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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Tapas Das



Tapas Das


The light i don't remember

The light i don't remember

3 mins 117 3 mins 117

While I felt her warmth, I woke up with a terrible pain- my left Hand had bruises- I went to brush my teeth, and my muscle memory played a role, I switched on the lights and saw myself in the mirror.

It was dead and with no life, I gaped at myself like a baby looking at his mother, the sound of the water gushing broke my attention.

I checked my hands and it has bruises and under my nails, something was struck

I felt half awake, I remember going to work, and I was so tired I slept.

The shower was on, I saw woman’s product and hair on the sink and the tub- I took a bath and my body lost weight

I sauntered inside the bedroom- the television was broken like someone hid something in the center,

For a moment my head began swinging was I so drunk last night, I don’t recollect anything

It came to a point I didn’t even knew who I am

I walked around the room, which looked like a well-kept place, distinct colors of the curtains well-chosen carpets

The newspaper placed according to the dates, and a few places I again saw a hair- which more likely of a young woman, the wall had one picture of me and a young girl who looked truly beautiful and unknown

I sat on the bed to gain composure, I began imagining things in random order- I remember climbing staircase and fumbling, with no concern for my safety I kept climbing,

The phone rang, the red color landline kept beeping I gaped at it for a moment, and pounced on it- there was a rigid tone on the other end,

Asking where I am I?

I kept the phone gingerly

The concussion on my head began to slow down, like muddy water becoming clear, I moved towards the window and saw the traffic lined up – the constant honking of the cars irritated me, I saw an astray and a few cigarettes stubbed.

I realize I stay here with a woman who is not around and this woman wrapped under the bed is not my wife,

I pulled the leg under the bed, a girl in mid-twenties- quietly dead she was more than dead, a silent body, part of me screamed and the other gaped at her closely

I touched her face, and it seemed like silk-like she never exposed to sunlight, her neck had biting marks

I slid my hands towards the rest of the body, it felt like sand


Her silent face had a fading beauty, I did not panic- I did not call the police – after carefully wrapping the body, I stuffed her inside the car and drove to the dumping ground,

The guard sheepishly looked at me and I drove away finding another prey-

Maybe I was waiting for her in the dark road after my wife left for a night shift in the hospital-

I wait to help anyone unable to get a taxi- that night she brazenly hopped in, I realize later

She was a nurse too- she hit me with a flower vase

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