I turned around to look at my love.

"See nothing can go wrong while I am around." I said to her in my thoughts. I smiled triumphantly at her. Everything was super smooth. The diyas made her look even more beautiful. Suddenly, I heard a scream from her verandah on the first floor. Her grandfather was sitting there in a laid-back wooden chair in his evening dress(though I saw him in that clothes round the clock). My "tested" cracker hit upon a small piece of rock and up flew right into the lap of the old man...

The next thing I noticed was that everything went chaotic. Sita's mother and aunt ran upstairs to save their father-in-law.( I still now think that they were least bothered about him but to gain his wealth, they left no stone unturned). Sita stood there with a 'see-what-I-told-you' expression. All my friends came and stood by me. Moments later Sita's dad and uncle came running out to the streets. My throat went dry.

"YOU BUNCH OF MONKEYS, SEE WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE DONE..ALMOST CHARRING AN OLD MAN WITH HEART AILMENTS.", shouted Sita's dad right down my neck. I felt sorry for the old man sitting upstairs. My evil brother-in-law started grinning. Boy did I want to thrash him. In the meantime my father-in-law kept shouting. I found solace that all my friends are with me. However, on turning back, I saw only two street dogs far behind me. All my friends had rightfully disappeared.

Two days later, our college had a semester break. I was very sad. Sita was going to Allahabad-a silly relative of hers fell ill.

"Don't be sad, Ravi, it's just a matter of one week before I come back again.", comforted Sita. However I was beyond reason, stricken with grief. Seeing me so uninterested, she held my hand. I felt special. The warmth of her hands still gives me goose-flesh. She looked into my eyes. I couldn't afford to do so. I was too shy. She brought her mouth close to my ears. I could literally feel my heart pounding.

"I love you!", she whispered into my ears. I was numb. Placing a small peck on my cheeks, she ran away. I was enthralled and amazed at the same time.

Probably, this event does not portray the woman as a Superwoman, but I'm sure there is a Sita in every Ravi's life who is dearly loved and who is no less than a SUPERWOMAN in his life. To such Sita and Ravi; I dedicate this story.

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