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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Tapas Das



Tapas Das


The Rose Knew

The Rose Knew

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I know times have changed and people no longer look, they just see.

I remember the time when you quietly told me how much you love me,

I did not react or even budge but deep down I was excited - more excited then you perhaps.

I never wanted to lose that moment, I could have captured that moment and frame it somewhere and retrieve as and when I am missing you- but moments are moments either you make the best of it or just see it slipping away.

That day I may have not told you, but I didn't go home - I went to buy a gift for you-

God, I struggled so much to get the prettiest gift for you, I even argued with the shopkeeper for displaying the worst showpiece, he then told me to leave the shop I sighed and left, it was already 9pm.

While going back - I saw a small shop which had watches - trust me Purobi it had all sort of colors, there was one piece which had a pink color and slightly expensive -

Damn- I was short of a penny - but the guy saw the spark in me and told me to come back tomorrow with the remaining money - I was happier in fact so much I bought a red rose along with - the last penny I spend on the flower.

The way I gift wrapped it, it was amazing maybe he loved someone too - he looked eager to hand me the gift.

Anyways I came home to write a poem on the front side of the gift.

Trust me when I say it – it was so compact my words were slipping away outside the gift box, but I managed to jot down a few words together.

It started like this.

If stars were less bright tonight I could see you smile,

In the east near to the bus stop,

My darling I am less today then whole tomorrow with you.

For my Love – Purobi

- Tapas

I put the pen back and place the watch right beside my bedside table and sleep without snoring

Your words still clinging like a bell far away,

Sweet but I am sorry it made me miss you more that night,

The gift actually had my heart inside – not literally.

Anyways I got to sleep now because I am meeting her tomorrow after work in the park, damn I can’t sleep, let me count sheep’s

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Its 6pm, I kept looking at the watch – she messaged me thrice since the morning she had something new to tell me, how else I tell her I didn’t sleep last night, her touch and her smile is all over me.

I took my bike, and placed the gift carefully inside my bag,

The park was empty therefore we chose that place – the birds looked unhappy today, the sadness surrounded me and even the light kept flickering.

I took the gift out carefully placed beside me and checked the spelling once again,

How much she will love these lines, damn so much I love her.

There she was, wearing her favorite pink t-shirt and back jeans her hair neatly combed and one shred swaying in the air.

I smiled at her and she smiled back and trust me the best and worst just happened at that moment. I just want to hold her close.

She saw me excited, and mentioned she has something important to discuss – and her words dropped from being lovely to a serious tone.

The air was not right – the evening was gloomy and I looked terrible that evening.

I am sorry, I don’t think we should continue anymore

Yesterday I said those words to you,

I can’t please understand.

She got a call and left, as she was moving away – I saw us becoming dimmer and then she disappeared.

I came home, and removed the gift and put it inside the cupboard.

Our picture where still framed – to tell you the truth the rose also died for some reason.

I told you right there is something wrong in the air.

As I put the flower in the small vase.

I missed her again,

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