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Shweta Agarwal



Shweta Agarwal


The Puppet Queen

The Puppet Queen

2 mins 194 2 mins 194

The game at the casino was on,

Ryan was the indisputable king,

Downthrow, he never accepted

The cards were dealt, he won yet again, this time with a trio of queens.

His life was a passing bliss;then the bubble burst.The throne converted to thorns.

Gambling got him six feet deep in debt

Money lenders, underworld dons imperiled his breath.

Sarah, his wife felt caged.

She was queen of hearts again.

This time, not of his heart, but of the same casino that made Ryan the king and where she had been once everyone's queen.

Now serving tables, handing out favours.


A beguiling man, in a deep maroon overcoat, had caught Sarah’s attention. She had gazed over her shoulder to see and felt his semblance familiar.

He looked amused at her sight. His voice sounded so theatrical. Only the journey hadn't been so. How could it be? without her.

"My doyenne, I'll do it tonight," the stranger whispered in Sarah’s ears.

The magic show was going on in full swing. "Ladies and gentlemen, now it's time for the Queen of hearts. This is my last act for the day. Thank you." The magician paused. "I need a lady volunteer for this, anyone? "

Sarah strode towards the stage, almost in a trance.

The magician took her hand and guided her to the center stage. He handed a queen of hearts to Sarah then covered her with a cloak. He recited a spell then pulled the cloak. A pile of cards spiraled out from under, each a queen of hearts. Sarah had vanished.

The Queen of hearts is but a Puppet,

The Knave of hearts her puppeteer!

The Queen of Hearts, gave her all,

The Knave of Hearts held her in his thrall!

Slog from dawn to dusk she did,

In the garb of marriage , she hid!

Her duty she thought it was to fulfill,

his desires and do his bidding at will….

Loyal though she was, it all came to naught.

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