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Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Tapas Das

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

The Security Guard

The Security Guard

4 mins

Last six months we have forgotten how we were before.

I imagine Damodar, who works as a security guard in Dadar from last 15 years, and every day since the 90’s he is doing the same routine, except for one occasion when his daughter got married,

And although he works as a guard for a businessman he has a sordid reputation, as he is so devoted to his Malik, he has never let him down, he has two families now, one he guards and the other which he created,

Before the pandemic, he comes homes by 10 pm, eats his food, and sleep.

But since the world has turned topsy turvy, he’s life has changed, now he is home from the last 5 months

His family depends on him, but since he has saved for the worse they can survive next 1 year more,

Damodar is a 50-year-old man, due to his diet he is still sustaining the work, not that he is saggy, he is agile and still can defeat a young in his 30’s

His wife calls him Bhim, not only for his physical strength for his perseverance of taking the family from the adversity to prosperity

One day Damodar gets a call from his malik's house, that he has to rushed to their house immediately,

Without giving a thought he booked a personal cab and arrived,

Upon reaching he saw his entire family consisting his malik’s children, wife hovering him, and he is gasping for his last breath, the ventilator was beeping and the air conditioner was off,

Damodar looked worried and came closer, which the other members who not recognized him gave a disdain look, to which he avoided and his eyes affixed on the sick man who gave him everything to which he is today,

He beckoned him to come closer to the bed, and there was a lawyer sitting beside the bed writing something on a will,

What happened malik, he couldn’t hold his tear

He did not respond and signed the documents and went in deep sleep

The rooms filled with a dirge, everyone cornered him and for a while, he left like a servant nothing else

He was dead, Damodar sat in the corner sobbed

The hubbub in the house receded and they all looked at him, the lawyer read the will stating he has bequeathed his property to his security guard Damodar worth 100 crores of rupees,

And from now on he is everything to this property, Damodar sat there without understanding what the lawyer parroted, he is under the shock the man he served for 15 years is not there anymore,

After the ritual, the body was set fire on the pyre and the last tear shed, Damodar gets confused and exhausted while he was about to leave,

A man looks clean and well build came rushing to him,

He handed over a cheque to Damodar for 10 lakhs and asked to inform the lawyer that he can’t do it,

I will never betray malik, Damodar retorted

Then you will curse this decision, he left

No one expected him to come this late, the entire family was aghast,

What happened, everyone echoed with the same tone

But Damodar had no strength to explain the ordeal so he slept like a lost man,

The whole family was curious, and deep down greedy but couldn’t utter the word,

As he was sipping the morning tea, he got a call from the lawyer,

He left right after the call; they filed a fir against him for forging or drugging him,

The cops bribed by the family

He got beaten, abused but did not give up

Not that he is getting frustrated, he was sad that the entire is against him, the family he served now wants to take away his breath,

He finally gave up and wants to give all the property back to the family

There was a gush of excitement; they wanted to pay him the handsome amount for letting this go

The arrangements made, and the lawyer came with the will and this is happening in the living room, Damodar's face had bruises and he did not going through a good time, he’s conscience couldn’t believe he gave up.

All the members talking together and with glee, the noise hovered his mind- he tapped the table to get everyone’s attention

He gave all he got he found peace in giving away.

A man who gave him the dignity to raise a family, and also the same man gave away his fortune to him,

Damodar ruminated and thought he will stick to the idea of his malik and he himself will become the zamindar or the owner.

The whole family got infuriated and started roaring, and throwing away all kinds of abuses,

That’s when a man entered wearing a suit; the malik came back from the dead

The house members became numb, and Damodar was the only person who looks aghast and happy.

There was an eerie of silence

He disowned all the members,

And Damodar still remained the security guard and a member

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