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Action Classics Thriller


Lokanath Rath

Action Classics Thriller

The Stranger (Part-23)...

The Stranger (Part-23)...

5 mins

Meera, Sara and Rima followed both Bikash and Asit. All of them left the CBI office and started moving towards their house. After they crossed halfway, there was a call from Ashok to Bikash. Ashok told, " We had just got an information that some people were trying to get into Meera's house and our people stopped them Now those people seems to be part of terrorist organization. They started attacking our staff and been responded with crossfire from our people. They attacked Meera's house with bombs and some part of their house is damaged.

Our people are able to catch three of them alive, two are dead and and three ran away being seriously injured. We are now after them to catch. Now you return with all of them and go to our rest house, where all security is been arranged. Do it as soon as possible. One team of security will be joining you soon. " Bikash asked the driver to take uturn and reach the guest house as soon as possible. As their vehicle was moving towards the guest house Bikash saw the vehicle with the security staffs joined them. Meera was confused and asked, "What happened? Why we took a uturn? Where are we going now?" Bikash replied, "Madam, just wait for some time. There was a problem near your house and I was asked by Ashok sir to take you all to our guest house. After reaching there all the matters can be made clear to you." Meera and her family looked at each other and kept silence. After twenty minutes they reached guest house and were escorted by security persons to be inside. All of them were getting tensed.

Here the interrogation of Ajit in the style of CBI for more than eight hours forced him to open his mouth. He opened up regarding his connections with the terrorist organisation and named the persons. From the electronic instruments like mobiles and laptop of Ajit many things were revealed. The address, contact details, bank account nos, communications regarding illegal activities with code words, etc. Also the link of Sangeeta and Ashis with drug supplier been revealed.The link of the renowned politician Rajendra Kumar with the terrorists and drug supllier got revealed. His transport company's involvement in helping these illegal activities got exposed. The involvement of Rajendra Kumar with various murder cases including the tallest leader of his party too came out.

As soon as all these things found the following actions were taken immediately.

-All the bank accounts of terrorists, Rajendra Kumar, Sangeeta, Ajit and Ashis are blocked immediately with the instruction of home department.

-A team reached Sangeeta and Ashis and arrested them. They seized some drugs, their electronic equipments, some documents and cash from them by the NCB headed by Arun Kumar and his team of NCB.

-Manas along with the force of CBI reached Rajendra Kumar's place. They raided his house and seized cash, jewelry, some documents and electronic instruments of all family members. The other two houses of Rajendra Kumar along with his HO of transport company are raided at the same time. Rajendra Kumar and his only son were arrested by CBI.

All these activities were completed by midnight.

Meera and her family couldn't have the sleep due to tensions.

Manas made a call to Meera and said, " Meera, keep the phone on speaker. I am your Dad, calling from one of my staff's number. I am now in our house, which was been attacked with bomb by terrorists. Our front part is been damaged fully. Your room is partially damaged. I recovered your computer, your working pads, your bags, your paintings, your files, some pendrives from the corner of half damaged dressing table. I am packing your dresses, which are good. I can only recover only some books and one document file of Rima from her room. All others are damaged fully there. Your Mom's almost everything is Ok. I am going to pack all of them. Now tell me if anything is leftout, so that I can collect it. Our kitchen is fully destroyed. I will finish all these packings and reach guest house. It may be morning by that time. Now all the people are caught. That bloody Rajendra Kumar, who made the accident with you is arrested with his son. You all don't worry, everything will be fine. " Then Meera replied, "How are you Dad? Please take care of yourself. Dad, those pendrives and my computer will be a great help to you. Please keep those things carefully. Also the paintings. Mom and Rima are saying what are you feeling in good conditions can pack and bring. But Dad, now where will we live? Mum is crying as our sweet home is been destroyed. You finish your work join us as soon as possible. We will be waiting for you. Please take care."

The phone line got disconnected. Meera and Rima sat with Sara and tried to console her. They all tried to take some rest.

Next day morning Meera woke up with the sound of TV. She came out of the room and went to the sitting room. There she saw her Dad and Mom are sitting. They are watching the news. That was morning 9AM. The head line of the news being displayed as "The political stalwart Rajendra Kumar - The Stranger terrorist "

Meera went to her Dad. She hugged her Dad like a small kid as she listened the anchor taking her father's name who made it possible working as a undercover officer. By that time Rima too joined them. Though now all of them are homeless, but the entire nation is praising Manas as one of the greatest heros. All of them are having a proud moment being in this guest house surrounded by the strangers.

Ajit, Sangeeta, Ashis and the terrorists were all arrested. There was the winning smile on the face of Meera and Manas joined by the happiness of Rima and Sara.

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