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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sarthak Pandit

Action Thriller


Sarthak Pandit

Action Thriller

Tiger From RAW

Tiger From RAW

17 mins 185 17 mins 185

A usual morning; guns, punches and kill!

The Indian RAW team had been informed that someone in Central Asia was trading the names of Indian scientist involved in the launch of India's next defence satellite. The security of these scientists is the nation’s responsibility and so, RAW couldn’t let the spilling of the beans. A team packed with four best of spies were sent on a mission to retrieve the list back and inhibit the mishap. The members were extracting the goons, the treacherous, and the news of them in their lair in an Afghan town was brought to light. The four, best of their men, embark upon their route to take down the men and prevent the leak of the list of names. They reach; a close eye is kept to succeed and meanwhile, the list is swapped in a different direction!

The men confused, run backwards and in the chase, the imposters who were faking the deal of the names let loose with their men and weapons behind the four agents! An adrenaline rush; a chase breaks out and soon guns and pistols and kicks and punches begin.

Sometimes winning and many times injuring themselves, the brave men continue their mission. In the middle, one man is shot in the head and another is slipped from a cliff while trying to land perfectly! The other two zoom to their destination and seem likely on a killing spree. Aiming and shooting, many of the amateur attackers are easily pinned down by them. Loss of their two fellow partners left a deep impact on them. They both reach the place where the GPS tracker signalled the swapping took place to find the clue. Alas! A stiff blow on the head by a fire extinguisher and another brave is knocked down. The place is stuffed with armed men!

The sole agent left finds himself trapped! It was a molehunt then. These men knew the presence of agents around. “We knew RAW would take steps to protect the list of scientists involved in the Defense Satellite launch and so their leaking was a big issue! So, we took this step- and guess what four best of their agents are gone- eternal rest, you guys crave it, right?” said a burly man, in a traditional Afghan attire, who emerged from behind those blokes with guns and all. The man appeared to be their boss and the controlling unit. The RAW agent makes attempts to escape and inform that their mission has failed but all in vain. He is outnumbered and received deadly blows by the ruthless enemies. During his last breaths, the burly man sits near the man and whispers in his ears, “What if we say that we didn’t have the list and misguided your company to track down best of their agents in a trap, huh?! Intelligence, you guys suck at it; game gone, mate. Now go back, wrapped in our national flag and be called a martyr, you morons and do tell them how we crafted a trap so flawless to execute their members as an act of revenge for our fellow brothers’ death by your people’s hands.”

Back in the RAW offices, the officials are informed about the defeat of the mission and acquiring of a dead body along the Radcliffe range, wrapped in Pakistan’s National Flag, with the message printed and attached to the martyred body! Unrest, unsettled hearts cry in the offices and none in the country can be informed undercover missions. The rivalry between India and Pakistan dates way back and none made any attempt to resolve it, rather impressed upon building more and more animosity and bitterness ever since. They, today, claimed to have avenged the death of their soldiers and now RAW decides to take vengeance from them for the killing of their four men and the technical team of another five youngsters on a training phase.

Tiger- the strong and the best weapon in their hand, returns from his camouflaged spree of taking down the Chinese Smugglers in Hong Kong. The Ministry entrusts him with the mission to bring some really important and useful information of the ISI which can be used to cause harm and destroy their camps near the Indo-Pak Border. Tiger has been built for the job, thirteen when enrolled and has ever since been an active member of the league. Some of the best-acclaimed jobs have been performed by him and he craves to serve his nation forever. Any mission, he has the ability to conquer it in a blink. Okay exaggerated, but to an extent yes! He is named Tiger for a reason.

He sits for his research purposes for two days straight, filling the room with smokes in a Sherlock style and reporting at the office then. He reveals that in the last four months, a lot of information has been exported and imported from the Trinity College Premises, in Dublin, Ireland. A thorough study of the signals might provide a better overview. His boss, The Chief of RAW, Mr Shenoy, assigns him Gopi, a computing nerd having a love-hate relationship with Tiger, and Tiya, a young lass who works as an imposter trying to extract information and playing tricks, planting chips and all, stealthily; on the task to steal the information being transacted in Dublin to Pakistan. Pakistan has already strengthened their security after their previous encounter with the Indians, this was bound to be tough, twisty and rough at edges.

The trio lands in Dublin and onto work. Tiya applies as an aspiring student of computers in the College and Gopi disguises as a networking manager of the College. Within two weeks, both are admitted. Tiger, on the other hand, waits for Gopi to give a heads up on the suspect so that he may swiftly steal and jam the signals being transmitted and cause a failure in their functioning. However, it isn’t easy for even Gopi, who once hacked the Interpol list of criminals! The transmitting device keeps on jumping throughout the campus! The major problem comes in the way. Tiya, simultaneously, spies on the teachers and students who suggest any malicious intentions. She is enrolled in the Hostel and concurrently keeps an eye on the hostellers.

Three months and no clue. They felt like failing miserably and Tiger was beyond frustrated. They haven’t progressed anywhere and on top of it, he had got nothing to do. Tiya hangs around with her fellow classmates- a close group which has two native Irish boys, one British boy, three French and one half-Indian half-Afghan boy. This Indian boy, Aadil, appears suspicious. Tiya lies for having a common country, inquires him every now and then. The boy, however, appears fair, yet Tiya keeps tracks. Gopi, one day, accidentally tries tracking the signal from the College’s system and network and is shocked to get a clue!

“Professor Ashwin Narayan, Department of English in Trinity College, is found to have been transmitting for so long. I can just say that his network is used in communications; if he’s doing or not...” Gopi informs Tiger and Tiya.

“Why won’t he be doing it- being an Indian?” Tiger argues.

“Not because of that, but... This old man is in no connection with computing and networks! Further, his records are clear- no bad pins, reputed.”

“But if his network’s being used... We gotta have to snoop around and sniff suspicions, if there!” Tiya backs Tiger. Gopi agrees; they hatch a little plot for Professor Narayan- Tiger to disguise himself as Manish Shekhawat, a writer in the making who wishes to work under his guidance.

The next day, Manish arrives at Professor’s doorstep, and a young boy opens the door.

“Oui! How can I help?” the boy asks.

“Professor Ashwin Narayan!”

The boy assures that he indeed is on the right block’s door but Professor will meet him after nine in the night. Manish is a little taken aback, but calmly inquires the boy.

“I don’t have the finances for the hostel- Monsieur Narayan, benevolently granted me a room in the house. Four of us live here- payment via doing his various daily chores!” the boy replies gratefully.

Manish returns and informs Gopi and Tiya. They are shocked. Four of them can hack into and access the network, tweak it and use for their good. Somewhere, even Professor can’t be given a clean chit.

Waiting for nine o'clock, Manish once again knocks the door and strangely yet again a stranger- a mid-thirty lass, beautiful.


“Professor Ashwin Narayan?”

“Right behind you!”

Professor Narayan, in talks with a student, walks towards the house. The student departs and Professor takes notice of a man waiting for him. Manish introduces himself and requests to let him work under his guidance along with facilities of lodging. He kindly agrees, only working as his pet manager and caretaker.

“None lives here without any payments. Zoya, whom you just met, is my cook and medicine manager. A French guy does cleaning and laundry, the Irish girl is my accountant and yet another boy is my computer guy! You’ve got to toil for earning the place- You ready?”

“Yeah- sure!”

Manish agrees to bring his luggage and join the people the next morning. Manish meets Gopi and Tiya and discusses the intricacy of the matter. A network being used is not a perfect clue to blame someone and here, four other people reside in the first suspect’s household. The mentioned networking guy appears most cynical, ticked with apprehension. All the three agents, work devotionally, being in constant touch with Mr Shenoy. Manish joins the house and meets everyone. The much anxious boy is, as told by the French guy, in the college. Zoya is nearly nine years younger and that’s the least age difference as compared to others except for Professor. Zoya works in the dance company and is damn appealing to Manish. He, for the first time, skips heartbeats while being on a mission. He concentrates hard and tries to keep Zoya out. The French guy is a UG from the philosophy department.

Zoya spends most of her time in the house because of no fixed schedule while all the three are students in the college. Manish and Zoya get a lot of time to spend together. He, every now and then, inquires Zoya and in turn, the bubbly nature of Zoya keeps hitting many questions at Manish. Obviously his physique, body language and wit can never match that of a writer, yet intelligently he tackles them. He arranges interactive sessions with Professor Narayan at night after dinner.

Three days thereafter, Gopi informs him that strangely the transmission of the signals have abruptly stopped!

Tiya tightens her hold on the students and faculties. She has been eavesdropping at all of Professor Narayan’s conversations. Gopi had been trying new tricks to catch the signals, no use; the signals have stopped. Manish now checks every action of the people in the house. Gopi finds the signals being sent only one way- from Dublin to all across the globe! Manish finds it extremely strange- for such a long time, a routine was being followed- a diversion means suspicion from the enemy party. Manish has not been able to plant the chip which Gopi had given him. The network guy and Professor keep the laptop, connectors, routers and chips all very private. Just the two of them. Tiya asks for the picture of all residents there. Manish shows them the French Guy, Zoya, Irish girl and then the networking boy and to Tiya’s shock- It’s Aadil- half-Indian!

Manish, can’t keep calm now, Tiya had already pinned Aadil and had been looking for a wrong step; they didn’t see it coming this way. Tiger admonishes her for being inconsiderate for not racing herself to beckoning. Gopi tries to calm him down and assure that they still have cards in their hands. Tiger rushes to the house but finds only Zoya managing the food, as usual. He questions about Aadil and is shocked to know that he has left for India to bid adieu to his late mother!

“When did he leave, Zoya?” Tiger asks.

“Today, early morning- I packed him the tiffin and......” Zoya responds when a phone call interrupts.

“Zoya, Why is Aadil not picking up the phone? My laptop is missing and I need urgently!” Professor Narayan calls Zoya, whilst preparing for the next lecture.

Zoya tells him the case and tries to figure out his problem. She asks Manish to help her. Tiger has to transform into Manish again for he is Manish, at the moment. They sieve every nook and corner to find the laptop. They visit the nearby house in the colony in the quest. Manish helps Zoya, but his mind races, searching and solving different possibilities. Aadil might be the man- he’s up for India with the information transmitting laptop and the network controls- what meal is being cooked?

Like the sleuth he is, he stealthily sweeps past Zoya, while all the time she had been driving him like a pure dog. He rushes to inform Gopi, no answer. He calls up Tiya; luckily she picks it up and talks. Tiger explains the situation and asks her to try and contact Gopi to relay an immediate alert to Mr Shenoy about this Aadil boy. Tiya replies back that he gave me a call to attend him immediately. Gopi isn’t responding no. Many more failed attempts. Tiger runs to Gopi’s place. Tiya meets him mid-way and they break open the door, only to find Gopi’s person inflicted with seventeen bullets, all on the chest!

Tiya is deeply moved and is fairly consoled by Tiger. Tiger now swivels his brain cells. Afghan attack on four men- he senses a similar trap! RAW had been trapped once more- he thinks. Zoya calling- Manish picks up the phone.

“Manish, where are you? The laptop has been found, solely by me, now better hurry up! We’ve got to attend the play written by Professor. We can’t be late!”

“Zoya, I can’t...” Tiger begins sternly, “... be late. I’m just coming!”, Manish ended the call.

Tiya is shocked to hear it. Tiger explains that if Zoya got the laptop that means, Aadil’s angle was a diversion so that we go in the wrong direction and lose! They know we’re on this; they aren’t stopping, neither are we. He plans to resume to him being Manish and looking out for who is involved in the transmitting of the data. Manish rushes to the theatre to watch the play. He meets Professor Narayan and sits by him to watch the play. The entertainment runs before his eyes, but they have a blank stare in them. Tiger is busy solving the tangled threads of the case. Gopi killed! A great set back. He has to continue.

“Where’s Zoya?”


Tiger remembers that he had to pick Zoya up and then drop at the theatre but she hasn’t arrived and strangely no phone calls! He thanks Professor Narayan for reminding of Zoya! He leaves the hall abruptly in the middle and travels to the decided pick-up spot. None there! Of course, her beauty and charms and dance moves made Tiger fall in a trap- Aadil left only she knew, she resides there most of the time, she arranges his eatables and medicines and hence drugs him to use his gadgets and sources... anything, but she is definitely involved. He calls Tiya but no response. Tensed, he gives two more shots; all in vain. Desperate and anxiously frightened, he runs for Professor’s house- A mess!

The house is disfigured; tumbled upside down- a loud bang on the head with a fire extinguisher from behind!

Dizzy, yet Tiger turns about- the burly man from Afghanistan and then two iron rods smash on his scapula. Two men were present in the house who created a raucous. A close call and the three men begin smashing articles on Tiger. However, after three minor blows, Tiger is back in his reputed form and commences to turn the tables down. The two sucker goons are down really quick. The burly man is a strong opponent. They smash more in the house, kicks and even lasso attacks. Tiger tackles them all. Although the burly man is a total brute; he snaps the table leg and uses it to puncture Tiger’s left thigh. All his might is pulled down. Limping is unyielding. Tries his heart out, but sees death near; no escape possible at this juncture. The husky fellow kneels to his head level and whispers, “Surprise! Surprise!”

Professor Ashwin Narayan! He walks confidently towards Tiger and takes his seat in an unimagined way on the pile of destruction at his house.

“How the hell on earth could you track me down to Dublin? My network master is flawless! Maybe you’re up a notch, huh? Haha, Tiger, right? You know what, we didn’t see you coming, indeed a tiger! But every hunter knows where to set up the snare. We knew our signals were being traced, that someone was accessing them; we started to trace it and- BOOM, Gopi, dead! Aadil was the next suspect- trust me I didn’t think it was you- but we then laid our hands on Tiya, called her at Gopi’s to finish the two at the same time, alas! You walked in too and then things got messy! So now meanwhile, Tiya is being handled by one of our members- you’ll be pleased to know the name- It’s ZOYA!”

Tiger welds up a few tears, he kind of saw it coming but not along with this man.

“She handles my network- she’s the contact agent. Aadil was simply a gimmick to develop trust- you silly was roaming about with her all the time- love-struck!”

Tiger feels bad for himself, his choice, the person and that the mission was about to dissolve. Zoya must be after Tiya. With Gopi gone, he felt the same happening like before; a huge blot on the reputation of RAW and he fears it a lot. Professor untucks a little gun from his shoe sole saying, “Guns aren’t allowed in the premises, right? Poor Agent!”

He aims and BANG! Two simultaneous shots! Two more like previously. Zoya and Tiya shot the burly man and Professor respectively. Dead!

Tiger is astounded to witness this. Zoya killing their men with the help of Tiya!

The ladies, immediately urge Tiger to rush behind them for more men might drop by. Tiger follows them out. Tiya in a winning excitement tells Tiger that Zoya is a RAW member, assigned to take down these men. She even elaborates on how she fakes to attack me and then saved me from those men. Tiya rushes to the computer department of the College to contact Mr Shenoy. Tiger, nonetheless, asks Tiya to go alone to avoid any doubts from anyone.

“Why are you lying?” Tiger gravely asks Zoya once Tiya leaves.

“What lies?”

“You’re no RAW member! I had made the team my way- not possible for any member to intervene.”

“Yeah, sure, I know you made the team! To take vengeance of attacks on your men in Afghanistan and after this, we’ll take revenge from your agents in another spree and then you’ll again- this cycle has got to stop!”

“ISI huh?”

“Yes! But what of that? I saved two of your members!”

“You killed Gopi!”

“And what of the bodies upstairs and while saving Tiya! I killed people on both sides to stop this catfight! I know it was your brother who was sent to the Indian border with the message who died in Afghanistan- but even my brother died in that mission! And you know why he volunteered for this operation? Because you guys killed few of ISI men, before Afghanistan attack, and my father died in it! My mother committed suicide on the third day of my brother’s demise. This RAW and ISI has become vengeance and killing cycle and I want it to halt for some time!”

“My brother died in it! How do you know it, first of all?”

“Please, I am after all an agent myself! Understand the broader meaning, Tiger! We both have lost families in this bloodshed and many more will...”

“You’re even thinking of stopping the age-old rivalry... It will never!”

“It soon will! ISI now will think of me as a traitor and RAW won’t avenge ISI for blacklisting and exposing Tiya in the Interpol and killing Gopi, because none ISI agent did it. ISI will want me dead or alive and so will RAW want YOU!”

“What do you mean- Why will RAW want me?”

“Honey, what do you think is TAKING TIYA SO LONG?”


“She is informing the RAW about your suspicion to have committed treason and that YOU killed Gopi! And everything bad that happened here!”

“What rubbish?”

“Run with me as a traitor, who tries to end wars, or watch yourself become a villain, in the eyes of your beloved nation! The RAW agent running with ISI agent will unite them both to catch us- but they will never be able to. Further, it’s a cool sassy idea!”

“You won’t be saved either! You are asking me to disrespect my job, so pure!”

“Protection is good but we are today just avenging against one other, that’s it! Anything beyond it is your call!”

Tiya has informed Mr Shenoy, a private jet will collect them three from Dublin Airport. The officials bang the doors of the stipulated hotel and are crazed to find Tiya drugged to sleep and a long letter by TIGER to the RAW.

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