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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Window

The Window

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Rain drops started pattering all over me, while I was searching for my bus in the bus station. After ten minutes, a bus arrived in the tenth platform. I rushed to the bus and settle down in a window seat on the right side. The roof of the bus was not in a good condition and the rain drizzled in. I was soaked in a couple of minutes.


My watch ticked 2pm. While adjusting the window, I saw a man running towards the window in the ticket collectors waiting room. He was wearing a torn pair of pants and a torn dirty shirt. I felt that he was rushing thereto take cover from the rain. Through that window I could see some of the bus drivers and ticket collectors were having their lunch and some of them were relaxing themselves. Those People were throwing their food wastes through the window. I witnessed the man, who rushed to the window, starts eating the leftover food thrown out by the people. The man had run there due to his starvation He might have been a regular visitor to the window and it would be right time to get food there. If he failed to reach there in time, he might get some competitors. I could see some stray dogs on the other side.


I got up from my seat to buy some good food to him. I reached near the window, but I was not able to see the man there. I started searching for him. I could see some people staring at me roaming around in the heavy rain. They might have thought me to be mad. But I was determined to find the man. It takes me fifteen minutes to find the man. He was sitting in a rounded hotel table eating with a smiling face. A school boy was sitting near to him. Suddenly I recognized the boy. He was sitting near to me in bus and must have seen the same sight I saw. He might have used his small pocket money to buy him

some lunch.


I stood near there moved by the sight of the happiness on the man's face. With the same happiness I start moving back to find out the bus. With a delightful heart I moved back to the bus. By this time I was totally drenched. The people mistook me to be mad, as I moved in the crowd with a smile. The bus which I boarded earlier left the platform and somehow I was able to find out another​ bus. I was not able to get a seat in this bus, but the roof of the bus was far better than the first one.


Thus the day left me with an inspirational memory along with an everlasting happiness that reminds that humanity exists somewhere in

this world...

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