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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Lokanath Rath

Action Crime Thriller


Lokanath Rath

Action Crime Thriller

The Trap………………

The Trap………………

21 mins 167 21 mins 167

Sambit was lying in his bed and trying to recall the mishap. Sambit Biswal, a successful businessman had just come from the hospital after surgery. He was there for long one month. He was repenting for not listening to his well-wishers, who had cautioned him always to keep a distance from Ranjan Das. Ranjan Das was just his batch mate of the school and was never that close to him. Ranjan had a reputation of using people and getting his interest fulfilled. Ranjan has a very sweet tongue. He can easily trap anybody with his intelligence and sweet talks. Now Sambit could realize at the age of 60 he was cheated very badly.

He remembered just two years back when Ranjan had met him after long 40 years. Sambit is having his business in real estate, wholesaling of stationaries and a good hotel &restaurant in the heart of the city. He met Ranjan accidentally in his hotel and had just a brief discussion. But Ranjan could came to understand within that short time the business operations of Sambit. Then Ranjan planned to utilize Sambit. Then after that meeting Ranjan started visiting Sambit and created an impression that it’s just a curtsy visit. During these visits Ranjan was successful in convincing Sambit that he had very high and resourceful contacts. Sambit as a businessman always wanted to grow and diversify his business. Sambit was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and some lever related problems. He was advised by doctors to have control over foods and avoid liquor. But always Sambit had a weakness for liquor. This was well judged by Ranjan.

After five six visits Ranjan tried his first step. He took Sambit along with him away from the city with another few friend in the name of a small get together. There they had a small party. As Sambit was having weakness for liquor, he wanted to have some with friends. But to win Sambit’s heart Ranjan made an acting of preventing him from that.But with persuasions of other friends, which was Ranjan’s plan, Sambit took liquor. At the same time Sambit believed that Ranjan is thing for his betterment. He was thinking, why his well-wishers gave wrong opinions on Ranjan? He tried to forget their advice. But Ranjan was very happy that he could be able to have Sambit trapped by him. They returned from that place.

After some days during their meeting Ranjan just casually asked Sambit,’’why are you not going for construction work with government institutions? I have good contacts. If you are interested, then I will arrange some meetings.’’ Sambit took some time and told Ranjan that if it can be done, then he will love to go for that. On that day with pleasure both of them consumed some liquor. While Sambit returned home and discussed this with his wife Mitali, she told not to have association with Ranjan. Even Mitali started telling him one of Rnjan’s story, which is associated with her friend’s brother Bikash.

Mitali started narrating the incident happened with Bikash. Bikash was a middle level contractor and known to Ranjan during college days. He was happy with his work and earnings. During their old students get together of college batch mates Bikash met Ranjan. They discuss regarding their life. There Ranjan proposed Bikash to go for a better contract and he will help Bikash. Initially Bikash was hesitating, but then thought of taking a chance. After three days of that day both Ranjan and Bikash met one Executive Engineer and discuss about a tender. This was a big project. Ranjan told Bikash that he will finance him and Bikash has to use his license for this work. Even to win the trust of Bikash all initial expenses for the tender was made by Ranjan. They got the contract. It was bit away form the city. The construction work was started and both of them were visiting the site. As Ranjan was financing, Bikash made an agreement to share 50% of profit with Ranjan. Then they become partners. Bikash with a trust given responsibilities of procuring raw materials to Ranjan. Ranjan initially proved worth of taking the responsibility.

Gradually Ranjan too involved himself in visiting site and looking after the work. Bikash was bit relaxed. Then this had given the opportunity to play his game. Ranjan tactfully through the purchases recovered his investment. The purchases were done in the name of Bikash and Bikash used to give cheques against this. Ranjan even arranged some parties for officials and Bikash was having pleasure to organize those. Bikash was thinking of his growth and very much excited. In the mean time Ranjan took the advantages of this and started using low grade materials with the price of good quality materials. He earned unofficially without the knowledge of Bikash. Suddenly there was a enquiry of the Chief Engineer in the site. It was found that so many discrepancies were made in work and the Chief Engineer gave the order to stop the work. There was an enquiry committee formed to do the enquiry. The committee found Bikash guilty and his contract was cancelled, he was declared black listed and imprisoned. Bikash made a huge loss. His license was cancelled, he lost money, he lost reputation.

Lastly, he committed suicide. But Ranjan was no where in picture. The news papers wrote everything against Bikash only. This Ranjan remained a clean person. Only the family of Bikash knew what Ranjan had done as other staffs of Bikash told them. So be very careful and keep away from this Ranjan.

Sandip listened to Mitali and told her,’’ I know about that incident. I know Bikash. He was not a fare businessman. All these news reporters wrote rightly about him. If it was Bikash’s business then how come Ranjan play the game? I will do my business and if Ranjan helps me, then it will be an added advantages. You don’t have any idea about this business.’’ Then Sambit went to sleep. As planned earlier next day both Sambit and Ranjan visited a newly dam project office of government. There Ranjan introduced Sambit with the Chief of the project. They had dinner party with the Chief and other officials. After some days there was a tender for some construction of office quarters under that project. Sambit met the Chief and put the tender. The tender was awarded to Sambit. He was very happy and informed Ranjan regarding this. Ranjan congratulated Sambit. Then Ranjan informed Sambit that there will be a small get-together of school mates and old boys and girls will come. Sambit was happy to know this and told to be part of that. Both of them participated in the get together. The girls who came and some other friends were looking at Ranjan with a suspicious eye. Sambit couldn’t understand that. Even two of the girls were talking about the trap of Ranjan, which had put them in trouble during young age. They were discussing about Ranjan’s cheating and black mailing activities. Sambit had taken all these things very lightly. He was thinking may be out of jealousy all are talking like this

. Then the date of commencement of work was getting nearer. Sambit asked Ranjan how to make the next proceedings. He was not that close to the chief to have the direct approach. He asked Ranjan to help him. Then Ranjan told him to discuss with chief and come back to him. Ranjan informed the amount of expenses to Sambit and told him to pay directly to chief. Sambit was feeling good to do so and requested Ranjan to do so on behalf of him. He paid the amount to Ranjan. The work started. After one month 30% of work was over and Sambit asked Ranjan to join a party in the site where the chief and other staffs will be present. But Ranjan took the excuse of his other assignment and told him to do it on his own. The party was organized very nicely by Sambit’s staff. The chief had come and other staffs. During that party Sambit too had consumed liquors. The accountant of the project took Sambit to a corner and asked,’’ Sir have you completed all formalities with the chief?

Yesterday Chief was expressing his anger. You are a seasoned businessman. You know the formalities. So why are you not completing it? Tomorrow the chief will go for the inspection and before that please complete it.” That had socked Sambit. He felt pain in his chest. He was feeling like to faint and fall down. After that he doesn’t know what happened. But When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the hospital. Then he understood that his staffs brought him to hospital and he suffered from an heart attack there. He will go for a surgery.

That was the story of his surgery. Due to consumption of liquor and high BP he suffered from this. The biggest problem and the reason of all these is only known to Sambit. He knew how Ranjan had played the game with him. The money given by him was taken away from him and not been paid. Ranjan had put him in this condition. His new project had put him in a huge loss. He had made a mistake believing him.

As Sambit was sick and was hospitalized, his elder son Amit, who was staying in Delhi and working as a under cover agent of C B I had come. No body knew about his actual job. All knew that Amit is working with a private company and staying with his family in Delhi. His younger Son Prakash was taking care of Hotel and wholesale business, he is staying with Sambit. When Sambit came from hospital his friend and relatives came to see him. But Ranjan had never came to see him. Only when he was in hospital he had gone there and met his sons once and gave the excuse of being outside the city on work. Now even Sambit’s school mate friends came inclusive of the ladies, who were been cheated and under the trap of Ranjan. They were narrating their tragic stories to the family of Sambit, where Amit was present.

Anita was first to start her story. She was from a very rich family and was the only daughter of her parents. Her father was a businessman and Anita had lost her mother when she was 14 years old. Ranjan had first came to her house when her mother expired. He was consoling her and other persons. At that age of 14 Ranjan very cleverly handled the situation and her father was very much impressed with Ranjan. Then after that he got the scope to come to their house very often. Anita was not interested to have any relation with Ranjan and he could understand that. As he was regularly coming to their house and her father was also talking to him, he had a good access to her house. Everybody in the family was thinking that Ranjan was a nice person and very close to me. When they completed the school and got admitted in to college, Ranjan had helped her father in getting her admission in to college. Anita’s father was under impression that Ranjan was a friend to Anita and a nice person. But Ranjan was having his plan.

One evening when Anita was alone in the family Ranjan came to their house and get in to Anita’s room directly. He proposed Anita and told he loves her. But Anita replied him that she is not interested in that. Then he played the game. He forcefully hogged her and started kissing Anita. She was trying to get out of his grip. And in that process she cried and felt very much help less. But due to God’s blessing she escaped from him and ran away from the room crying and saw another person was standing with a camera near her room’s window. She ran out of the gate and waited for the old servant to come. Then along with the servant she came inside. By that time Ranjan had left her house. Since then, Ranjan stopped coming to their house. After six months before the final examination of 12th class, Ranjan met her in the college and told her to accept his proposal or else he will spoil her and her family’s reputation by making the pics (which were in a envelop in his hand) public. Then he gave the envelop of pictures to Anita and told, just have a look at these. Anita took that and opened it.

She was socked to see the pictures of that day very cleverly taken by his person; it looks as if Anita willfully kissing her. She was shocked. She took it and went home. After two days she met again Ranjan and told that if he will make it public, then she will commit suicide with a note making him responsible for that. Even after that Ranjan was not afraid and gave a wicked smile telling her,’’ nothing will happen to me. You will lose your life; your father will have a bad name and all the losses will only be your and your family’s.’’ Anita thought for a moment and asked then what do you want? Ranjan replied shamelessly,’’ I want either you or some money to stop doing that.’’ Anita asked the amount, which was very big and for that she has to take her father’s help. He asked for 10 lakhs for that. Then Ranjan gave the time of 3 days and told her that he will inform her the place for that. Anita came home. That night she couldn’t sleep. She was thinking how to talk about this to her father.

Lastly, she decided to tell everything to her father. Next day morning she went to her father with nervousness. Her father was surprised to see Anita at that time and also seeing her pale face. He asked Anita to sit and relax. Anita took some time and a deep breath. Then her father asked,’’ Is there any problem my dear? Tell me, I will handle it. Don’t be nervous. I am your father; I can’t see you like this.’’ Then Anita cried and told everything to her father. Her father was also shocked. He sat down for a moment and then told,’’ ok, let him inform you the place and time and I will handle it. Don’t worry. Yes, let him not know that you spoke to me.’’ Her father was making the plan how to trap Ranjan and get him punished by the law. Next day Ranjan made a call to her and given her the time and address of the place. He cautioned her to come alone. Anita explained all these to her father. Then her father told her to follow his instructions and he will take care of rest of the things. Her father made all arrangements in consultation with his childhood friend, who was a police officer. He had planned to trap him and get all the negatives and punish him by torturing and no case will be lodged. This will protect their family image and he will never ever dare to play any game.

Exactly as asked by him Anita had gone to the place with the bag full with money and then the same person whom she had seen at her window with camera was coming towards her. Then he gave the phone to Anita, other side was Ranjan. He told her to give the bag to that person and the negatives will be given to her. Then Anita asked for the negatives before handing over the bag, that man gave an envelop. Anita opened and got confirmed of the negatives. Then handed over the bag to him and left the place . Then from her car she could see four persons attacking the man with her given bag and trying to snatch it from him. At that moment she saw Ranjan came and tried to save the person. Actually, that was The Trap to capture Ranjan. They all took both of them to police station. Anita’s father was there. The police had tortured them for 3 days and taken a written undertaking of leaving this city and not repeating these activities. While telling it Anita was crying and saying Ranjan is very dangerous. When we saw him with Sambit, we had cautioned him. But he had not taken that seriously.

Amit was having a patient hearing. Then he told Anita,’’ Don’t worry aunty. He will be punished for all his wrong doings. At that moment Amit looked at his father’s another school mate Sushma, who was sitting there and wanted to say something. In the mean time tea was served to all of them. Amit looked at Sushma and asked,’’ you were to tell something about him! If you like please tell us.’’

Sushma was bit uncomfortable, but she started. ……

Sushma was from a middleclass family and staying in hostel during college days. Ranjan was known to her from school. As her father was in government job got transferred from the place in the middle of the year. So she was not having any option, but to stay in the hostel. Ranjan had helped her in getting a seat in the hostel. Sushma was obliged to him for that. They became very good friends. Sometimes Ranjan was helping her for doing her marketing. Like this 12th was completed. Sushma left the city and gone to stay with her parents and got admitted in a college of that town. One day she saw Ranjan in her college. She was surprised and asked,’’ you are here!’’ The he replied that her friendship had forced him to come here and he was in the same college. Sushma was bit happy. They had developed their friendship. Sushma was a good and decent girl. Ranjan was making plans to trap her, but was not getting any chance. Both of them completed the graduation and for post-graduation Sushma was to go to Bhubaneswar and she got admitted in the university and got the hostel seat too. After six months one day she met Ranjan in the campus. Both of them were happy. Sushma came to know from Ranjan that he had started a business here. He even started giving gifts to Sushma and one day expressed his feeling of love to her.

Sushma was then trapped. She was not having any idea about this. She too started loving him and was concentrating on her studies. After the final examination Sushma was planning to return home and informed Ranjan. He had taken this opportunity and asked Sushma to join him for the dinner. Sushma with a good faith joined him. That night was a ugly night for Sushma. Ranjan had mixed some alcohols in Sushma’s soft drink very cleverly. After consuming that she lost her balance. Ranjan hold her took to his place. That night he raped her . In the morning, when Sushma woke up found that entire night Ranjan had enjoyed her. She cried and scolded Ranjan. But the clever Ranjan calmed her down and told,’’ I love you dear. We will got married today in the temple. Yesterday night you were too out of control. I don’t know who had played with us. But all these had happened accidentally. Believe me.’’ Sushma was not having any option, but to believe him. Then he took her to a temple and they got married. Sushma informed about her marriage to her family after one month. They were all shocked and reacted very badly. This had upset Sushma. By that time her result was declared and she got first class. Ranjan was waiting for this moment. He took advantages of Sushma and both of them started staying together. After one year Sushma delivered a boy. She was happy, but was crying for her situation. She got a job of lectureship in Bhubaneswar.

She informed her mother about her son. Her parents were crying. During this period Sushma could able to know the real activities of Ranjan. She used to fight with him. But that shameless fellow was just torturing her. He was using her and her money. Like this she had spend three years with him. Then suddenly Sushma came to know that Ranjan had married to another person. That had given lots of pain to her. She decided to leave him and get away from him. She divorced him and got her transfer to another city. Then her mother came and joined her. Her father too came to her. Her parents lost love she recovered. She focused on her job and to raise her son. Now her son is a doctor. He is a heart specialist and her son only had made the surgery of Sambit. Now she is free from Ranjan’s trap. The tears were rolling down from Sushma’s eyes. She told her son knows about Ranjan and he hates him. Amit came close to Sushma and told,’’ forget it aunty. Now your son is a reputed doctor and you are having your good life. Don’t ever think of that person, who never deserve anything from anybody.’’

Then Amit left the place. He started making the plan to trap Ranjan and teach him a lesson. He deserves to be punished. Then he made some calls. He gathered information regarding Ranjan. He could now able to know that he has the under-world link too. Now it become a case of national interest too. He discussed with his boss and took this as his new assignment. He arranged his transfer from Delhi to his home town. His family too was shifted. Now Amit made his plan…….

Amit had planted one of his aid as a real estate businessman. Now this new real estate businessman was introduced to Prakash, Amit’s brother. His name is Ashok Kumar. As planned Ashok gave advertisements in local news papers for his new projects. Even Ashok started to arrange meetings in the hotel, where Ranjan was a regular visitor. The plan was made to have a meeting with Ranjan without his knowledge. That was done and Amit had made the arrangements. Ranjan was happy to meet Ashok. He thought to put him in his trap. Ranjan started increasing his friendship with Ashok. Ranjan introduced himself as a contractor to Ashok. He was trying to impress Ashok through his usual styles. Ashok was taking note of all these. Slowly Ashok offered a contract of a project of building to Ranjan. He tried to win the confidence of Ranjan.

One night during a party knowingly Ashok started fighting with some people of hotel. He was doing the acting. Then Ranjan came along with his gang and rescued Ashok. Ranjan advised Ashok not to indulge in such type of fighting. He cautioned Ashok that those people were not good people, they have big connections. Actually, Ashok wanted this information. He passed the information to Amit. Amit had taken all those persons under his custody in an unknown place. He was trying to obtain more information on Ranjan and under-world links. The persons under custody were known to Ranjan as they were associates. Their absconding made Ranjan more tensed. Ashok was trying to bring Ranjan’s activities to lime light. Ashok saw a tender of government project and contacted Ranjan to discuss on that. They had the meeting. Ranjan told Ashok the Chief of the project is known to him and the contract of this can be awarded to Ashok. Then they made the deal. They met the Project Chief and put the tender.

As Ranjan told the contract was awarded to Ashok. Ranjan told Ashok before the work starts the percentages of the chief to be given in advance, or else he may create the problem. Ashok agreed and told him to do so. This was discussed with Amit the plan was made to trap all concerns including Ranjan. Amit fixed the place and date, advised Ashok to give a party and in that both the Chief of the project, Ranjan & his team should be invited. Then the rests will be taken care by him. According to the plan Ashok informed Ranjan about the party and to invite the Chief. The party was arranged beautifully. Ranjan with his gang and his under-world friends, the Chief of the project and some officials were in the party. Suddenly Ashok saw Suresh came with some people and started asking Ranjan why he had played with his father? Then he misbehaved the Chief of the project, saying for him only his father had an attack. Then Suresh started destroying the things along with his persons. That moment Ashok acted getting panic, Ranjan told him nothing will happen. Then Ranjan ordered his under-world friends to attack Suresh and his team. Actually, Amit was waiting for this moment. As soon as they started to attack Suresh and his people, Amit reached there with his team and attacked Ranjan and his team. Amit trapped all of them. Before Ranjan and his under-world friends could understand anything, all of them were trapped and taken in to custody.

Amit took all of them to the place where Ranjan’s missing aids were under custody. Amit looked at Ranjan and told,’’ The master mind of all trap is now Trapped…..He laughed ….ha ha ha …..How many persons you had trapped and for how many days will you do this Mr Ranjan? Then Ranjan told him,’’ you are forgetting that I m your father’s friend. Don’t talk like this. What proof you are having?’’ Then Amit started playing the video, which was playing the all talks, plans and unlawful activities of Ranjan and his under-world friends. Then entered Anita and Sushma. The widow of Bikash too had come. She was pointing her finger towards Ranjan and saying,’’you had fooled my husband and forced him for suicide. You had stolen our money, you trapped all. Now see you are in The Trap.’’ When Ranjan saw them started doing acting of pleading for forgiveness. Amit came to him and told him,’’ your people are the witness and they will tell the court about your all crimes. Be sure the rest of your life you have to spend in the zail.’’

The Chief of the project came to Amit and told,’’ I was always acted with these peoples threaten. They made my life miserable. They had always blackmailed me. ‘’ Then he looked at Suresh and told,’’ I am sorry for what happened to your father. It was all been done as directed by Ranjan. Now you can resume your work and I will renew the contract. I will see that everything will be in order.’’

Suresh made a call to his father and briefed him about this. He told his father what the Chief had just told and said just relaxed Papa. Everything will be ok.

Now Amit was saying Suresh and Ashok to leave. He ordered his team to send Ranjan and his team to the jail. And from the back of Ranjan Amit was shouting, now you will understand what really The Trap is…………

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