Aman Kumar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational Drama


Aman Kumar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational Drama



2 mins


[SCENE 1-Dim lights, night time, forest area. A man standing on the podium addressing a few other men. All are dressed in black and have numbers on their chest. Podium man having number seven speaks]

"It's going to be the biggest moment of your lives. Odds are against us. But do we care? No! Just go with the bravery you all have shown till now. We are into this mess together. Fight with your heart. Win will be yours. Target location will be disclosed tomorrow owing to security. You all will be led by Number eighteen. He will--"

(Interrupted by a man in audience)

"Excuse me! Why not you?You have led all missions till now. Afraid you will die this time?

"Number twenty six, show some discipline!!"

"Hey! I am not any number.I am a Vietnamese, take our names, my name is--"

(Interrupting and shouting) "Over! Leave!"

(All leave except No.26 and few other men from audience)

No.26- What's wrong! We are living on perils in these tents, with less ammunition, no food,not knowing when death will arrive and still we are just numbers for him!

(Another man having number twelve speaks)

No.12- We all are here to fight China. The US has already fallen, diplomatic talks have failed, they are expanding territory at a very fast rate. It's our last hope to keep illegally attacking and preserve whatever we can. We can't take risks to get to know each other.

No.26- There's no Chinese here! Wait… Is he American?

No.12- See—

(Number sixty interrupting)

No.60- Have heard that he was adopted by a Japanese person from some ship years ago.

No.26- Heyyyy…So he doesn't know his nationality,man…See that's why he's jealous!

No.12-Stop your nonsense! Go and sleep."

[All leave;LIGHTS OFF]

[SCENE 2-No.7 standing and looking at a big scar on his hand.No.12 arrives.]

No.12 -"No.7, can I come in?"

No.7-Come on Ron, don't joke.

No.12- I feel for you Tasuku.

No.7(with a wry smile)- You don't need to, it was going to come.

No.12-Are you alright, I mean after ten years…you know what I am talking about.

No.7- I will take a nap.

No.12-Fine, have a good one mate.

(Tasuku,No.7 leaves)


[SCENE 3- A tent setup, with a box kept on a table one side, a chair near it and sleeping mat on other side]

(Tasuku arrives.He goes to sleep. Feels restless and then stands and sits on the chair opening the box. Few paintings and trophies. He looks at them and smiles. He places them on the table and keeps looking.Slowly he falls asleep on the chair.)


[SCENE 4- A home setup, a 16 year old boy is sleeping in bed. A candle burning at one end. A man dressed in the army arrives. He speaks]

"Still sleeping boy? Get up, see what I found! Get up!!"

(Boy gets up, Man again-)

"Xiang, you loser! You failed your physical fitness exam! And now hiding it as well!"

(Xiang looking frightened)

"Dad… Sorry but I tried my best, really dad--"

"Don't speak a word! Will anyone accept this from the son of a General in the Chinese army! How will I show my face at Zhuhire base?"

"I promise I will try my best, I will not fail next time".

"You are a loser! You fail in exams. You fail in sports, you fail in everything! You know what, you are just a mass of flesh wasting its time on earth"

"It's not…Please pardon me, I will, I will not disappoint you. You will be proud of me father"

"I will be more proud of what I am going to do now."


"Come here!"

(He grabs Xiang and forcefully takes his hand and puts it above the candle. He screams)

"No dad no! No! Please dad! Noooo… "

"Feels good now, doesn't it? "

(Xiang while crying)

"Why?? Why do you always do this to me! "

"You deserve it! "

"I don't. I just hate you, you hear it?!"

"Be in your limits"

"Do you know your limits?"

"You heap of failures, how dare you talk to me like that!"

"Failures? Have you ever seen my success? I won in painting, I won in acting, I also won in-"

"Really! A general's son should be doing these? It's disgrace to my name"

"You yourself are disgraceful to your name! Don't you see, a man who just runs after laurels! A man without emotions. "

"Thank god your mom died before hearing this! "

"Yes, better she died. Living with a disease, not only inside but outside is not easy! "

"Got it. You need a reward, don't you, my son? Wait!!!"

(Father goes inside, Xiang looks here and there and then takes a box and starts running.

Father comes out with a belt; shouting)

"Where are you going! Hey, come back! Do you even have a shelter, you loser? You will get the reward when you return, did you get that? You will return! Remember my words, you will return…"


[SCENE 5-Same tent setup]

(Tasuku suddenly wakes up. Look here and there. Ron arrives)

"Everything's ready, should we move towards….Zhuhire base?"

[Looking at his scar]

"Tell that idiot Vietnamese, I will lead the way"


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