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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Sword Of Courage

The Sword Of Courage

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As usual, Arpita was reading a bedtime story to her daughter Naina. It was Naina's favorite book that narrates how a princess helped her Mother save her kingdom. She was a single mother, yet she ensured she always finds time for her only daughter.

She lost her husband Mayank died in a car accident a few years back, at that time Naina was just 2 years old and Arpita had no idea how to move on with life without having Mayank by her side. It was a love marriage for them and to deepen the cords they were childhood friends. The first school, then college they had been together, so Mayank was her best friend first and then he was a husband and now with his sudden departure a big void got created in her life.

It was a big shock of life for Arpita, she was not prepared for this, but as they say, we are never ready for the challenges in life, until we face them. 

Her only ray of hope was her 6 years old daughter that helped her to sail through this storm of life.

Arpita's parents wanted her to settle down again, but she was just not ready for it.No matter how many times they tried to explain here, she always said, she had Naina and that was sufficient for her to live this life, along with the memories of Mayank. 

Even in Mayank's family, his parents had expired long back. His elder sister Shreya tried explaining and convincing Arpita for 2nd marriage, but in vain.

She was a strong-headed woman who was not just ready to give up. Arpita was working with an MNC in Top position, so yes at times it was challenging for her to find time with Naina, but she tried her best to manage both in the best possible way.

 After she finished reading the book, Naina said, Mom, I sometimes wish I was like Princess Mia and had her magical sword.

Arpita smiled and said, You know Princess Mia's actual powers were not in the sword but herself. Her real power was her "Sword of Courage", which she always carried with herself, making her sword magical and powerful.

You know Naina what Sword of Courage can do for you :

* Paves the way during the difficult time of your life.

* Helps you to embark on the journey of reaching your goals, give wings to your dreams.

* Equips you well enough to meet your fears in life.

* Transforms your life completely and introduces you to a better version of yourself.

Mom, Power of Courage sounds magical and mesmerizing, How can I get this? she asked.

Arpita smiled and replied This Sword doesn't come so easily but so are the good things in life.

Be consistent, let self-belief imbibe in your veins.

That all you breathe is " COURAGE."

You don't let Fear win the battle.

Instead, you defeat it with the "Sword of Courage".

Mom, can I ask you something else? Naina asked innocently to Arpita.

Yes sweetie, tell me what do you have in mind, she smiled and said.

Mom, Do you also have an invisible sword of Courage with you?

Arpita was surprised by this question and asked, "Who told you about it "?

Naina said, Granny always say You are a very brave and amazing woman and have a lot of courage to take care of me alone, especially when Dad is not around us.

Even I have heard this many times from my friend's mom that Arpita has a lot of courage to live life alone. It's very challenging how she is raising her daughter alone. Sadly, her husband is no more there, she should really think about getting married again.

Mom Do you also want to get married? If so I promise I'll not create any trouble for you. I'll be a good baby.

Arpita hugged her tightly and with tears in her eyes said, Who told you mom wants to get married again and you know your mom is strong and have an invisible sword of courage, so you have nothing to worry about sweetheart.

When we have each other, we don't need anyone else. Right. So don't worry about it and always remember what mom said. Ok.

Now it's already late Ms. Naina, you might want to sleep now and travel to your fairyland.

Good night sweetie. Mom loves you so much and with that, she hugged her.

"Good night my Super Mom".Yes, I am always going to be with you. I am not going anywhere, Mom. Love you loads. Naina kissed and hugged her tightly.

As Arpita, retired to her room, she was thinking about what Naina said today, 2nd marriage, even the thought about having another man in her life, she felt weird.

As she sat down on her chair and closed her eye, she heard a soft voice, Hi, How are you? It seems you had a tough day handling Naina's queries.

When she opened her eyes, she was not surprised to see Mayank in front of her.

She said, Mayank, I am doing good, holding the fort bravely, but today seeing Naina in a vulnerable condition, I don't know if I am doing a good job. Am I doing everything that a good mother should do? I know she misses you a lot sometimes, she doesn't express this a lot, but I don't know what to do.

Why does this society think a woman's existence is not complete without a man?

Yes, what we had between us was great, but I don't know if I could have this with another man? 

My poor baby is facing the heat because of what others think. Mayank could clearly see Arpita was really frustrated and angry.

He smiled and said, Arpita, You are the strongest woman I have known, and trust me your daughter is much tougher than you think her. What you have done for her, I could have not done even half of it. So, you stop beating yourself for this. She adores and loves you and she knows you have the "Courage of Sword" that is why even when I am not around, you are doing such an amazing job. The way you maintain the balance between work and personal life is commendable.

You are no less than a "Super Hero" for her, she has high regard for you.

Now sweetie, coming back to what society thinks, you should not be bothered about it. 

What matters is what your heart wants and trust me the day you'll find your "Mayank" in someone else, your heart would let you know it.

And when this is supposed to happen, it shall happen.

Till then just enjoy this journey and don't ever lose your spark.

I know it becomes lonely sometimes, but you know I am there for you as long as you need me. 

So my Queen common smile at me and remember your "Courage of Sword" is always going to be with you.

Arpita was in tears listening to him and said, Even now, you know how to cheer me up. And let me tell you I am not letting you go ever. And you know very well you are my "Courage of Sword".

Promise me, you'll always be there for me, Mayank.

"I promise, my Queen", Mayank said.

As Arpita opened her eyes, there was no one in front of her, but she knew her "Courage of Sword" is always with her.

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