The Undeserved Holiday

The Undeserved Holiday

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I was sitting amidst the commotion of the work day. The hue and cry of the marketplace was becoming louder by the hour. Then, suddenly you interrupted the humdrum of my routine chores. I exclaimed in surprise -- "But it's only the middle of the day! My tasks are half done".

You led me along the long aisles, through the clamour of politics, and the haggle of business. Some glanced at me in askance, while others ignored. I could not guess the reason of my undeserved holiday. While everyone needs to be so busy, why such blissful leisure for me? At the end of the long path you stopped, and I looked out in wonder. Oh! your garden was in such beautiful blossom. My life thus far had been stuck in the fruitless pondering over right and wrong. But, when I saw the bees of your garden swarming around the colourful spring flowers, I abandoned all my worldly assignments. "My work is still half finished, and the day is just half gone. Yet, you are setting me free?" I asked in grateful ecstasy. Gradually, the uproar in the background, and the noise of the raucous transactions faded away. Only, the melody of your serenade filled my heart now, I cared for nothing else.

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