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Aradhana Sharma

Drama Tragedy


Aradhana Sharma

Drama Tragedy

Their Dreams

Their Dreams

3 mins

It was getting hectic for Sanjay, but he wanted to leave no stone unturned. He had never forgotten how much he aspired to be an athlete. But due to the unavailability of resources, his dreams shattered quite early. People did not get to know even that Sanjay had a remarkable talent, as he had never got a chance to show it off.

He didn’t expect his child to achieve his dreams. He wanted her to live her dreams, her own dreams, not his! But he realized, his daughter’s dreams are also the same. She also wanted to become an athlete. Since Sanjay could not fulfill his dreams, he didn’t want to take any chance with her dreams. At any cost, he wanted his child to fulfill her dreams.


He just loved the moments when he and Mahima run together. It was lovely to bond with his daughter over something that he was also passionate about.

Mahima was a good athlete. Her speed was appreciated by her coach. She had won many medals, trophies. She was a district-level winner last year. This year, she would try for state level under the age of 12 years.

Though no one knows what the future holds but she had big goals. She had seen dreams to win in the Olympics one day. Sanjay wanted to facilitate her for that. It needed vigorous training, for which Sanjay was making all arrangements. She would get her training from the best coach in the city.

After the long hours at work, Sanjay was trying hard to be completely available for Mahima to get her what she dearly wanted. Long back, he killed his dreams and came to life. But now, he didn’t want to kill his daughter’s dreams, he was living his dreams also in hers. The dream and passion stored in her heart were actually inherited. Sanjay knew that he had got a second chance in life to make his dreams come true. He had sacrificed all his comforts to fulfill her dreams, his dreams.

Those days, everyone was talking about challan rates. Challan rates increased leaps and bounds. Many were against it, some were in favour.

“People will do, what they are doing. Only the traffic police will get more money now. It’s all corruption. Nothing will change.”

“No no, you can’t say that. If people have to pay such a heavy penalty, then they will follow rules. It will definitely improve the condition.”

Different people, different points of view.

But he knew, following the rules is important, and he always adhered to the rules.

Mahima was practicing enthusiastically. She was determined to win at the state level. Looking at her practice, everyone was sure too, that Mahima would be the one to win the trophy.

Sanjay was riding the bike and as usual, Mahima was sitting behind. It was 4:30 A.M.; this was the time when they would go for her training. But from nowhere, suddenly a high speeding auto-rickshaw coming from the wrong side banged into them. And then the auto driver fled the spot.

The bike fell down, so did they. Both the father and daughter were badly hurt, lying on the road unconscious. When the father regained consciousness, he found himself in a hospital; the doctor told him “You are lucky; you didn’t get any severe injury.”

“What about my daughter? How is she?” Sanjay was worried.

“She has got multiple fractures in her left leg. I am afraid; we will have to operate her. A rod needs to be inserted into the center of the bone of her leg.” The doctor told him.

“No Doctor! Please don’t say this. I don’t have the heart to hear this.” Sanjay sobbed.

Mahima had got seven fractures on her leg. It was not about a month or two, no one was sure if she could ever stand straight in her life again.

It didn’t break only her bones; it broke her heart, her hopes. It broke her dreams, their dreams.

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