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A 'Desi' Gift For Shikha

A 'Desi' Gift For Shikha

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Shikha had stepped into her first year of the tween.

"Lest you forget" the great-grandmother's frail voice sparked "All of us would show up at your birthday blast."

"Ah! sure sure, Granny!! My day would be incomplete without you." Shikha kissed her as she imbibed her blessings.

There was also a secret rendezvous in another part of the house.

 "We all must come with our own homemade preparations". The women of the kindred decided.

Aunties, Didis, Kakis, Chachis, her neighborhood chums and school buddies, all ushered in the beautiful and beaming Shikha's birthday. An allure of grandma’s recipes of bhaajis, pickles, juices, chutneys, and sweets garnished the birthday table.

Where is 'badi daadi?' Everyone was in waiting, curious to see what she would gift.

She says she is into final preparations of something sacred, something memorable and nurturing.

Daadi showed up and there appeared out of her hiding in the sari 'pallu' an ornate ceramic jar.

"Wish you a healthy and long life darling!", she wished doling a spoonful of fresh 'desi' ghee on Shikha's tongue.

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