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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sarthak Pandit



Sarthak Pandit


The Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale

7 mins 195 7 mins 195

Two years ago, Simi married Pramod Sinha. Despite all the age difference, second marriage and late wedding rage by a few people, the sixty-year-old veteran actor married the forty-year-old retired model.

It was their marriage anniversary, the other day. Pramod Sinha invited Akash, the blind pianist from Franco’s, for a private concert for his wife. He, on the other hand, keeps Simi in oblivion and told her about his leaving for Bangalore for an official meeting, to return the next morning. Nothing about Akash’s dropping by, Simi had nothing planned.

Akash dropped at their apartment. Simi, in a hurriedly tied robe, inquires him. He answers everything truthfully. She peers into his eyes, questions and gets confirmation of Akash’s blindness. She invites him within. Simi is alone, as told to Akash by her. He enters and is guided to the Piano in the living room. Akash is an excellent pianist, he plays retro pieces, recommended by Pramod Sinha as per Simi’s taste. But Akash has his own little secrets; Akash acts blind!

Simi is present with another man, semi-nude. They fool around the place when Akash plays his pieces devotionally. He can see Simi cheating on her husband on their marriage anniversary. The doorbell rings! Simi turns pale and so does the man. Simi moves towards the door and is shocked to find Pramod Sinha with a bouquet and red wine bottle. Akash joyfully mistakes to announce Pramod Sinha’s arrival. Coyly, he tells that he told him beforehand but this had to be a surprise. Simi angrily grinds her teeth and gaze him in utter disgust. Anyhow, she signals the man to hide himself in the toilet. He does. She opens the door and surprised, she acts. They congratulate themselves and hug. Warmth.

Pramod and Simi progress and retire to the sofa calmly. Akash plays his songs and the conveners enjoy the evening. After a few more songs, Akash requests Pramod to escort him to the bathroom. Simi sweats, she asks Pramod to relax for she will help the poor man out. Pramod agrees and Akash is accompanied to the bathroom. To his horror, he nowhere finds the other man present in hiding. He checks and searches for a piece of paper in his pockets. An old bus ticket; he picks it out and takes a pen- “Please search your house right now for the man with whom your wife is cheating against you!” This Akash tucks behind the flush tank. Relaxed, he emerges out of the bathroom and Simi immediately asked what took him that long. Akash puts it on his blindness to carry out the task in an alien house. 

Akash requests for a towel and a wrench to tighten a key of the Piano which he finds loose after so much playing. Akash, then walks towards the sofa, looking for the other man while Simi is inside, fiddling hard to find a wrench. He hurriedly reaches the Sofa and whispers in Pramod Sinha’s ears to use the restroom and check the flush tank for not functioning. He is amazed to find it nonworking. Perplexed he gets up and reaches the restroom. He checks the equipment and pipes and presses the knob. There he finds the written parchment. He reads it is shocked to find it out. He instantly couldn’t even reconcile and consider it true. Agitated and confused, Pramod gets out of the bathroom and BANG!

Akash bangs a heavy rusted wrench on Pramod’s temple. Blood and unconsciousness, Pramod Sinha slips past the door and lay mercilessly. Akash is petrified. Simi lets go off Akash’s arms.

While Pramod Sinha was instructed by Akash, The other man had already read the chit and rushed to inform Simi. The bathroom had a little slider door which opens in the bedroom. Simi is immediately informed and she calls out Akash to take the wrench. She caught him midway and holding only one of them, asked him to choose which one will be better. Blind though, Akash walks towards her and tries to feel the one. Simultaneously, Pramod opened the door and Simi grabbed Akash’s arm and slammed thet wrench, in an attempt to kill him. She knew, his left temple had been twice operated for a tumor and that that spot was an Achilles’ heel to Pramod. Instant Death was gifted to him. Akash is stunned to witness this and shrieks, stating Simi a vicious woman.

Alarmed, Simi finds herself trapped! She yells out for her lover and asks him to seal the doors. The man agrees and obliges. Akash is forced caught in a snare, on the spur of the moment, spun by destiny. He accepts his perfect eyesight and his life’s greatest mistake of informing Pramod Sinha about all this. Simi laughs hysterically and is pissed off by the game of roulette being played by Fate. They talk. Simi admits her love affair with the other man present, SHO Manohar Jawanda. The man at this frowns, though. She accepts her love with Pramod but also declares a lack of pleasure. Money for her was good but the body demands love too. Manohar had a similar case and hence they were enjoying their secrecy until Akash dropped and spoilt the game.

She had allowed Akash to enter only because he was blind. But, no! the man was carrying his own little purse full of bluffs. With hopes and a heavy heart, Akash request to leave and promises to never reveal anything to anybody. This chapter, according to him, will never exist. Simi, in a divine tranquility agrees and asks him to leave; But! Without his clothes! He protests against this wish. Simi persuades him to understand that a blind can never tell what happened here and being a practical man who can guide husbands to truth, he should understand that if a lady can kill her husband, she definitely can harm other people mercilessly. No option left!

Akash gives in to her demands. Nude, he was walking shyly to the door when a bullet was fired in the house! The silent gun made no noise and it was late when Akash realized that Simi had aimed for his leg and had neatly performed!

Manohar quickly ties a handkerchief around his mouth. Akash is left gagging and slowly the anesthesia poured on the cloth shows its presence. Akash faints and Simi and Manohar take a sigh of relief. They had it planned all along. Simi quickly searches for something on Google and is impressed by one method. She hurriedly applies it!

Meanwhile, they manhandle the body; drop a few fake clues and rub off some fingerprints here and there. The chit is flushed. After an hour or so, Manohar notifies Simi to go. However, she wants him to stay for their love making wasn’t completed. Manohar finds it inappropriate and disgusting to think so in such a condition. She warns and forces him return and follow her words. He boldly refuses and instead warns her to agree to his commands or else he, the sole witness and a policeman, will take against her. Nothing was preplanned and killing Pramod wasn’t needed. She pressed this and even desired harm to Akash. Nowhere was Manohar involved except being in an extramarital affair! He confidently turns to leave; a sudden thought. He walks towards Simi, teary eyed, and gives her a warm hug and consoles- BANG!

She shot Manohar on his medulla oblongata; immediately breathing stopped and he dies in her arms. She is disturbed by all this very much. Three people around there scare her and she finds herself pivoted at all of it. Self-loathing, now, engulfs her deeply. She cries bitterly and even hugs Pramod. A bizarre state and she even realizes it. An hour of crying, moaning and slapping herself; a certain energy sparks in her. She dials up the Police from Manohar’s phone. Several missed calls, deliberately, after which she runs to the balcony and with no second thought jumps form the fifteenth floor!

The end!

The police, however, came after the residents called them seeing Simi in their compound. They reach the apartment to find three men- two dead and one alive. They wake the person up and are shocked to find the only survivor blind- Simi had blinded Akash in reality!

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