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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Power Of-"One"

The Power Of-"One"

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Anvita was disappointed when her proposal to provide financial support to the school helpers' kids was rejected. She had suggested organizing a cultural fundraising event and using the proceeds to fund a few kids.

In response, the principal proposed that if sufficient petitions were signed, she would think about it. Unfortunately, the petition was only signed by her.

As her dad knew what was troubling her, he decided to speak to her. "Anvita, your mom told me what happened at school, but I know you are a very strong, brave girl. Don't let this setback stop what you want.

You know what let me share with you something.

When I was a kid, something similar to this happened to me. I too wanted to do something, and unfortunately, there was no one to support me on this. Anvita, I was a very optimistic guy, but when I didn't get support from others I started questioning my positivity and of course myself.

I was all ready to give up, thinking I am alone in this, my efforts alone would not support the cause.

Now the funny thing is, I didn't share this with my father, what I was experiencing, but he was my Father, he knew me more than I did myself.

I still remember vividly what he shared with me, which changed my perspective towards my thought process.

He told me, Son, you must understand one thing that Days are going to be tough and challenge you at many levels

But what stays and empowers you to sail through is the power of positivity, if you let it bloom. It is not going to be easy, being persistent would be the key. And once you experience the magical powers of it, you'll hold on to it tightly to let it slip away from you. 

Just surround yourself with positivity, allow it to bloom, and touch your life. And what you'll witness is how it magically turns everything around you.

Nothing can defeat a positive mind this can enlighten the darkest tunnel of your life It empowers you to reach your goal, no matter how obscure your destination is.

Your only responsibility would be to nurture and take care of it, shield it from circumstances and people who may like to change it for you.

Only positivity radiates positivity, rest nothing else matters. Let your positivity, breathe and bloom, as it shines and brightens the life of everyone around you.

I listened to him very carefully and replied, Dad, Thank you for your encouraging words, but what difference I can make? No one is supporting me in the cause.

My dad smiled and said, "Son, do you understand the power of a single drop of water?

"Even a single drop of water has the power to wear away a stone".

If you revisit your history lesson, you'll find that it has been the actions of only one person who has inspired the movement of change.

So, my son, don't be afraid of doing it alone, just trust yourself and keep going and it leads you to the path you are destined for.

Anvita was so charged up listening to this, and said, "Dad, I may be wrong, but I feel you still have something more to share with me.

He smiled and said, "Not bad Anvita, you know your father so well".

Yes, sweetheart. He taught me The Power of One", which is so powerful and effective.

Let me share this with you and I am sure you'll find your answers:

#One single flower can fill the room with its fragrance

#One Smile can begin a Friendship

#One Candle can wipe out the darkness

#One Hope can raise the spirits

#One laugh can conquer gloom

#One Hand can lift a Soul

#One Word can frame a Goal

#One Teacher makes a big difference

#One Tree can start a forest

#One small act of Kindness creates a ripple effect.

#One Life can make a difference, be that one today.

As she listened to her dad, Anvita's eyes were beaming with confidence as she found a way out.

She hugged her father and said," Dad, You know I am the luckiest daughter in this world because I have you as my father, my inspiration.

I promise you I'll always remember and follow what you shared with me.

Her father was happy seeing the confidence in Anvita's eyes. He could clearly see his younger version in her and was happy, he could support her.    

Few months down the line...

Anvita was an excellent singer, so she decided to organize a musical show to raise the funds. The idea was supported by her family and friends, which led to success.

Not only did she raised the funds, but after seeing her efforts, her Principal had a change of heart and decided to support her cause.

As a result, she finally realized 'The Power of - One".

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