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The Wrong Guy

The Wrong Guy

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She entered the building gate 

And spotted him standing there, 

She met his gaze 

He looked at her the way every women wanted to be looked at by her man 

He followed her to the staircase, 

The footsteps that were following her haunted her in the most beautiful way. 

She needed him, but was unable to accept 

He caught her hand and pulled her towards him, 

"I would always be there for you, I promise I'll stay forever ...and these are not just words, these are my feelings." 

"You say these words everyday," she said with fear building up inside her. 

This has been a routine: he would come up everyday to her and say this, 

And his eyes spoke much more than those lips 

She could see it in them, the love, the pain and the value she held in his life. 

"This is not love," she said. 

"No, it is not... This is the distance that brings me closer to you, It is that bond that keeps us together even when we are torn apart... I'll hang in here even if it takes forever... And yes this is a lot more than love,” he said. 

These words made her confess her love to him... 

'Coz for her these words meant A LOT! 

She laid her heart open to him 

She let him inside that part which she gave to no one else. 

She literally gave him a knife with a map of where to cut deepest and most painful on her heart and soul... 

And he did the best 

Her phone beeped and the train of memories came to a halt.

He was still standing there, 

But his gaze was not on her, 

It was on some other girl now, he called 'her' his present, whereas she was just a past. 

He was the man of her dreams, the king of her heart. 

But then he disappeared, leaving behind the unspilt beans. 

In the end, she had to cut those strings, because she had realized... 

‘That he was a wrong man who did right things.'

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