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Aradhana Sharma



Aradhana Sharma


Kitty Party

Kitty Party

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Mohini checks her watch again. It’s still 11:00 am. What to do now? After doing all the mundane household chores; she sits comfortably on the recliner, thinking about what to do next. Her time is passing slowly today. Since her eyes are paining, she plans not to watch the screen. Then life suddenly becomes blank, nothing to do. She has ample of time. And the phone rings.

“Hey Mohini, what are you up to? OK, listen, I joined the kitty group of our society, today is the first kitty party. Why don’t you join us? It will be a lot of fun.” Adaa was on the other end of the phone.

It seems to Mohini as if she has got this offer handed to her on a silver platter.

She at once accepts this proposal and starts preparing to attend the kitty party.

She takes out the yellow saree from her wardrobe, as Adaa told her that they will be celebrating a yellow day theme today. She realizes that she doesn’t have matching purse and footwear to work well with that saree. She immediately opens up amazon, and orders for that stuff. Though she knows, she won’t be getting today any of that stuff, but still, she should have all the matching stuff with her. It's easy to grab and go in style when all the stuff is with us. But today, she will somehow manage. It takes so much of her time to figure out and arrange what to wear. But she enjoys this too.

She keeps it all so simple and still looks stunning.

She reaches the party on time. She feels happy to see so many lively faces and all in yellow that brings brightness to the room.

Mohini’s yellow saree impresses one and all. After the initial introduction, the party starts. Most of them know each other, but Mohini gets to know many of them today only.

‘So, girls come and enjoy Tambola with Saas-Bahu theme.’ Then the tambola starts. Tambola…the number game, the game of probability. It is all fun. Mohini is really excited. 

Akriti is showing her dress “It’s of Rs 25000. Last month, when my mother in law visited us, she brought this for me. She says that I am the best bahu in the world. She needs me for everything; she can’t do any work on her own. If I am not there, she would be helpless. That’s why she keeps giving me gifts. Otherwise, which mother-in-law gives gifts to bahu.”

They all burst into a loud guffaw. This is the favorite topic of all ladies present here “Saas-Bahu”.

“But you are lucky, at least your mother in law gives you presents. My mother in law takes all from us. And on top of that, she passes comments that whole life, they did everything for my husband, now it’s my husband’s turn to do everything for them. And you know, my husband… he is a Mumma’s boy.” Kudrat added.

Neha shows her new solitaire diamond ring. “Sandeep returned from US last week, he brought this for me. He always brings some jewellery for me, whenever he goes abroad. Now the situation is that he knows more, about the latest jewelry designs than me.”

Mohini giggles while enjoying paneer pakoda.

The food is prepared keeping in mind the colour of the day, paneer pakoda, daal tadka, biryani, besan laddoo, kesar kheer, orange juice etc. couldn’t be tastier.

Siya is continuously playing with her hair to seek attention, which she gets soon. On asking, she reveals, “Yesterday, I received my first-ever keratin treatment, and my life is changed now. It’s amazing. I just love my hair now. Though it’s costly, but for hair, I can do anything.”

She influences many. No doubt, her hair is really looking awesome.

Nandini states “You know, last week, I made a booking with urban clap. She brought all her stuff, and was so good in her work, I just loved this app yaar. Now, I don’t need to go to parlor. While sitting at home, at my own time, I can get this facility. You should also try urban clap.”

“And you know, there is one more app of such type. Though I never tried it but heard good reviews about it. It’s “Yes Madam”. Worth a try,” Seema adds.

Mohini is getting a lot of information here. She is proud of her decision to join the kitty.

“Tripti, you bought a new flat? You didn’t tell us, I got to know from someone else. Where is the celebration dear? When are you showing us your house? You were planning to hide it from us?” Garima pointed out at Tripti.

“Anytime dear. I was so busy relocating, you know, how tiring it is. Thought, after the initial setup, I will invite you all, and then we will have a grand celebration. Don’t worry yaar,” Tripti says in a soft voice.

Here come the one-minute games. It’s been years that Mohini played games. It’s like her inner child is enjoying too much. Otherwise, she has confined herself to her home, her family.

Now, she strives to be more herself than she has even been. She wants to enjoy her life to the fullest. She wants to play childish games, take part in silly conversations, enjoy food cooked by others, and show off her stuff. She feels so lively today, that she simply can’t wait for another kitty party.

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