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Sarthak Pandit



Sarthak Pandit


Dhamaal - The Dhamaa Chaukdi

Dhamaal - The Dhamaa Chaukdi

4 mins

Adi Manav Roy and Boman are enjoying the weekend in full intoxication. Dances and booze, the four best friends, smoke the night in fun and frolic and getting up in the morning only to realize that the girls had squandered or left them bankrupt. Desperate to pay the rent, they bang heads together to figure out a way to pay their monthly rent. The landlady is a hot-headed woman when it comes to rent; also the blokes are known for paying late or little every time.

They arrive at the home prepared with some non-sense excuses for non-payment today, alas! A masked man holding a knife, blood-stained and the landlady lay down, bleeding from stomach region! The men think the intruder has killed their landlady and was pointing and frightening them from that bloody knife.

A mad-cap threat and fear, the men rush away while the killer runs behind them. Two blocks far or so, the four men take a sigh of relief; no one behind them. A quick look, a critical one, and they are assured that the killer isn’t accompanying them. The night is spent discussing the bizarre situation and the reason for such a crime. Roy suggests they must go there at the night and analyze the scene and report the crime in the morning. Adi adds to steal a few articles and cash as she was a widow with no kids and is now dead- why to waste money? The other folks find it utterly fair and need of the hour.

Manav comments, “Adi, you’re so smart! Mumma will be so proud of you!”

Manav is Adi’s stepbrother and a little retarded. They reach the place, gain entry from a secret back window to avoid any viewing by anyone and break into the house to steal firstly, then hide the loot and return to call the Police. Alas! To their horror, beside the dead body, in a shady corner, sits a man with a pistol, an intimidating look on his face. Neglecting him, the boys stealthily and comically tiptoe towards the body and were about to give it a closer look before robbing her off, when the man unknown yells at them for meddling in a death case. The four men are shocked to find him and raise their hands up in fear, on hearing this. The man then introduces him as Inspector Kabir Naik, who got information about the murder from a neighbour who suspected five men rushing out from the house in the afternoon.

The four good-for-nothing boys are flabbergasted! Inspector Kabir wants a quick nutshell explanation on why have they infiltrated the house and hence, calls a person to step forward and initiate. He busies himself in pumping his weapon and cunningly Adi, Boman and Roy step back and Manav automatically steps forward unwillingly!


Manav is shocked to find it out and nervously looking at the pistol begins to spill the beans. Meanwhile, Adi cuts in between and informs that Manav is a little stunted and hence mumbles likewise, untrustworthy! Roy tells that they stealthily infiltrated for lack of money, poor lads, and the lady was sharp and determined to extract the rent on the stipulated date. Kabir, then, inquires of closely inspecting the body in spite of getting shocked. Boman shrewdly turns the talk saying the lady had a very jolly nature and so, they thought it to be her new prank!

So the four men cook up a tasteless tale of lies and soon, a phone call arrives. The Insurance company tells them that the landlady had a four crore cash withdrawn and asked to inform the person who reported her death!

"But where the hell is that money?"

Kabir shrieks on the telephone to know the whereabouts of the cash!

The man denies any knowledge of it other than that she had the map in her wardrobe's second shelf- under a black saree. The men rush to the wardrobe and find a slip- Under a large W near the Green Lush Park in Goa!

With the address in hand...... The four lads couldn't resist! They zoomed out while Kabir was just figuring on how to meet both the ends.

"I killed my aunt to extract the crores! Won't let you bastards lay your hand on it!"

Kabir dashes towards the door to extract the money... A journey of ambitions mounted on a dead person... A quirky pursuit of money; hence commences!

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