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The Missing Link

The Missing Link

2 mins 133 2 mins 133

"So, did you find the missing link?" Shantanu's wife asked as she shredded down some peas.

"Not yet. It's baffling. All specimens along the line of evolution have been retrieved from same locations and nearby. Except one." He picked up an open pea pod which looked just the same. Nine peas together on one side, a single one on opposite.

"You see, maybe you need to visit Mr. Max. He is the only one who had been deeply involved in this study before his health claimed his field visits." Suggested his wife Kanta.

"I too considered this. But Mr.Max is a loner and notorious for snarls and ill tempered outbursts. It's difficult to make him speak to you." Shantanu voiced his fears.

"No, no. I don't feel so. You know it's a favourite pastime with people to publically slang personalities out of their understanding. Mr.Max's health leaves him grubby. He perseveres enough to catch up with own chores."

"How do you know so much?"

"I have had small chats with him in the physiotherapy sessions. He comes regularly to me, and I've not shared my personal details with him."

"You do that, and he won't return." Shantanu chipped in with a quick wit.

"Sure, sure. But this talented old man has been defamed. It would do you good to drop at his place and carry a pleasant souvenir for him."

"What would he like?"

"Take a stuffed toy puppy. He would love caressing it in his lonely hours."

"You are sure?"

"Pretty much. Mr. Max is an animal adorer."

Soon Shantanu was successful in entering Mr. Max's home and heart. At his guidance, he looked across the other half of the globe and found his missing link! Like a single pea attached to the opposite fold of the open pea pod.

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